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CED Digest Vol. 8 No. 10  •  3/8/2003


20 Years Ago In CED History:

March 9, 1983:
* Anne Burford resigns as head of the EPA, amid continuing charges that the 
agency mishandled the toxic waste cleanup program.
* Margaret Heckler is sworn in as U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services.

March 10, 1983:
* President Reagan calls for an additional $110 million in military aid to El 
Salvador during fiscal 1983, up from $60 million he had requested ten days 
earlier; Congress has authorized $26 million for the year.
* India and Pakistan sign an agreement to form a joint commission to improve 
economic and cultural relations; talks continue on a nonaggression treaty.
* The People's Consultative Assembly of Indonesia unanimously re-elects 
President Suharto to a fourth five-year term.
* A second Soviet satellite is linked in space to the unoccupied orbiting 
Salyut 7 space lab, doubling the size of the Soviet space station to provide 
working and living space for up to six cosmonauts.

March 11, 1983:
* Robert Hawke, leader of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), and a new 27-member 
cabinet are sworn into office. The ALP won a solid victory in parliamentary 
elections on March 5, ousting the Liberal-National Party coalition of Prime 
Minister Malcolm Fraser.
* Future CED title in widespread theatrical release: My Tutor.

March 12, 1983:
* The seventh summit of the Nonaligned Nations movement concludes in New Delhi, 
India. The six-day conference focused on the world economy and disarmament. 
Four new members - Bahamas, Barbados, Columbia, and Vanuatu - were admitted, 
bringing the total membership to 101.
* The World Ice Skating Championships conclude in Helsinki, Finland. Rosalynn 
Sumners easily wins the women's title after Elaine Zayak is forced to withdraw 
due to a stress fracture. Scott Hamilton wins the men's title for the third 
straight year, the first American man to do so since David Jenkins (1957-1959).

March 13, 1983:
* Zimbabwean opposition leader Joshua Nkomo arrives in London after fleeing 
from the government of his rival, Robert Mugabe.
* France's ruling Socialist-led coalition makes a partial recovery in the 
second round of municipal elections after suffering heavy losses in the first 
round on March 6.

March 14, 1983:
* For the first time in its 23-year history, the Organization of Petroleum 
Exporting Countries (OPEC) agrees to cut its price for crude oil from $34 to 
$29, and also to set national output quotas.

RCA VideoDiscs and McDonald's in Joint Promotion in Michigan and Southern 

Hungry McDonald's Customers Can Win RCA Stereo VideoDisc Prizes, Cash And Food 
In Sweepstakes and Video Disc Demonstration Promotion

As part of the RCA/McDonald's "Get It Together Sweepstakes,"
customers in Michigan and Southern California will have an opportunity to win 
cash, food, RCA stereo video disc players, thousands of RCA video discs, and 
complete RCA stereo video disc home entertainment packages including stereo 
video disc players, stereo amplifiers and speakers and color televisions.

McDonald's customers who see a demonstration of the RCA VideoDisc system at a 
participating RCA video disc dealer can receive a
"Buy-One-Get-One-Free" (BOGO) 
coupon for a Big Mac, redeemable at any participating McDonald's.

Herbert J. Mendelsohn, Division Vice President, Marketing, RCA VideoDiscs, said 
that this promotional tie-in is a pilot RCA marketing program designed to raise 
general consumer awareness of the RCA VideoDisc system through advertising and 

"We have experienced a high incidence of purchase among consumers who have
an RCA VideoDisc system demonstration," Mr. Mendelsohn said. "People
are always 
impressed. Video discs are easy-to-use, inexpensive and offer high-quality 
video with stereo sound plus a large selection of great entertainment."

The RCA/McDonald's "Get It Together Sweepstakes" will be prominently
in game booklets of McDonald's national "Million $ Taste" game,
distributed in 
Michigan and Southern California. These booklets will contain a certificate 
offering the customer an opportunity to get a Big Mac "BOGO" when
they see a 
video disc demonstration at a participating RCA dealer.

