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Dolly the Cat


In Memorium:  Dolly

Circa 1994  to  19 November 2011

Dolly the Cat
Dolly came over to our house in 1996 after some people a block over moved out and abandoned her. We never knew her exact age or original name, but she was a young adult at the time. This was about the same time Dolly the Sheep was in the news, so my mother gave her that name. We had indoor cats at the time, and Dolly, originally an indoor cat, was content livings in the yard and unfinished basement along with some other stray cats my mother cared for.

Around 2005 Dolly wanted to be an indoor cat again, so she gradually moved into my upstairs unit, at first only staying at night, but after I installed cat doors, coming and going as she pleased. In her old age she stopped going outside completely, being content to sit in her usual spot on the carpet and be entertained by my thrift store finds, like the animated/singing Hallmark Jingle Pals shown above.

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