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RCA VideoDisc Rarity Survey



Although I completed the CED Rarity Assessment in 1998, feel free to fill out this survey if you haven't already done so in the past. The incoming data will periodically be compiled and added to the existing data to see if any of the title ratings need to be re-evaluated.

I'm in the process of generating a VideoDisc rarity rating that will be added as an additional field to the CED Title Database. The quantity of individual CED titles manufactured is not obtainable from RCA or CBS, so the rating (from common to very rare) is being determined by performing a random frequency of occurrence assessment. This involves taking a large number of small CED samples and determining how frequently each title occurs. Since 1989 I have received hundreds of letters and emails in response to my "RCA VideoDiscs Wanted" ads that have been placed in newspapers and publications like Big Reel, Discoveries, Goldmine, Nuts & Volts, and the LaserDisc Newsletter, and also posted to Usenet, AOL, AppleLink, eWorld, Prodigy, GEnie, and CompuServe. Each of these individual listings can be considered a random small sample, which when combined with all the other listing will generate a frequency of occurrence for each title. Since this data came largely from people who wanted to dispose of their entire CED collection, there shouldn't be too much bias in the listings (like someone not listing a particular title because they believe it to be rare and want to retain it).

During most of this period, I merely requested that people send me a list of titles. Later on, as I learned there were a lot of titles with identical names, a request to include the bar code number was included with the ads posted to On-line services. But most of the data I have lists just the title. So for example, if someone listed "Treasure Island," there's no way of knowing whether it was the movie made in 1934 or the one from 1950.

It's with these identically named titles that your help is needed to determine just how rare each variation is. The form below has each variation listed next to a check box. Simply check off which version of the title you actually own (if you have both, check off both). The information listed in the square braces distinguishes between each version, and the number inside the curly braces is the universal product code that appears below the bar code on the back of the caddy (the last digit isn't printed under the bar code). After completing the form click the submit button at the bottom of the page, and your data will be forwarded to the CED Magic web site for processing.


