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CED Digest Vol. 8 No. 51  •  12/20/2003


20 Years Ago In CED History:

December 21, 1983:
* The Indiana Pacers basketball team ends a 28 game losing streak.

December 22, 1983:
* A special Pentagon commission on the October 23 truck bombing of 
the U.S. Marine headquarters in Beirut concludes that there were 
serious failures in the military chain of command.
* Kirstie Alley (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) and Parker 
Stevenson (Stroker Ace) are wed.

December 23, 1983:
* Two articles in the journal _Science_ argue that a catastrophic 
"nuclear winter" might result from darkening of the sun by smoke 
thrown up in a nuclear war in the Northern Hemisphere - an effect so 
widespread that even life in the Southern Hemisphere might not 
survive it.
* Future CED title in widespread theatrical release: Sudden Impact.

December 24, 1983:
* Jesse Jackson proposes a five-year freeze on military spending by 
the U.S. government.

December 25, 1983:
* Egypt and Jordan sign a new protocol that, according to Egypt's 
economy and trade minister, signifies the resumption of trade and of 
economic and financial relations between the two countries. Jordan 
and most other Arab countries had imposed an economic and political 
boycott on Egypt after President Anwar el-Sadat signed a peace treaty 
with Israel in 1979.
* Joan Miro, the Spanish surrealist painter, dies at the age of 90.

December 26, 1983:
* Soviet President Yuri V. Andropov's failure to appear at a meeting 
of the Communist Party's Central Committee increases suspicions that 
he is seriously ill. His last public appearance had been on August 
18. Andropov's absence, without a credible explanation, is 
unprecedented, as was his absence in Red Square on November 7 for the 
traditional parade celebrating the 1917 Russian Revolution.
* Japan's Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone is formally elected to a 
second term. His Liberal Democratic Party lost its parliamentary 
majority in elections December 18, but it clung to power with the 
support of independents.

December 27, 1983:
* President Reagan takes full responsibility for the lack of security 
in Beirut that allowed a terrorist on a suicide mission to kill 241 
Marines. "If there is to be blame, it properly rests here in this 
office," the president said. Reagan also remarks he will not 
discipline any officers, stating "They have already suffered enough."

Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 01:09:11 -0500
From: Philip McDunnough <philip>
Subject: RCA CED +disks (free)


I have a stereo RCA CED player and quite a few movies (20+) . The 
player should work as I had it fixed about 7 years ago and never used 
it after (I wanted to see a movie I had!)...

Anyway, it's just sitting around and not being used. If anyone in 
Toronto, Canada wants it then just come and pick it up. We live in 
the Beaches area of the city. Otherwise it will be thrown out which 
is a shame.

Sorry but I don't want to get into the packing and shipping thing...

Just e-mail if interested. I'll wait a week or so.


From: "Cadillac Craft Center" <planetcadillac>
To: <>
Subject: Dimensia Remote functionality
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 20:34:57 -0600

Hey There,

Of course most of us know that the original Dimensia system was 
initially engineered to handle a CED player. However the 
second-generation Dimensia did not. Question of the day is:

Will a GEN I Dimensia remote (with the VID2) button control a GEN II 
Dimensia TV as well as the CED player? I assume since the IR codes 
for the 400 series players were standardized at that point 
remote functionality should be able to be had regardless of what 
equipment was being used. I have come across a GEN II Dimensia TV 
(circa 1987). I do not have a remote was considering using the 
original Dimensia remote or adapting a universal remote(s). I know 
that the control bus for the GEN II Dimensia system does not have 
functionality for the CED however since we are talking about 
basically a CED, TV, & VCR I assume remote functionality can be had?


I have only known what a CED player was for 2 weeks! I have an SKT100 
but no discs as I write this. I am negotiating to purchase a 
selection of discs from someone with a large supply of them as well 
as beginning to peruse the thrift stores in Charlotte, NC (medium 
sized city of 600,000 people). So far have been to Junk & Jewels and 
Goodwill with no luck at all. Did find a nice fax/copier/printer 
combo that sold new for $300 for $30 that works great. Called Repo 
Records thats been around for 15 years at least that specialize in 
old records, etc. On the phone I asked if they had videodiscs, they 
look like giant shiny CDs he said "yea we have a bunch of laserdiscs 
and that type of thing" so I will take a look at some point. 
Charlotte, NC is a rapidly growing community and was 1/3 the size 20 
years ago when videodiscs were around so I am not sure how much I 
will find. Evidentally finding them in thrift stores and the like are 
more common in older populated areas with more stable populations.

Craig M Séman
Cadillac Craft Center
Midland, NC!

