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CED Digest Vol. 4 No. 45  •  11/13/1999


Date: Mon, 08 Nov 1999 07:56:47 -0800
From: Donald Borowski
Subject: RE: NTSC CEDs on a PAL machine...

Matt Wilson <> wrote:

>Would anyone know what would happen if you play a U.S. NTSC disk on a
>PAL CED machine?

>Most modern U.K. televisions (Panasonic's, certainly) are
>nowadays and can accept 60Hz 525 line NTSC composite video signals as
>as PAL (which is 625 line, 50Hz for those wondering), but what would
>player make of it....

The CED players sold on this side of the pond used an AC synchonous
to drive the turntable (at 450 rpm for NTSC). I am sure a similar set-up
used in the UK. If so, the rotation rate would probably be 375 rpm. In
case, the frame rate would be 50 Hz rather than 60 Hz. The horizontal
scan rate would be off, there would be no color since the color burst
be off frequency. The time base stabilization circuit would not work
In other words, even though the disc would spin and the needle would
track, the disc would not play. You would need an NTSC standard player
and a 60 Hz power source to get an NTSC signal.

Donald Borowski
Agilent Technologies, Spokane PGU

From: KatGlen1
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 19:20:29 EST
Subject: Re: CED porno?

In a message dated 11/8/99 4:15:31 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< ON 1999/11/01 <> WROTE:
  I've been noticing a lot of CED stuff, too.  I actually saw a whole stack
 of CED porno at the flea market a >>

I don't know of any porno that actually made it to retail on CED.  RCA's 
policy was "no porno" and they resisted even "hard R" movies for a while.  
Has anyone actually seen porno on CED and that was indeed what was inside?  I 
seldom see any CED discs or players in the San Diego area for sale anymore.   

From: "Mark Medley"
Subject: color changes
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 15:23:29 PST

I recently bought a used RCA VFT 100 W player at a flea market.  A problem I 
have been having with this on certain discs is that there will be a change 
of color that happens for an instant that appears to happen on regular 
intervals.  Does anybody know what this is caused by?  I am not for sure if 
it is dirty discs since it has done this on discs that are like new.

From: "Justin Slotman"
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 14:12:37 PST

Tom wrote:
>The following discussion about CED's was recently posted to the >newsgroup 
> I'm wondering what other people on >the list have 
>to say about finding CED stuff in thrift stores, as I >have seen almost 
>nothing for the past year. I believe everything is >being rapidly snatched 
>up by Ebay sellers, as there's always a large >number of CED auctions there 
>now, which seem to originate both from >thrift store and estate sale finds 
>as well as from people disposing >of their personal collections they've had 
>in storage for years.

     I know that --in my case-- I'd never even heard of CEDs until a couple 
months ago I saw a few milk crates of CEDs, for five bucks apiece, at one of 
the local used electronics shops --which is a notch above a pawn shop but 
not by much. There was a copy of The Who Rocks America 1980 Tour, and I knew 
I had to find a player at that point. That Pete Townsend --wotta demon.
     Ebay just added a CED section, though the link from will 
still recall more entries than that section.

Justin Slotman


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