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CED Digest Vol. 8 No. 32  •  8/9/2003


20 Years Ago In CED History:

August 10, 1983:
* Chadian rebels loyal to former President Goukoun Oueddei capture 
the key northern town of Faya-Largeau with the substantial help of 
Libyan soldiers, planes, armored vehicles, and artillery.

August 11, 1983:
* Over protests by the opposition, President Shehu Shagari is 
declared the winner of Nigeria's first civilian supervised elections 
since the end of military rule in 1979.
* Poland announces that it will release 476 more political prisoners 
but that 60 Solidarity activists will remain in custody.

August 12, 1983:
* Pakistan's President Zia ul-Haq promises national elections and a 
return to constitutional democracy by 1985.
* In his third cabinet shuffle in one year, Canada's Prime Minister 
Pierre Elliott Trudeau names 5 new ministers and reassigns 8 others.
* Future CED title in widespread theatrical release: Risky Business.

RCA Unveils First Video Disc Player with Programmable Capability

Highly Featured Player Carries Optional Retail Price Of $499.95; 
Random Access Model To Have Consumer, Educational And Institutional 

INDIANAPOLIS, August 12 -- RCA today unveiled in the United States 
market the first video disc player with programmable capability which 
will give the company's "CED" VideoDisc system "applications far 
beyond simple home entertainment."

The new stereo Random Access player, model SJT400, employs several 
digital microcomputers to provide a variety of interactive 
applications for the user. RCA will begin shipments of the player and 
the first two interactive discs next month, with a third interactive 
disc scheduled for November.

Optional retail price for the new Random Access player is $499.95. 
Interactive discs will be optionally priced at $29.98.

In addition to RCA, several other major program sources, including 
CBS Publishing, Walt Disney Home Video and Paramount Pictures, are 
expected to develop interactive programs for the "CED" video disc 

"The addition of random access and interactivity opens entirely new 
markets for the video disc in consumer, educational and institutional 
applications," RCA executives said at a meeting of RCA distributors 

In addition to the introduction of interactive discs which involve 
the viewer in game-like situations, RCA will offer 21 discs that are 
"banded" to allow access to any desired segment using the new random 
access player, according to Thomas G. Kuhn, Division Vice President, 
RCA VideoDiscs. The majority of banded discs are stereo music albums, 
he noted, and RCA plans to release all future stereo music discs in 
the banded format. Banding information is clearly marked on the back 
of each album cover so that a consumer can pick and choose which 
selections will be played, as well as the order of their appearance.

"For the first time," Mr. Kuhn said, "consumers can now program
own video concerts, something they can't do with video cassette 
recorders. This ability to program music discs could very well impact 
on the way music lovers enjoy their favorite songs and performers at 

Dr. D. Joseph Donahue, Vice President and General Manager, RCA 
Consumer Electronics Division, said the new Random Access player also 
provides an on-screen display of informational graphics to assist the 
viewer during the programming process. The player can be programmed 
to play a segment of any disc repeatedly or in the case of a banded 
disc, up to five bands in any desired sequence. With the SJT400's 
Memory Start function, any point on a disc can be indexed, allowing 
the viewer to return to that point at any time.

RCA's line of VideoDisc players now includes five models, two 
monaural units and three stereo players. Optional retail prices of 
the new line begin below $300. Dr. Donahue noted that each of the 
models now features electronic function controls and fully automatic 
operation "A new low-profile vertical front design allows more 
practical usage as a component in a home video system," he said.

With specially produced discs, the SJT400 can find and display a 
single still "page" of video for close study. "The new player
enable the viewer to use his home television set to enjoy a wide 
range of subjects, play interactive games and learn a variety of 
do-it-yourself skills," Mr. Kuhn said.

"We are now on the leading edge of a new dimension in video 
programming and our plan is to continually add new programs -- banded 
music discs, children's programs and interactive games -- for the new 
player," Mr. Kuhn said.

The SJT400's remote control hand unit transmits all user commands to 
the player including visual search, high speed scan (120 times normal 
speed), pause, reject, audio track selection, play and TV/disc. The 
latter function allows the user to switch back and forth between disc 
play and regular TV programming.

In addition, Dr. Donahue said, the SJT400 can also be operated by 
RCA's new Digital Command Center, an advanced remote control that can 
operate a TV, VCR and video disc player from one control unit. The 
Command Center is included with all new RCA ColorTrak 2000 and Video 

The first two interactive discs, both of which will be available in 
September, are "A Week at the Races," and "Many Roads to
Murder," a 
mystery story disc.

"A Week at the Races" comes complete with play money and other game 
pieces. Hosted by internationally famous jockey Willie Shoemaker, the 
video game is an exciting combination of actual horse races and 
viewer participation. All the races are arranged and banded to 
provide different possible winners so the participants never know 
which horse is going to win.

"Many Roads to Murder" weaves together 16 different mystery scenarios 
from one basic premise and is great for parties or for a concentrated 
test of sleuthing for two or more players. Each story path has its 
own puzzling solution. Participants are challenged to match skills 
with detective Stew Cavanaugh as he hunts murderer, motive and method 
-- different for each game.

August 13, 1983:
* The Chilean government announces that 24 people have been killed in 
protests in Santiago, Chile against the regime of Maj. Gen. Augusto 
Pinochet Ugarte.

August 14, 1983:
* President Reagan arrives in La Paz, Mexico for a brief visit with 
President Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado. Reagan defends certain of his 
foreign policy decisions, saying "We believe that people should be 
able to determine their own solutions, and that is why we've 
responded to calls for help from certain of our Latin America 

August 15, 1983:
* With the support of French troops, Chadian government forces under 
President Hissene Habre establish an east-west defense line that 
virtually halts the advance of Libyan-backed rebels led by former 
Chad President Goukouni Oueddei.

