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CED Digest Vol. 5 No. 48  •  12/2/2000


Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2000 11:04:18 -0500
From: "James M. Long" <jmlong>
Subject: Two-Label Excess Curiosity

Just thought I would throw a question out there for the fun of it...

Anyone ever peel the label off their twice-labeled disc to see what they
RCA covered over underneath?  The curiosity is almost driving me crazy, but
since the later titles (Moving Violations, Follow That Bird, etc.) rate as
Very Rare I dare not mess with the labels - which for most of these are
fairly pristine (mercifully) already.  But I am still wondering...

Perhaps they could be X-rayed like they do with paintings to look for
hidden masterworks or sloppy retouching... maybe one would find a "Story of
O" label hidden under "A Chorus Line" through the magic of technology...
but maybe that is pushing it a little too far.

I presume, also, that just becuase one copy of "Jewel of the Nile" had,
say, "Fantastic Voyage" buried underneath it does not necessarily mean that
they all do.  Oh, the wonder of it all.  

My only real problem with this practice of RCA's was that they would cover
over a 'handled' caddy with a label with no hole cut - so you get this
wrinkly, easily damaged area at the bottom of the disc.  Were they worried
about the holes not lining up?  Have you seen Tom's discussion of crooked
caddy labels on the CD-ROM?  How worried could they have possibly been?  Or
was it just that the extra caddies were mixed handles/no-handles and this
was the best option?  

Otherwise, after amusing myself with the amount of money I saw a few 154216
needles fetch recently on Ebay, I have to say to all of you... Some
ditributors still have them!  There is no reason to pay $55 dollars for
one!  Save your money and buy more discs instead!  I just picked up the
"Jesus of Nazareth" set, and although the corners of the box are a little
cracked (easy fix) the box protected the discs quite nicely and they are in
great condition.  It is a nice piece to own.  Pick it up even if you have
no religious convictions...

One more thing, I have a disc ("Comedy Tonight", not really a big loss I
guess) that had the spine crammed into the caddy - splitting the sides a
little bit and pusing the faces of the caddy outward.  It plays, but the
fit is quite snug and getting the caddy back out of the machine usually
requires taking the top off and pushing it out by hand - anyone have any
suggestions for getting it nice and flat again?

Jim Long

James M. Long
Administrative Assistant
Parsons Laboratory
Cambridge MA 02139
617.258.8850 fax

Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2000 22:56:09 +0100 (CET)
From: John Homme <jeh>
Subject: SJT-400  with no sound!!

I have an SJT-400 that I recently bought from a guy on eBay. It seems to work 
fine --apart from the fact that I'm not getting any sound out of the audio out 
jacks. Any idea what might be wrong? The picture seems fine, although there is 
some picture noise & dropouts. I don't know if a worn stylus might make the 
sound disappear, or maybe it's an electronic malfunction. There is NO SOUND AT 
ALL. No hissing, noe noise whatsoever. I get a "thump" though, when the power 
is switched off. I'm not that experienced in doing repairs on CED players, but 
I've done a lot of work on VCR's through the years. Any suggestions, PLEASE 
let me know :) 


John E. Homme   

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