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CED Digest Vol. 4 No. 51  •  12/25/1999


From: "Mark Medley"
Subject: where to find out of production I.C.s
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 19:15:21 PST

I own a Zentih VP2000 machine that has not been working for about 2 years.  
The sound no longer works, but the picture plays fine.  I took it to a local 
electronics repair shop where I am fairly good friends with the repairer and 
he said that one of the I.C. chips controling the audio had gone bad.  He 
said that the chip wasn't in any of his catalogs.  Does anybody know a 
source where these or suitable replacements are available?

From: "Peter Veach"
To: <>
Subject: Happy Holidays
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 14:07:19 -0600

Just want to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Very
Happy New Year.

Best wishes for the new millennium.

Pete and Amy (N9QZD + xyl)
Spare Parts BBS

Subject: Help with load door opening on SGT-250
Date: Sat, 25 Dec 99 14:02:23 -0000
From: John Scoleri
To: <>

I've been a subscriber since V2 No. 16 (still have all the back issues 
archived), and I must say the site and regular mailings are indespensible.

After years searching for a reasonably priced stereo player with a 
remote, I purchased a SGT-250. It worked fine the first day, but now when 
I power it on, the load door doesn't open. It flashes 'L', but the motor 
does not drive the door opening. When I manually spin the gear to open 
the door, the motor eventually kicks in and lowers the turntable 
platform. When I turn the player off, the motor successfully drives the 
platter return and door closing.

I've replaced belts in my old mono players, but this looks to be 
something which may not be as simple to fix. Anybody have any suggestions?

Happy holidays to Tom and all of the CED Digest readers.

John Scoleri

Date: Sat, 25 Dec 1999 23:33:54 -0800
From: Tom Howe <>
Subject: How The Grinch Stole Christmas CED vs. DVD

Season's Greetings All:

I recently watched the 1999 DVD release of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"
and thought the colors looked really bad, so I did a comparison against the
CED release. The colors are often incorrect on the DVD, most notably with
the Grinch himself, who is consistently brown throughout instead of the
bright green color on the CED. If you have the CED, you can see what I mean
by advancing to 20:00 and watching the scene where the Grinch puts his hand
to his ear listening for a sound from Whoville. For a few seconds he turns
that brown color, possibly because it's at the start of a new reel. This is
one case where CED wins when compared side-by-side to DVD.

Next year you'll be able to see a movie version of the Grinch from
Universal with Jim Carrey in the title role. They have a rather nice
animation of the movie poster at the official web site:

              :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::  .,uuu   ...
             :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: dHHHHHLdHHHHb
       ....:::::::'`    ::::::::::::::::::' uHHHHHHHHHHHHHF
   .uHHHHHHHHH'         ::::::::::::::`.  uHHHHHHHHHHHHHP"
   HHHHHHHHHHH          `:::::::::::',dHHuHHHHHHHHP".g@@g
  J"HHHHHHHHHP        4H ::::::::'  u$$$.
  ".HHHHHHHHP"     .,uHP :::::' uHHHHHHHHHHP"",e$$$$$c
   HHHHHHHF'      dHHHHf `````.HHHHHHHHHHP",d$$$$$$$P%C
 .dHHHP""         JHHHHbuuuu,JHHHHHHHHP",d$$$$$$$$$e=,z$$$$$$$$ee..
 ""              .HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHP",gdP"  ..3$$$Jd$$$$$$$$$$$$$$e.
                 dHHHHHHHHHHHHHHP".edP    " .zd$$$$$$$$$$$"3$$$$$$$$c
                 `???""??HHHHP",e$$F" .d$,?$$$$$$$$$$$$$F d$$$$$$$$F"
                       ?be.eze$$$$$".d$$$$ $$$E$$$$P".,ede`?$$$$$$$$
                      4."?$$$$$$$  z$$$$$$ $$$$r.,.e ?$$$$ $$$$$$$$$
                      '$c  "$$$$ .d$$$$$$$ 3$$$.$$$$ 4$$$ d$$$$P"`,,
                       """- "$$".`$$"    " $$f,d$$P".$$P zeee.zd$$$$$.
                     ze.    .C$C"=^"    ..$$$$$$P".$$$'e$$$$$P?$$$$$$
                 .e$$$$$$$"="$f",c,3eee$$$$$$$$P $$$P'd$$$$"..::.."?$%
                4d$$$P d$$$dF.d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$f $$$ d$$$" :::::::::.
               $$$$$$ d$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ J$$",$$$'.::::::::::::
              "$$$$$$ ?$$$$ d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P".dP'e$$$$':::::::::::::::
              4$$$$$$c $$$$b`$$$$$$$$$$$P"",e$$",$$$$$' ::::::::::::::::
              ' ?"?$$$b."$$$$.?$$$$$$P".e$$$$F,d$$$$$F ::::::::::::::::::
                    "?$$bc."$b.$$$$F z$$P?$$",$$$$$$$ ::::::::::::::::::::
                        `"$$c"?$$$".$$$)e$$F,$$$$$$$' ::::::::::::::::::::
                        ':. "$b...d$$P4$$$",$$$$$$$" :::::::::::::::::::::
                        ':::: "$$$$$".,"".d$$$$$$$F ::::::::::::::::::::::
                         :::: be."".d$$$4$$$$$$$$F :::::::::::::::::::::::
                          :::: "??$$$$$$$$$$?$P" :::::::::::::::::::::::::
                           :::::: ?$$$$$$$$f .::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


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