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RCA Press Release for January 6, 1981


RCA Acquires Rights to 11 James Bond Films for its 'SelectaVision' VideoDisc Catalog

James Bond -- the flamboyant Agent 007 -- will do supersleuthing and cavorting in American living rooms on RCA's "SelectaVision" VideoDisc, it was announced today by Herbert S. Schlosser, RCA executive vice president.

RCA and United Artists have reached an agreement for release by RCA of 11 of the great spy thrillers on its video disc.

Mr. Schlosser said, "We are very pleased by this latest addition to our already large and diverse program supply. The James Bond films constitute the most successful series of feature motion pictures ever produced, and we believe James Bond's legion of fans will welcome the opportunity to collect these spy classics for their home video libraries."

The James Bond movies are based on novels written by the late Ian Fleming, approximately 100 million copies of which have been sold to date world-wide.

Nathaniel Kwit, Vice President of Video and Special Markets for United Artists, said, "We estimate that the 11 James Bond movies have grossed in excess of $1.5 billion at the box office. We are pleased that the millions of James Bond fans will have the opportunity to buy and play these highly entertaining motion pictures at home."

The James Bond films are characterized by scenes of derringdo, lavish on-location photography, dazzling special effects and great tongue-in-cheek fun.

The 11 films are: "Dr. No," "From Russia With Love," "Goldfinger," "Thunderball," "You Only Live Twice," "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," "Diamonds Are Forever," "Live And Let Die," "The Man With The Golden Gun," "The Spy Who Loved Me," and "Moonraker."

Mr. Schlosser said the first of the James Bond films planned for release on RCA's video disc will be "Goldfinger," starring Sean Connery as Agent 007, and featuring Gert Frobe and Honor Blackman. The plot of this popular film revolves around a spectacular planned heist of the gold deposits at Fort Knox, Ky. -a heist thwarted by the daring exploits of the incomparable James Bond. "Goldfinger" will be available on the video disc in mid-1981.

In addition to their box office success, the James Bond movies also proved highly popular fare on network television. Ten of the films have appeared on network television, where they averaged a 37 share in their original runs -- well above the average share for movies shown on television.

"Goldfinger" had the highest original run share -- a 49. Three others -- "From Russia With Love," "Thunderball," and "Live And Let Die" -- all had 40 or better. Three others "Diamonds Are Forever," "Dr. No," and "You Only Live Twice" -- all garnered a 37 share.

"The performance of these films in theaters and on television convinces us that the James Bond movies will be highly successful on the video disc," Mr. Schlosser added.


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