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CED Digest Vol. 6 No. 3  •  1/20/2001


20 Years Ago In CED History:

January 23, 1981:
* U.S. Department of Labor reports a Consumer Price Index increase of
12.4% for the year 1980 (compared to 3.4% for the year 2000).
* Future CED titles in widespread theatrical release: The Formula, The
Mirror Crack'd.

January 25, 1981:
* Oakland Raiders win Super Bowl XV, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles
27-10 (CED).
* The 52 freed American hostages land at New York's Stewart Airport near
the West Point Military Academy for a few days of semi-privacy with
their families.
* Jiang Qing, widow of Communist Party Chairman Mao Tse-tung and leader
of the "gang of four" receives a "suspended" death sentence for treason
in China.

January 26, 1981:
* Thornton Bradshaw announces his resignation as ARCO's president in
preparation for replacing Edgar Griffiths as chairman of RCA.

From: KatGlen1
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 21:18:06 EST
Subject: re-sending this

I remember when CED was introduced.  I went over to one of the Handy
TV/Radio/Appliance stores in Sacramento.  They had an RCA display set
up.  I 
owned a laser disc player at the time and was very impressed that RCA
such a wide assortment of titles for sale.  Often titles were listed as 
"coming out soon" for laser disc but it would be months before they
appear at retail.  RCA was really good at advertising a title and it
reliably appear that month.  I waited for a stereo machine with a remote

before I got into CED and purchased a SGT250 when RCA had a factory
rebate of 
$50.00 because the players were not selling as well as expected.  Still
it, like new in the original box.  Haven't used it much at all since I
the five other SJT players I own.  Several of my laser discs have gone
(laser rot) but the CED's still play amazingly well and all of the
are running fine.    Glenn

Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 06:59:57 -0800 (PST)
From: Patryk Ruchniak <pruchniak2001>
Subject: helpful hints

Tom, I have found that if you clean the actual stylus
needle tip it drasticlay improves performance over all
and if you think that if some stylus tips may be worn
out think again this may be the treatment for
"fakening" wore out stylus syndrome.These are the
steps I found that help the stylus be rejunvated after
lots of hours of play.

1.remove the stylus from the player

2.get a cotton swab with one end wet or doused with
common rubbing alchol.

3.then firmly grab the stylus cartrage and with the
wet end of the swab brush the stylus tip gentaly about
four times then use the other dry end to dry it out.

4.then replace the stylus cartrage in the player to
see the results.

5.this will help skipping disks if they skip a lot
because it cleans the tip better than the bulit in

tom tell me if it helps.


Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 21:28:31 -0800
From: Tom Howe <>
Subject: RE: SJT 100 wont load

At 5:35 AM -0500 1/13/01, Tony@Electronics Inc. wrote:
>I have this model SJT100 unit that will not load,the load motor never
>or engages at all-if you push the switch that should activate the load
>nothing happens

This is probably a problem with the function motor drive circuitry. You
could try loading a disc manually by rotating the Second Reduction Gear
by hand until the caddy latches to see if the motor will power-up and
reject the empty caddy. This will test whether the motor drive circuitry
still functions in the reverse direction. But in any case, fixing a
problem with the function motor drive circuitry will require putting the
player in the service position and individually testing the relevant
components on the player's master circuit board.



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