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Featured CED Patent No. 3,842,194


US Patent 3842194

US03842194: Information records and recording/playback systems therefor

This patent was applied for on March 22, 1971, ten years to the day before RCA's nationwide introduction of the CED system. This application along with two other patents filed the same day represents the first detailed description of the CED system external to RCA. As illustrated in perspective (Fig. 1) and cut-away transverse (Fig. 2) views above, the system as conceived in 1971 was quite similar to what hit the market in 1981, i.e. a stylus (20) rides in a groove (14) of a vinyl disc (10) recovering capacitance variations from the modulation elements (18) in the bottom of the groove. Despite the overall similarity in appearance, a reading of the patent reveals some notable differences from the marketed CED system: Of the three patents filed on March 22, 1971, this one is the most detailed and is mentioned in hundreds of the CED patents that followed over the years. The credited inventor of this patent is Jon Kaufmann Clemens who developed the CED concept during his early days at RCA and can rightly be considered "The Father of the CED." The other two CED patents filed on March 22, 1971 are:
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