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CED Digest Vol. 5 No. 13  •  4/1/2000


Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 22:30:58 -0600
From: SpaceKommander <jboldway>
Subject: Wanted: The Visitor

Hello, I have a copy of Mick Fleetwood's "The Visitor," but it skips all
over the place. I am either looking for a new copy that is known to be skip
free, or a reliable method of attempting to clean/repair the CED itself.
Would a new needle for the deck help? most of my other CED's only have an
occasional skip. I think CED may have been the only format this video was
released in. I'd also even be interested in a VHS or Beta copy of this if
you have this CED but don't want to sell it. Please email me at

Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 13:49 -0500 (EST)
Subject: "Electric Dreams" on CED
From: Brian Clarke <brian.damage>
To: "" <>

> I am looking for these movies on
>CED or any format for that
>matter... If
>anyone can help me out, it would
>be greatly appreciated....
>Electric Dreams  - A comedy
>movie about a computer becoming

"Electric Dreams" was never released on CED -- I purchased a copy on
VideoCD from Singapore for $10, and there are also used VHS copies kicking

Brian Clarke.

From: "Justin Slotman" <justinslot>
Subject: More Laserfilm
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 09:53:07 PST

Hey Tom--

     I deleted last issue by accident but I think we were talking about this 

Somebody should tell them they don't have a CED player on their hands --it's 
much much worse, to quote Dark Helmet. :) And then I noticed the writeup you 
did of Laserfilm on one of the Dead Media chapters --actually it's in one of 
the old digests too. Did you ever find a Laserfilm disc, Tom? If you already 
answered this last issue I apologize, but my search on Google turned up nada 
and I was a little curious if you ever tracked one down.

Justin Slotman


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