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CED Digest Vol. 5 No. 45  •  11/11/2000


From: "Michael A. Campellone" <mcent>
To: <>
Subject: The Wobbly Woes.....
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2000 10:36:51 -0800
Importance: Normal

Dear Tom and other CED Friends:

I have quite a few players in my CED collection, but my favorite has always
been my SJT-300 with remote.  This is because out of all of my players, this
is THE one that I actually purchased brand-new from an RCA closeout, and I
have taken such gentle, wonderful care of this unit since day one.

Here is my problem - I noticed a very slight "thump thump thump" sound
coming from the player when it is spinning at full speed.  Since this player
has never been knocked or jostled in any way, I assumed it was the turntable
height adjustment.

So, I opened the unit, and checked the turntable for clearance.  It is
smooth and silent! Then, I tested with my "beat-up test disk", and observed
that the turntable does indeed wabble, ever so slightly!  You can see the
reflection of light in the spinning disk "jitter" very slightly in-time to
the noise.

I was heartbroken!  This is my nicest player (as far as cosmetics), and I
have always been very careful.  The playback picture is not effected as far
as I can tell, except for every so often the picture "trembles" ever so
slighlty in-time to the noise (which again, you have to put your ear up to
the unit to hear it - it is that quiet).  This is especially evident when
reading text, such as in the beginning of films.

SO - since height adjustment won't work - is there ANYTHING that I can
do????  I am sick about this! :-(

On another note, I have another general question to pose to you collectors
out there - why is it that my SGT series players (i.e. SGT-100, SGT-250)
seem to perform so much better than the newer, sleeker players?  I mean,
they seem to track the discs more accurately, and seem to be so ruggedly
built.  Am I imagining that?  All of my players have brand-new styluses, and
are refurbished to like-new quality.  I would have to say the best picture
comes from my SGT-100, second from my SJT-300, and finally the "worst"
picture (although it still looks good of course) comes from my Hitachi
VP1000.  What are the design elements that make these players have different
playback quality?  Just a pure curiosity on my part.

My very LAST note today - I want to ask, is about the SJT-400.  This is the
one player I do NOT have in my collection - is it worth it????  I can only
find them for around 300-400 dollars (I only look for ones that are
extremely nice and clean - no beat-up ones, thank you LOL) - and I want to
know, if I don't buy one for my collection, am I really missing out on
much????  Other collectors say that I "HAVE TO" get this player - but,
besides the random access and interactive features, which really don't
interest me (I like to just sit and WATCH my favorite films) - what are the

Thank you all very much - hope you have a terrific week!!!!


Mike Campellone

From: " Harry Libby" <fiddy>
To: <>
Subject: CEDs for sale
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2000 14:30:34 -0500

Still have many video disc and players left for sale. over 3000 discs& 50 
playersto choose from.    E-Mail

Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2000 17:18:39 -0600 (CST)
From: Dorsey <dorsey>
Subject: belt slipping

I posted before with a problem with my sgt200 player, with the stylus
assembly not advancing.  I took the player apart, and discovered that the
belt that connects the motor to the gear assembly had slipped off.  Once
the belt was back on, it played fine.  My new problem is the belt keeps
slipping off.  I was wondering if anyone had similar problems, and if
they'd figured out a way to keep that belt from slipping...

-- Steven Dorsey

From: "Carl Klitzke" <julioworld1>
Subject: Need information about SKT400 player
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 19:07:55 GMT

Recently, my SKT400 player stopped functioning.  I found out that the cause 
was that the metal contacts had come off the ribbon cable that connected to 
the front buttons.  I am not very good with those kind of cables, so I was 
hoping to bypass the front buttons altogether and hook some different buttons 
from radio shack or something.  Does anyone out there know the pinouts for the 
bundle of wires that go to the front panel for player control (reject, pause, 
etc), so I know which wires go to what button?  Thanks in advance.
Carl R Klitzke


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