From: "Cadillac Craft Center" <planetcadillac>
To: <>
Subject: Cleaning Chemical Recommendations & Introduction
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 22:40:26 -0600

I am very very new to this actually I did not know CED existed until 
2 weeks ago. Our business purchased the former facilities of a 
TV/electronics repairman, while most of the TVs and equipment were 
removed a few storage units remained and we were given whatever was 
left. In one of the storage units was a Selectavision player. It was 
a late model player in October of 1983 SJT100 lower end model however 
I have come to find out does not have stereo. Eventually I would like 
to upgrade to a 400 series player with remote capability and stereo.

As of the time that I write this, I have never seen a CED in person. 
We only have the player. I have called and visited 3 Goodwill/thrift 
type stores to no avail. I am left with purchasing something off eBay 
in order to see if this machine works. When plugged in and the power 
button is pushed noises come from the player like a mechanism moves 
and the L comes up on the little digital readout.

The belts appear to be in good condition evidentally this unit was 
serviced at some point in its life so we'll see. My question is that 
I removed the two little screws from the back of the unit and had a 
look/see at the insides. Looked to be in good shape nothing out 
unusually in poor condition. However it was a bit dusty that is 
common to see in computers too. My question is what is the best 
method or chemical to use to clean the dust? Computer electronics 
spray same as recommended for computer and other electronic devices 
of today? I do not plan on getting into a full-servicing of the unit 
until I obtain a disc to play and see what happens. Might just send 
it off to CED Central for a tune-up it appears that certain oils are 
necessary for lubrication none of which I have heard of.

I am thinking about taking a stab at this because I like old movies, 
most of which predate the CED so they should be available on disc and 
it appears that I can by most discs for roughly the price of a rental 
at my local Blockbuster. Thus I can build of a decent library of 
videos that I like and can watch periodically eventually saving me 
money in the long run. I have an affinity for most anything old my 
usual daily driver for a car is older than me! But then again I am 
not all that old at 26.

So I look forward to seeing how this goes and the list and whatnot.

Craig M Seacute;man
Cadillac Craft Center
Midland, NC!

From: Tom Howe <>
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2003 21:18:44 -0800
Subject: Season's Greetings RGB LED Pen

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Thanks for the many positive responses to the "7-Color SelectaVision" 
holiday gift pen. As some of you have guessed, it ties into the 
golden anniversary of the NTSC Video spec on December 17. The "War of 
the Worlds" featured CED has been updated to include information on 

The pen was mailed out to everyone who has purchased a VideoDisc 
Collector's Guide CD-ROM. I've already gotten some pens back as being 
undeliverable, so if you've purchased the CD-ROM and have not 
received a pen in the mail, please email me the name under which the 
CD-ROM was purchased and a current address, and I'll mail one out. If 
you live in Europe or Australia, please allow a few more days for the 
pen to arrive. For a while, this pen will also be included with new 
CD-ROM purchases.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thanks everyone who contributes 
to this list, as well as those subscribers who have established 
resources to support our hobby:

James Curiel - J/K Player Reconditioning
Darrell Johnson - F/G Player Reconditioning
Ken McCreath - Yahoo CEDswapmeet Group
Richard Rutkowski - Yahoo Player Maintenance Group
John Stevens - CEDatum Replacement Parts

If you compare CED to other long-gone video formats like Cartrivision 
and VHD, we have it pretty good.


       /.mnnm.\                                              ___
      |.mmnvvnm.\.                                     .,,,/`mmm.\
      |.mmnnvvnm.\:;,.                           ..,,;;;/.mmnnnmm.\
      \ mmnnnvvnm.\::;;,                    .,;;;;;;;;/.mmmnnvvnnm.|
       \`mmnnnvvnm.\::;::.sSSs      sSSs ,;;;;;;;;;;/.mmmnnvvvnnmm'/
               \`mmmm.%%;;;;;%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%::/.mnnvvvnnmmmmm'/ '
                  \`%%;;;;%%%%s&&&&&&&&&s%%%%mmmnnnmmmmmm'/ '
       |           `%;;;%%%%s&&.%%%%%%.%&&%mmmmmmmmmm'/ '
  \    |    /       %;;%%%%&&.%;`    '%.&&%%%////// '
    \  |  /         %%%%%%s&.%% #     %.&&%%%%%//%
      \  .:::::.  ,;%%%%s&&&&.%;     ;.&&%%%%%%%%/,
  ----- ::#:::::%%%%%%s&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&%%%%%%%%%%%
      / :##:::::&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&%%%%%%%%%%%%%%,
    /  | `:#:::&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&%%%%%%%%%%%%%
  /    |   \  `&&&&&&&&&&&&'&&&&&&&&&&&S%%%%%%%%%%%%,
       |       `&&&&&&&&&,&&&&&&&&&&&&SS%%%%%%%%%%%%%
                 `~~~~~'~~        SSSSSSS%%%%%%%%%%%%%


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