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CED Digest Vol. 5 No. 22  •  6/3/2000


From: <mcent>
To: <>
Subject: The Current State of LaserDisc
Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 10:22:21 -0700

Hello, everyone!
In reply to Tom Howe's note concerning the current state of LaserDiscs that 
was posted in our last mailing, I would like to make a few additional comments.
As a real die-hard videodisc buff myself (I have over 200 CED's, about 350 
LD's, and now about 120 DVD's), I can certainly mourn with the rest of you 
over the coming demise of LaserDiscs.  I was there when CED was failing 
fast, and I was there just over a year ago when Tower Video and SunCoast 
Motion Picture Company in the malls pulled their LaserDisc displays in favor 
of the newer, more compact DVD's.
But, as a computer engineer, I can safely say that all of these technologies 
ending actually has me rather excited!  There are some amazing technologies 
on the horizon that promise to be mind-blowing, and I can't wait!  Besides 
that, it gives us buffs some really cool "hard-to-find" stuff to collect, 
like CED's, right?
You all know of the compression technology now used in music - MP3, where 
you can pop a little memory card into a player, and shake it, throw it, 
jump up and down - all without causing the music to skip!  These tiny 
wafer-thin players have no moving parts.  Well, guess what folks, SEVERAL 
companies are now working on digital video players using the same microchip 
technology - imagine, having a little hand-held portable wafer-thin movie 
player that plays ultra-small memory cards, storing the entire movie in 
digital format, without any moving parts - amazing!  The picture quality, as 
well as sound, will rival anything we have today.  It truly is a very 
exciting time we live in for new technology!
Finally, let's not be sad about the videodisc technology which is becoming 
harder and harder to find!  I, for one, will always remember the first day 
I brought home my first CED player, my first LaserDisc player, etc. - what 
joy and excitement those days brought me, and I will always remember them.
Have a great weekend, guys!
- Mike Campellone

From: Cleggsan
Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 17:03:36 EDT
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 5 No. 21

The Genisis project was sponsored by several church organizations and now is 
complete all the way through the Old and New Testament.

The CED version is hard to find, but the VHX versions are around at lots of 
gospel book stores, etc.   The Mormons have it in their catalog and I think 
you can get it at and go to member services, etc. 

Also, Baptist organizations and related bookstores sell them.   The Genisis 
project was filmed on location in the Holy land areas with the actual Hebrew 
and Jewish lanuguage spoken in the background with the King James version (I 
think) in English.


>  I'm looking for a CED disc that was done by a group called, "The Genesis
>  Project". The movie was titled, "The Story of Joseph Genesis 37-50". It was
>  on CED but I would buy it in video or CED whatever anyone has. The movie
>  was very professional and it looks as though it was filmed some where in
>  the Middle East. Speaking I assume the Hebrew language, but narrated word
>  for word from the Bible book of Genesis.
>  I thank you very much.
>  Sincerly,
>  Jim Johnson

Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 18:35:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: Joe Phillips <littlejoeflub>
Subject: Looking for CED


I don't know if it's the rarest of the Star Wars
Trilogy but I'm looking for "Return of the Jedi" on
CED.  Looked on Ebay but only found Star Wars and
Empire Strikes Back up for bid.  I've already got
those two on CED.


From: MSupra
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 12:08:38 EDT
Subject: Question for someone with a CED player


I am not a subscriber to this list, and I will admit I was unfamiliar with 
this format at all until about one week ago.  My problem is this:  I have 
discovered that one of my favorite movies, The Kids Are Alright, is available 
only on CED Selectavision.  I have managed to buy the disk for $8, but I don't 
want to buy a player simply for one movie.  I am therefore searching for 
somewhere to convert it to VHS.  I have had NO luck calling over 30 video 
production houses here in the DC area.  I am wondering if anyone on this list 
would do this service for me, for a fee?  (maybe $20?).  I will send you a VHS 
tape (or maybe more?) and the CED disk and payment, and you could make me some 
VHS copies?  Please e-mail me at  I would very much appreciate 

Thanks for your help!

Melissa Dobbs


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