August 16, 1983:
* A report issued by the U.S. Justice Department confirms that Klaus 
Barbie, head of the German Gestapo in Lyons, France from 1942 to 1944 
and presently awaiting trial there for "crimes against humanity," had 
been employed as a spy by the U.S. Army in the years following World 
War II.
* Joshua Nkomo, the leader of the Zimbabwe African People's Union and 
the chief political opponent of Prime Minister Robert Mugabe, returns 
to Zimbabwe from self-imposed exile in London.
* Actress Carrie Fisher (CED) and singer-songwriter Paul Simon (CED) 
are wed, but divorce shortly thereafter.

Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 15:43:10 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ken McCreath <noodlecoodle>
Subject: TOP 5  HORROR CEDs

  Hello CED maniacs!

My first ever Top 5 CED chart was SOOOOO popular that
I've decided to do another one. This one will have a
theme. Since I'm a HUGE horror film fan that's the
theme I've chosen. Also... still on the lookout for
stylus cartridges ( RCA 149000 RCA 154100 RCA 154216
Hitachi CT-0313 CT0313 or 10587905 ) The newer the
Hey Tom didn't you mention that Thomson Consumer
Electronics disposed or liquidated their entire stock
of Stylus Cartridges? Any word on what became of them?
I'd be mortified to think that they're in a landfill
somewhere. I hope not.
   Anyways, as promised... my top 5.


    1. Halloween II ( would have put Halloween 1 )
    2. Friday the 13th
    3. The Shining
    4. Psycho
    5. Jane Fonda's Workout

   My best to you and yours!

To: <>
Subject: CED Stylus
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 22:07:33 -0700

I am in need of a stylus for my CED player.  I anyone can help me please
email me at <>


Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 23:56:14 -0800
From: Tom Howe <>
Subject: RE: broken VHD

>I have a 3D VHD player that is playing audio but not video. All I
>get on the screen is black. Do you have any suggestions as to how I
>can fix it or replace it?

The symptoms suggest a failure in the video circuitry somewhere after 
the video and audio have been separated from the single signal stored 
on the disc. Since a service manual for this player will be difficult 
to find and written in Japanese, I would suggest the following 
troubleshooting procedure, assuming you have a multimeter for testing:

1) Place the machine in a service position so the signal processing 
board can be accessed while it plays a disc. Elevate the circuit 
board with a non-conductive block at each corner, then mentally 
divide the board into a grid of one-inch squares. Press down at the 
approximate corner of each of these squares until the board slightly 
flexes, using a non-conductive probe (e.g. a Popsicle stick). While 
pressing down observe the attached TV for a return of a video image 
or a visual glitch in the plain black image. This technique will 
often locate a broken circuit board trace or a bad solder joint when 
a press is applied near the problem location. A broken circuit board 
trace can be bypassed by soldering a jumper wire between the two 
circuit nodes it connects, while a bad solder joint can simply be 

2) Test every diode and transistor on the circuit board that appears 
to be associated with the processing of video information. These are 
the most likely discreet components to fail, and can often be 
replaced with common industry types.

3) Test every capacitor, inductor, and resistor that appears to be 
associated with video processing. These again can usually be replaced 
with industry-standard parts.

4) If you get this far without detecting any problems, it could be 
the specific problem was missed, or there could be an integrated 
circuit failure. VHD players contain more application-specific 
integrated circuits than CED players, and since these parts may only 
have been available in Japan, replacement is going to be a challenge. 
At this point it may be less labor to obtain a working player via 

>I have seen some newer VHD players that are intended for Karaoke, will
>these playback the 3D disks?  I have a separate 3D box that could drive
>the glasses.

3D VHD discs play in 2D on regular VHD players, and also play in 2D 
on 3D players until the glasses are actually plugged into the 3D 
socket or the player is manually switched to 3D mode. So you need a 
3D player with the jack for the glasses to observe these discs in 3D. 
Unless your adapter box is specifically designed for VHD use, it 
won't work for 3D viewing of VHD discs. Most of these adapter boxes 
are of a design intended to view 3D DVD's on a regular DVD player by 
intercepting the composite video signal after it leaves the back of 
the machine. However, any 3D shutter glasses with a miniature phono 
plug, including Sega Master, LaserActive, and the wireless modern 
types, will work on a 3D VHD player.


From: jmlong
Date: Sat,  9 Aug 2003 23:50:15 -0400
Subject: Discs I'm Unloading

Hello -

Moving, and purging the following:

- Close Encounters of the Third Kind
- Alien
- Raging Bull
- The Music of Melissa Manchester
- Friday the 13th
- Four (4) copies of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (sealed)
- The Falcon and the Snowman
- Silkwood (sealed)
- 48 Hours
- Final Assignment (sealed)
- Splash

The disc/caddy condition of Close Encounters and Raging Bull is iffy, but all
others are in good shape (especially the sealed ones!)

I live in Boston and do not drive, so I would prefer if someone showed up and
took them away.  This seems unlikely, so I am willing to ship for the cost of
packing and shipping (~25 lbs!) plus ten bucks for the shear pain in the neck
of having to drag ~25 lbs. worth of CEDs to the post office.  Will not separate
to ship.

In addition, if anyone wants to contact me about:

- Excellent condition caddy for The Outsiders, no disc inside.
- Excellent condition caddy for Amityville II with You Oughta Be In Pictures

...feel free.



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