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CED Digest Vol. 7 No. 44  •  11/2/2002


20 Years Ago In CED History:

November 3, 1982:
* Encouraged by the mid-term election, the Dow Jones industrial average gains a
record 43.41 points and reaches its highest yet closing in history - 1,065.49.

November 4, 1982:
* A single-day record for volume of stock trading is set as 149.35 million
shares change hands on the New York Stock Exchange.
* Health and Human Services Secretary Richard S. Schweiker approves regulations
mandating tamper-resistant packaging for most non-prescription drugs, including
* Ruud Lubbers is sworn in by Queen Beatrix as prime minister of The
Netherlands, replacing Andreas van Agt. The new Parliament is expected to
support NATO's decision to deploy medium-range nuclear weapons in Europe.

November 5, 1982:
* The U.S. Social Security retirement fund borrows money for the first time.
* Some 10,000 Canadian members of the United Auto Workers go on strike for
higher wages at six Chrysler plants in Ontario.
* President Reagan nominates Under Secretary of the Interior Donald Hodel as
energy secretary, to replace James B. Edwards, who had resigned.
* Future CED title in widespread theatrical release: The Man from Snowy River.

November 6, 1982:
* President Ahmadou Ahidjo of Cameroon resigns after 22 years in power, naming
Prime Minister Paul Biya as his successor.
* "Up Where We Belong" by Joe Cocker (CED) and Jennifer Warnes becomes the No.
1 U.S. single.

November 7, 1982:
* Iran reports its troops have driven six miles into Iraq during a week-long
offensive that forced the Iraqis out of a broad stretch of Iranian territory.
* The Upper Volta government of Col. Saye Zerbo is overthrown by Jean-Baptiste
Ouedraogo, an army commander and medical doctor.
* Voters in Turkey approve by more than 90 percent a new constitution proposed
by the military junta of Gen. Kenan Evren, who automatically becomes president
for a seven-year term.

November 8, 1982:
* Auto maker John DeLorean pleads not guilty to cocaine charges in a Los
Angeles court.
* Twenty-nine inmates die, and 61 persons are injured in a fire at the county
jail in Biloxi, Mississippi.
* A meteorite about the size of a grapefruit crashes through the roof of a home
in Wethersfield, Connecticut. The chances of more than one meteorite landing in
the same town are just about nonexistent. Yet it was the second time in eleven
years that a meteorite had crashed through a Wethersfield house.

November 9, 1982:
* Rank and file of the United Mine Workers elect 33-year-old Richard L. Trumka
as union president, replacing Samuel Church.
* The West first learns of a massive tunnel explosion in Afghanistan a week
earlier. It appears that the lead truck of a Soviet convoy collided with a fuel
truck igniting many vehicles and filling the 1.7 mile long tunnel with toxic
fumes. Soviet soldiers outside the tunnel mistakenly seal both ends thinking
the explosion signals an attack by Afghan guerrillas.
* Pope John Paul II concludes the first ever papal visit to Spain after making
public appearances in 16 cities throughout the country.

From: "Edith Finkral" <gmaedie>
To: <>
Subject: subscribe
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 12:42:10 -0700

am interested in the r.c.a. video disc player, thank you,

Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 01:34:03 -0500
From: K Depp <longlost>
Subject: Lum Fong  RCA #234


 We do not normally solicit but I thought that this item may have enough
merit that you might excuse us for bringing it to your attention. We
have come across a rare example of RCA CED #234, "Lum Fong". While
researching this CED we found your fine and informative website.
 We have just offered it for sale on ebay and hope that you don't mind
that we have added a link to your site in our description, particularly
your documant pertaining to this videodisc. If you object to our
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 Though you already seem to have one of these, perhaps you know of
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for maintaining such a fine, informative and dedicated website.

Appreciatively, Kurt D........Long lost Co.


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