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CED Digest Vol. 4 No. 37  •  9/18/1999


Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 08:38:13 -0500
From: Dave Potochick
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 4 No. 36
To: Tom Howe <>

> Dug out my copy of "About Last Night" on LaserDisc, purchased about 15 years
> ago.
> Was watching the movie and about five minutes before it ended it locked
> up...a problem that was common with LaserDisc years ago.   Japan pressings
> were supposed to be the best, and mostly trouble free.  This was a Japan
> pressing!  There was no way to watch the rest of the movie.  I had forgotten
> what a big problem "laser rot" was.  LaserDiscs were  made up of two halves
> glued together.  After a period of time often the glue would "rot" through
> one or both of the sides.  And the disc was no good.  So I went and got a CED
> movie to watch.  Isn't it amazing that the laser didn't work but the trusty
> old needle-in-a-groove did.  Sure it skipped a couple of times but I was able
> to watch the whole movie.     Glenn

Yes, laser rot on Laserdiscs is a very true thing.... I have even had laser rot
on one of my new discs.... The disc "Night Patrol" to be exact... It looks like a
fungus or mold that grows inside the disc....

If you have the old Discovision disk of Alfred Hitchcock's "Frenzy", On the last
side there is a stop frame on every single frame of the movie and the only way to
watch it is at 2x speed.... Someone also told me that put scratch lines in the
disk and eliminate the stop frame but I have no Idea where to make these
scratches on the disk....

Another old laserdisc I have is "The First National Kiddisc".... The picture and
audio are terrible but it's a pretty neat disc for the laserdisc format... You
can use the single frame step to view information about the San Diego Zoo, Learn
all of the flags from the different nations, play games, see 100 jokes....  There
is even a game to make a light stop on a target by using the pause button.... The
funniest thing on it is the lady that teaches you the "Irish Jig" and "Disco
Dancing"... You also get to see lots of great 1970's haircuts....

From: "Cayea, Daniel P"
To: "''" <>
Subject: LMC Preservation Project
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 19:30:31 -0400


The LMC is still continuing its conservation project, just so all of you
know of it.  Right now all the project consists of around 6 players and 500

Just keeping you posted while I am away at college at SUNY Morrisville, New
York acquiring my Computer Systems Technology degree.

Daniel P. Cayea


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