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CED Digest Vol. 6 No. 15  •  4/14/2001


20 Years Ago In CED History:

April 15, 1981:
* The Washington Post announces that it is relinquishing the Pultizer
Prize that had been awarded two days earlier to one of its reporters,
Janet Cooke, for a feature story about an eight year old heroin addict.
Cooke revealed that the story had been fabricated.
* President Reagan announces unconditional pardons for two former FBI 
officials convicted of authorizing illegal break-ins of homes in the
early 1970's.

April 16, 1981:
* Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau rejects a compromise proposal,
endorsed by eight provincial premiers, on the makeup of a new federal
constitution. Trudeau insists that a strong central government is

April 17, 1981:
* The Polish government and members of Rural Solidarity sign an
agreement granting the farmers' union official recognition within a few
* Future CED title in widespread theatrical release: The Howling.

April 18, 1981:
* The Minor League Baseball Pawtucket Red Sox and Rochester Red Wings
begin a 33-inning baseball game. The game is suspended at 4:07 AM the
following day (Pawtucket later wins in the 33rd inning).

April 19, 1981:
* Thirteen persons are killed and scores seriously injured in Davao
City, Phil. when members of the New People's Army, the military branch
of the illegal Philippine Communist Party, hurl hand grenades into the
Roman Catholic cathedral during Easter services.

April 20, 1981:
* A spokesman for the U.S. Navy announces that the U.S. is accepting
full responsibility for the sinking of the "Nissho Maru" on April
9. The Japanese merchant vessel went down 110 miles off southern Japan after
being struck by the U.S. submarine "George Washington." Anger in
Japan was intense because there was no indication the officers aboard the
submarine had made any serious attempt to rescue the merchant crew, who
were picked up (except the captain and first mate) by a Japanese
destroyer after 18 hours in the water.
* The 85th Boston Marathon is won by Toshihiko Seko of Japan in 2:09:26.

April 21, 1981:
* Post-mortem studies by scientists indicate that the stately mute swan,
the bird that has gracefully adorned Britain's lakes, ponds, and streams
for hundreds of years is dying in large number due to lead poisoning
from the splitshot used by fishermen to weight their lines.

From: Cleggsan
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001 15:52:29 EDT
Subject: CED Discs

I have 5 movie discs for free........  if you live in the Atlanta area,
not, you will have to pay the freight.  These are pretty hot titles, but
have no use for them anymore.  All in good to excellent condition.

Kotch, with Walter Matthau
What's Up Tiger Lilly, with Woody Allen
Chinatown, with Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway (2 disc set)
Poltergeist, a Steven Spielberg production
Star Wars, with Harrison Ford, etc.

Just let me know.  You can reach me at

Thank you.

Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 11:02:44 -0500 (CDT)
From: Dave Killeffer <DMK9561>
Subject: another problem

I have another problem with my SJT-300 player.  I put a new stylus in on
saturday and watched part of Purple Rain and everything was fine.  I
to a Rush disc and the picture became black & white.  Still that
clear, but black and white.  I reseated the needle, still B&W.  I put
the old
one back in, still B&W.  Both needles and discs worked fine in other
Any possibilites?

Also, how can I find out when my SKT-400 was made?  It doesn't have the
printed on the back label, and doesn't have a serial number on the
outside of
the case.  It does have a serial number on the chassis (I think), and
inside of the upper case says SJT-400.

Finally, what is different about the prototype SKT-425 on the page?

Dave Killeffer

Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 23:24:37 -0800
From: Tom Howe <>
Subject: RE: SJT300

At 8:05 AM -0500 4/2/01, Dave Killeffer wrote:
>I just got an SJT-300 free at the surplus auction at my university
>After replacing the function belt, it seems to work fine save for one
>the RCA jack audio outs have a very low level.  I opened the player and
>up the R4127 pot listed on the service page to no avail.

If rotating the screw on R4127 makes absolutely no difference in the
sound output, the problem may be with that POT itself or one of its
solder joints. If a little change in output level takes place, I'd
suspect a problem with the U4101 Audio Demodulator IC or one of its
other peripheral components.



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