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CED Digest Vol. 4 No. 20  •  5/22/1999


From: "Daniel P. Cayea"
To: <>
Subject: Final Thank You
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 18:05:52 -0400

I would like to once again thank Dr. John Trasco for his support of my
CED Preservation Project and if he is reading this, to please send me
your address so that I may begin incremental reimbursement for your
shipping costs.

Daniel P. Cayea

From: "Mark Medley"
Subject: know what the problem is?
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 17:47:21 PDT

	I have a Zenith VP-2000.  Right now it is my only CED player.  I have about 
5 discs.  About 1 year ago I was watching one of them an I thought the 
picture was fuzzy so after the side was over I puffed some dust out of the 
player and put the disc in.  It plays fine execpt there's no sound!  Does 
anybody know what the problem might be?


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