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CED Digest Vol. 7 No. 32  •  8/10/2002


20 Years Ago In CED History:

August 11, 1982:
* South Africa reports that its forces operating in Angola have in two days
killed more than 300 guerrillas opposing South African control of Namibia.

August 12, 1982:
Actor Henry Fonda dies at age 77 in Los Angeles. He appeared in a number of CED
titles including On Golden Pond, Clarence Darrow, Fail-Safe, The Longest Day,
12 Angry Men, Mister Roberts, The Grapes of Wrath, and Jezebel.
* The European Community (EC) rejects President Reagan's embargo on the use of
U.S. technology for construction of the Soviet-Western Europe natural gas
pipeline. The EC protests that the ban violates international law and that
failure to participate in the construction would severely injure EC industries.
* Israeli jets bomb West Beirut for 11 hours. President Reagan says the attacks
caused "needless destruction and bloodshed."

August 13, 1982:
* Major U.S. banks begin lowering their prime interest rate from 15 to 13.5
* Future CED title in widespread theatrical release: Fast Times at Ridgemont

August 14, 1982:
* Irish actor Patrick Magee dies at age 58 in London. He appeared in the CED
titles Chariots of Fire and A Clockwork Orange.
* Phillies baseball star Pete Rose sets an at bat record of 12,365 surpassing
Hank Aaron's previous record.

August 15, 1982:
* Beth Daniel wins the LPGA WUI Golf Classic.

August 16, 1982:
* Salvador Jorge Blanco is inaugurated as president of the Dominican Republic.

August 17, 1982:
* China and the U.S. announce an agreement whereby the U.S. will gradually
decrease its arms sales to Taiwan. China pledges to seek reunification with
Taiwan by peaceful means.
* The U.S. Senate approves a new immigration bill that would grant permanent
resident status to illegal aliens who arrived in the Unites States before 1977.
Illegal aliens who arrived in the U.S. after December 31, 1979 would be subject
to deportation.
* Federal District Judge James C. Turk of Roanoke, Virginia sentences
20-year-old Enten Eller to at least 250 hours of public service and places him
on three years' probation for refusing to register for a possible future
military draft.

Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2002 20:51:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: James Curiel <jamescuriel>
Subject: 400 cable covers

Dear Tom and All,

Just some notes.

1)I'm seeing more players come in with problems originating with the cable
cover, for the cable that interfaces with the player's buttons, either being
broken or coming loose.  Usual sequence involves a broken step motor gear, a
broken function lever coupler, and a damaged turntable from the carrier arm
jamming into it.  I service or "tune-up" two to four players a week for people
here in Sacramento and from all over the country. 

There is a trick to installing the clear cover plate.  First hook up the face
plate or front of the player.  Next, insert the prongs from the button cable
into the cable that will go under the cable cover.  Now with the turntable
removed and the carrier arm positioned as far back into the machine as it will
go, put the top hook of the cover dip it under the latch on the front of the
machine.  Now, comes the crucial point. There are two latches on the sides of
the underside of the cover that latch onto the cable head or plastic coupler
part of it.  Push down on the back of the cover so these two latches go into
position and latch onto the bottom of the plastic part of the cable.  Do not
push down if the latches are out of position by either being bent inwardly or
outwardly -- they break very easily.  Reposition the latches and the cover if
the latches are out of position.  Once the latches are pushed down and grab the
cable there is a third latch to the back of the cover on the underside.  This
latch holds the cover and cable down in to the cabinet. Push this latch into
place in the hole or opening where the cable and cover are over.  After this is
done there are two little square wings on the cover that go out on each side
toward the front.  Use a large flat head screw driver to push these square
wings down and under the latches on the front face plate.  They will "pop" into

I think the installation of this cover is the most difficult task to perform in
maintaining these machines.  My fingers are pretty skinny, and I have a tough
time getting them in there to do this.  If you know of an easier method, please
write in.

2) Also, many of the machines from 1983 have the cable running inside the
cabinet being held in place by hooks molded into the cabinet.  This cable
should be run underneath and out the opening where the cable cover is.  I am
now re-running every cable that is on top on machines that come in.  The 1984
players, almost all of them have the cable running underneathe, even when they
were manufactured with the hooks molded into the cabinet for running the cable
above.  RCA recognized that it made no sense to run the cable up top.  Sooner
or later the cable will come loose and cause the carrier arm to jam.

All for now.  Peace. signed James

Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 22:36:40 +0000
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 7 No. 31
From: craig v roberts <>

Tom....I have an error videodisc.  Side two of FRIENDLY PERSUATION shifts
colors and has shadows in black-and-white all through this side.  The
problem is not with the player(s) at all---I suspect the master's speed
was off just a tad.  I'll swap it for a good one in a heartbeat if
anybody is interested.  Also, I have two Hitachi belt-driven players that
need that belt kit / drive wheel modification.  How could I get a pair of
these?  Thanks, CRAIG  Greenbelt, Maryland


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