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CED Digest Vol. 4 No. 17  •  5/1/1999


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 05:53:21 -0700
From: Tom Howe <>
Subject: RE: fixing a sft100w?

>i just bought an rca sft100w yesterday at a thrift store for $5, knowing
>full well that it probably wouldn't work when i brought it home.  of
>course, it did not.  i'm thinking of trying to fix it (if the problem is
>nontrivial), and thought i'd describe some of its problems first before i
>dove into this project.
>when turned on, the LED reads L, which I assume means load?  it then
>apparently loads the disc just fine, no weird noises or anything.  if i
>then put the level on "play," the LED switches to "--" at this point.  i
>don't hear any noises coming from the machine, and nothing appears on my
>tv screen... it's completely black.
>when i put the switch on "Off," then, it makes a noise as if the disc is
>starting to spin, and a fan begins blowing air out of a vent on the bottom
>left side of the chassis.

Sometimes function-lever players found in thrift stores will play with the
function lever in the OFF position, but not in the PLAY position. This is
due to a cam misalignment. The way this usually happens is someone
unfamiliar with CED loads a caddy into the player leaving the caddy pushed
all the way into the player in the mistaken belief that the player works
that way. When the function lever is then forcefully switched from LOAD to
PLAY the cams on the function shaft become misaligned. When CED was
first introduced, dealers quickly learned they had to avoid unsupervised
customer use of the players to prevent this problem from happening. To fix
this you need to remove the player cover and use a small allen wrench to
loosen and realign the cams, which are  located to the left of the function


Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 18:46:03 -0400
Subject: hey
From: drew man

Hows it going, 
Thanks for putting up the web page, its great. Two things, First, could
you send the newsletter to:
ANd second, what exactly is a stylus cartridge used for, i don't get
exactly what it is used for.



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