2001: A Space Odyssey [monophonic] {74643714921}

2001: A Space Odyssey [stereo] {27616100023}

Adventures of Robin Hood, The [RCA, monophonic] {76476014469}

Adventures of Robin Hood, The [CBS, bilingual] {24543454090}

Apartment, The [CBS] {24543454199}

Apartment, The [RCA] {76476014612}

Arsenic and Old Lace [FOX] {24543460398}

Arsenic and Old Lace [RCA] {76476034023}

Birdman of Alcatraz [RCA] {76476014636}

Birdman of Alcatraz [CBS] {24543454298}

Black Stallion, The [monophonic] {76476014094}

Black Stallion, The [stereo] {76476114312}

Black Stallion Returns, The [CBS] {24543471295}

Black Stallion Returns, The [RCA] {76476134242}

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid [FOX] {24543106197}

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid [RCA] {76476001018}

Captain Blood [CBS] {24543462491}

Captain Blood [RCA] {76476034030}

Carrie [CBS] {24543451594}

Carrie [RCA] {76476014483}

Charge of the Light Brigade, The [CBS] {24543460299}

Charge of the Light Brigade, The [RCA] {76476034047}

Diamonds Are Forever [CBS] {24543460596}

Diamonds Are Forever [RCA] {76476014230}

Dirty Dozen, The [RCA, monophonic] {76476002039}

Dirty Dozen, The [MGM, stereo] {27616100085}

Dr. No [CBS] {24543452591}

Dr. No [RCA] {76476014261}

Elephant Man, The [1980 movie] {76476006426}

Elephant Man, The [1982 stage production] {24543903994}

Fantastic Voyage [CBS] {24543100294}

Fantastic Voyage [RCA] {76476001025}

For A Few Dollars More [CBS] {24543467595}

For A Few Dollars More [RCA] {76476014674}

For Your Eyes Only [CBS] {24543456896}

For Your Eyes Only [MGM] {74643832823}

French Connection, The [FOX] {24543100997}

French Connection, The [RCA] {76476001032}

From Russia With Love [CBS] {24543456698}

From Russia With Love [RCA] {76476014124}

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, A [CBS] {24543461890}

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, A [RCA] {76476014681}

Gigi [RCA, monophonic] {76476002046}

Gigi [UA, stereo] {27616100504}

Gimme Shelter [monophonic] {76476018016}

Gimme Shelter [stereo] {76476118086}

Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, The [CBS] {24543454595}

Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, The [RCA] {76476014162}

Grease [RCA, monophonic] {76476006013}

Grease [Paramount, stereo] {37757011089}

Great Muppet Caper, The [monophonic] {76476005221}

Great Muppet Caper, The [stereo] {76476105266}

Hair [CBS] {24543459392}

Hair [RCA] {76476114404}

Hang 'Em High [FOX] {24543462897}

Hang 'Em High [RCA] {76476014704}

Hansel and Gretel [live actors, Faerie Tale Theatre] {24543640998}

Hansel and Gretel [animated puppets] {76476021054}

Heidi [Vestron] {28485041585}

Heidi [RCA] {76476012038}

Hello, Dolly! [RCA, monophonic] {76476001131}

Hello, Dolly! [FOX, stereo] {24543100195}

High Sierra [CBS] {24543462996}

High Sierra [RCA] {76476034092}

Horse Soldiers, The [CBS] {24543462095}

Horse Soldiers, The [RCA] {76476014384}

In the Heat of the Night [CBS] {24543461296}

In the Heat of the Night [RCA] {76476014766}

Inherit the Wind [CBS] {24543465195}

Inherit the Wind [RCA] {76476014742}

Invasion of the Body Snatchers [1956 B&W movie] {76476003029}

Invasion of the Body Snatchers [1978 Color movie] {27616102973}

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World [CBS] {24543453499}

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World [RCA] {76476114787}

Jack and the Beanstalk [live actors, Faerie Tale Theatre] {24543636991}

Jack and the Beanstalk [animated] {76476030896}

Jazz Singer, The [1927 B&W movie] {24543450191}

Jazz Singer, The [1980 Color movie] {76476106683}

Jezebel [CBS] {24534462699}

Jezebel [RCA] {76476034115}

King Kong [1933 B&W movie] {76476004064}

King Kong [1976 Color movie] {76476006471}

King of Hearts [CBS] {24543452997}

King of Hearts [RCA] {76476014803}

Last Waltz, The [monophonic] {76476014070}

Last Waltz, The [stereo] {76476114367}

Laura [CBS] {24543109495}

Laura [RCA] {76476001063}

Little Caesar [CBS] {24543463290}

Little Caesar [RCA] {76476034122}

Longest Day, The [FOX] {24543102199}

Longest Day, The [RCA] {76476001070}

M*A*S*H [FOX] {24543103899}

M*A*S*H [RCA] {76476001087}

Magnificent Seven, The [CBS] {24543455394}

Magnificent Seven, The [RCA] {76476014087}

Man With the Golden Gun, The [CBS] {24543460695}

Man With the Golden Gun, The [RCA] {76476014520}

Meet Me In St. Louis [UA] {27616100054}

Meet Me in St. Louis [RCA] {76476002053}

Mildred Pierce [CBS] {24543457992}

Mildred Pierce [RCA] {76476034147}

Misfits, The [CBS] {24543458494}

Misfits, The [RCA] {76476014872}

North By Northwest [UA] {27616101044}

North By Northwest [RCA] {76476002077}

Nutcracker, The [Russian, Bolshoi Theater] {74643715928}

Nutcracker, The [U.S., Mikhail Baryshnikov] {74643833325}

On the Town [UA] {27616100573}

On the Town [RCA] {76476002084}

Patton [RCA, monophonic] {76476001100}

Patton [CBS, stereo] {24543100591}

Paul Simon In Concert [monophonic] {76476020477}

Paul Simon In Concert [stereo] {76476120757}

Petrified Forest, The [CBS] {24543464495}

Petrified Forest, The [RCA] {76476034160}

Pinocchio [live actors, Faerie Tale Theatre]{24543639091}

Pinocchio [Disney animated] {76476007614}

Planet of the Apes [FOX] {24543105497}

Planet of the Apes [RCA] {76476001094}

Revenge of the Pink Panther [CBS] {24543461098}

Revenge of the Pink Panther [RCA] {76476014193}

Rocky [RCA, monophonic] {76476014018}

Rocky [CBS, stereo] {24543454694}

Rocky II [RCA, monophonic] {76476014285}

Rocky II [CBS, stereo] {24543456599}

Rocky III [CBS] {24543470892}

Rocky III [RCA] {76476134211}

Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming [CBS] {24543457398}

Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming [RCA] {76476014926}

Saturday Night Fever [RCA, monophonic] {76476006020}

Saturday Night Fever [Paramount, stereo] {37757011133}

Sergeant York [CBS] {24543458098}

Sergeant York [RCA] {76476034191}

Seven Year Itch, The [FOX] {24543104391}

Seven Year Itch, The [RCA] {76476001148}

Shot In the Dark, A [CBS] {24543452898}

Shot In the Dark, A [RCA] {76476014377}

Singin' in the Rain [UA] {27616101853}

Singin' in the Rain [RCA] {76476002107}

Star Is Born, A [1954 w/Judy Garland] {25757113353}

Star Is Born, A [1976 w/Barbara Streisand] {76476131340}

Thing, The [1951 B&W movie] {76476004040}

Thing, The [1982 Color movie] {47897110153}

Three Musketeers, The [1974, live actors] {76476021023}

Three Musketeers, The [1981, animated] {28485025059}

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot [CBS] {24543454793}

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot [RCA] {76476014957}

Time Bandits [monophonic] {76476020996}

Time Bandits [stereo] {76476121686}

To Be Or Not To Be [1942 B&W movie] {76476011048}

To Be Or Not To Be [1983 Color movie] {24543133698}

Tora! Tora! Tora! [FOX] {24543101796}

Tora! Tora! Tora! [RCA] {76476001117}

Treasure Island [1934 B&W movie] {74643747721}

Treasure Island [1950 Color movie] {76476007300}

Visitor, The [1979 movie] {42995301960}

Visitor, The [Mick Fleetwood music video] {76476021252}

WarGames [CBS] {24543471493}

WarGames [RCA] {76476134259}

West Side Story [FOX] {24543451990}

West Side Story [RCA] {76476114329}

White Heat [CBS] {24543464297}

White Heat [RCA] {76476014599}

White Lightning [CBS] {24543456094}

White Lightning [RCA] {76476014186}

Wizard of Oz, The [1939 movie] {74643713528}

Wizard of Oz, The [1982, animated] {37757023228}

You Only Live Twice [CBS] {24543452690}

You Only Live Twice [RCA] {76476014254}

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