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CED Digest Vol. 6 No. 38  •  9/22/2001


20 Years Ago In CED History:

September 23, 1981:
* Actor Chief Dan George dies at the age of 82. He appears in the CED
titles Little Big Man, Nothing Personal, and The Bears and I.

September 24, 1981:
* The US and USSR jointly announce that negotiations to limit nuclear
weapons in Europe will begin in Geneva on November 20.

September 25, 1981:
* Sandra Day O'Connor is formally sworn in as an associate justice of
the US Supreme Court, the first woman to hold that position.
* Future CED titles in widespread theatrical release: True Confessions,
Only When I Laugh.

September 26, 1981:
* Houston Astro pitcher Nolan Ryan hurls the fifth no-hitter of his
career, breaking a tie with Sandy Koufax for the most career no-hitters.

September 27, 1981:
* Iran claims it has broken the siege of the city of Abadan, surrounded
by Iraqi troops for nearly a year. In Tehran, leftist guerrillas clashed
with government forces in the heaviest fighting in the Iranian capitol
since the overthrow of the shah.
* Robert Montgomery, stage and screen actor and father of actress
Elizabeth Montgomery, dies at the age of 77. He appears in the CED
titles That's Entertainment and Here Comes Mr. Jordan.
* Jacques Laffite wins the Canadian Grand Prix (CED).

September 28, 1981:
* Stock markets around the world plunge dramatically following a
prediction by US analyst Joseph Granville that September 28 will "go
down in financial history as a 'Blue Monday'." However, when the US
stock markets rebound after an initial drop, other markets quickly
recover also.

September 29, 1981:
* For the first time in history, the US Congress approves the raising of
the ceiling on the US federal debt to more than one trillion dollars.

Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 22:49:18 -0700
Subject: Allen Wolf's Question
From: macrat

They restructured the stocking system, or perhaps it's a part made by a
different manufacturer under contract, they changed the stock number to
easily differentiate it from their own if there was any possible
with a certain manufacturer's product.

Subject: Re: SJt 400 HELP PLEASE!
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 10:43:49 -0400
From: prg <prg>
To: "Tom Howe" <>

>This could be a problem with the function gear mechanism at the right 
>rear of the player (the opposite side of the function motor). If you 
>have another working J/K player I'd recommend setting these up 
>side-by-side and making a close visual comparison of the mechanism in 
>each. This is often the easiest way to locate a mechanical problem.


I hope all is well with you, I still don't feel the same as before the 
horrible attack.

Anyway I wonder if you could post the problem I am having with my 400 
series player in the next digest. Perhaps a fellow CED'er has had the 
same problem.

I have a problem with a CED SKT-400 player that I got off Ebay. It 
arrived very well packed, the seller had put Styrofoam to hold the 
turntable in place.

I did have to make a height adjustment to the player. I watched 3 discs 
and everything worked well. About a week later I started to load a disc.

As the disc was about half way in I herd a clunking sound and the
process stopped.

I opened the player and checked the function gear mechanism at the right

rear of the player. Everything seemed fine(I compared it to a skt-090 I 

I looked on the left side of the player as the disc was loading. When
disc passed over the white switch(left side) of the player, the brown 
tipped rod popped up. This blocked the turntable(I know it is supposed
go all the way down when I disc is loaded)

I cant figure out why this is happening! I thought I FINALLY had a 
working 400 series player!! Please HELP!

Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 21:59:50 -0700
From: "Tom Howe" <>
Subject: Computer Museum Display

Hello All:

Id like to invite anyone in the Portland vicinity to a free exhibit of
historical computers this coming Wednesday September 26. This will be
held from 10 am to 4 pm in the first floor lobby of the Biomedical
Information Communication Center at OHSU. The BICC Bldg. is located at
the intersection of SW Sam Jackson Park Rd. and SW Veterans Rd. on the
OHSU campus.

This is the first time I've had the computer collection on display in a
while, and it consists of items from the 1950's to the 1990's including
an original IBM-PC nearly 20 years to the day after that machine started
shipping. Some of the orphan computers from the early 80's like the Adam
and TI99/4A will be on display, which I feel have an affinity to CED as
they still have their support groups on the Internet long after the
original manufacturer went bankrupt or stopped offering support. There
will be a CED player near the computer display, ostensibly to show how
old video equipment is compatible with modern computers via a Firewire
adapter. The university is having its annual computer fair (for modern
stuff) in the BICC Gallery adjacent to the museum display and there will
be food and refreshments available there.



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