The RCA/McDonald's promotion will begin on March 14, 1983 and will run for 12 
weeks in Southern California and 9 weeks in Michigan. It will be supported by 
saturation television, radio and print advertising. Point-of-sale promotional 
materials will be utilized by all participating McDonald's restaurants and RCA 

Each participating RCA dealer will be offering special incentives to promote 
the RCA/McDonald's tie-in. RCA advertising will include both distributor and 
dealer newspaper ads and in-store displays. During the promotion, participating 
consumers will receive various incentive offerings including free albums with 
purchase of an RCA video disc player. In addition, participating RCA dealers 
will have the opportunity to win sales incentive prizes.

March 15, 1983:
* A signalmen's strike shuts down Philadelphia area commuter trains, the third 
strike in the Northeast to affect commuters.

Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2003 21:32:41 -0500 (EST)
Subject: ced's

hi ,
i am currently looking to buy ced movies and would appreciate to be put
on your mailing list concering purchasing them.
john cameron

Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 16:56:45 -0800
From: Tom Howe <>
Subject: RE: colortrak 2000 remote control


If your TV is a 1989 model, then it should use the standard codes that RCA 
began implementing in 1983 and continues to use to the present day. The only 
ColorTrak 2000 models I've seen that don't use these codes are those using the 
style of remote Mr. Daly is holding up in this picture:

If you TV does allow a modern universal remote to change channels, then you may 
be able to use the channel buttons on the remote to switch inputs. Try keying 
in 91, 92, or 93 to see if the inputs will change. If that doesn't work, it may 
be necessary to have only one input with an active signal, then key in 00 to 
cause the TV to scan for and switch to that input.


Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 23:06:51 -0600
From: Gary Cimera <imaginos>
Subject: SFT100 problem

Hi there,

I just picked up an RCA SFT100 and 8 movies, all appeared to be in pretty good 
shape.  It was cheap, I was happy.  I took my new found treasure home, cleaned 
it thoroughly, inspected the stylus ( a bit worn, but not ruined)  I plugged in 
a movie and sat back and enjoyed it for about 35 minutes.  All of a sudden, the 
picture "shook" sideways and the screen went black with about 3 or 4
white bars 
across it.  I stopped the player, unplugged it, opened it, looked inside, did 
not see anything 'smoking', reassembled it, loaded another movie...still the 
same screen, disk in, disk out, does not matter where the switch is positioned. 
Turn it off, turn it on, the screen stays the same.  The platter spins up to 
speed, but the pickup arm does not seem to want to move when a movie is loaded 
and I cant make it move with either set of buttons.  Anybody have any ideas 
what the problem might be? I have removed the pickup arm but do not visually 
see anything wrong warn or broken. (Please don't tell me my machine is trash.)  
Any help would be appreciated!

Gary Cimera

Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2003 11:50:57 -0800
Subject: CED Central now services all RCA Players
From: James Curiel <jacuriel>

Dear Tom and CED enthusiasts,

I just like to announce a major breakthrough.

CED Central is now servicing all RCA Players.

I've been doing tune-ups and reconditioning the SJT and SKT players for some 
time, but now you can get your SFT and SGT players reconditioned because 
Darrell has agreed to perform this service.

Reconditioning includes new belts, lubrication, and new stylus cartridge.

Prices are as follows and include free return shipping:

$140 for the SFT and SGT players up to the SGT100

$160 for the SGT-200 and SGT-250

Replacement of parts and other repairs are a very modest additional charge.

The prices and service are very reasonable, and should keep your player in good 
operation for a several years.

We're trying to fill a gap left by more and more shops not servicing these 
players, and also the problems that ensue when shops that do not understand 
these players try to service these players and break them.

Darrell has graciously agreed to service the SFT/SGT players and he is in 
Kentucky.  You can reach him at

I handle the SJT/SKT players and can be reached at

Visit the CED Central website at

Also, for spare parts go to the new CEDatum site by doing a search.  I am not 
connected with CEDatum, I just want to remind people that they have parts.  I 
have ordered new function lever adaptor couplers and received them.  They are 
impressive and it is exciting because they are literally new as in they were 
made this year.


signed james


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