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CED Digest Vol. 4 No. 15  •  4/17/1999


Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 14:26:56 -0800
Subject: Re: RCA SFT100W question

The first thing to try with this player is the substitution of a known good
stylus cartridge, as the problem could be that simple. A visual inspection of
the stylus tip may also reveal problems. There should still be a point on the
stylus tip and no gunk build-up. There isn't a way to convert this player to
stereo short of interfacing the stereo board from an existing SGT200 or SGT250
player, but separate A/V outputs can be added. Go to this URL for more info on
this: >I just got one of these players for $8.00 and it doesn't seem to work. When a >disk is inserted and play is pressed, the disk spins up, the time indicator >just displays -- and a short burst of video with no sync appears on the >screen. I want to be fix this unit I can do many electronic repairs my self >and since this uses commonly available parts this should be doable. Also is >there a way to convert this to a stereo unit and is there a way to add video >and audio output to it. Thanks in advance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Cleggsan Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 14:35:47 EDT Subject: 6 CED discs; hard to find; FOR SALE To:, Five discs for sale: 1. Kotch, Mono, 2454-38008-9 Starring Walter Matthau 2. Chinatown, Mono, RCA 00613 or CM12E - V205085 This is a two disc set Starring Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunnaway 3. What's up Tiger Lily, Mono, VC4018 Starring Woody Allen 4. Poltergiest, Stereo, MD100165 MGM movie release 5. Star Wars, Stereo, 1130-90 CBS Fox release Make an offer. Located in Atlanta Georgia area. Will take best offers from Atlanta located bidders first so I don' t have to ship them. Cleggsan ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 10:09:05 -0700 (PDT) From: "Sean C. Duncan" Subject: fixing a sft100w? To: not sure if i got the address right for this digest, but here goes anyway... i just bought an rca sft100w yesterday at a thrift store for $5, knowing full well that it probably wouldn't work when i brought it home. of course, it did not. i'm thinking of trying to fix it (if the problem is nontrivial), and thought i'd describe some of its problems first before i dove into this project. when turned on, the LED reads L, which I assume means load? it then apparently loads the disc just fine, no weird noises or anything. if i then put the level on "play," the LED switches to "--" at this point. i don't hear any noises coming from the machine, and nothing appears on my tv screen... it's completely black. when i put the switch on "Off," then, it makes a noise as if the disc is starting to spin, and a fan begins blowing air out of a vent on the bottom left side of the chassis. so, it strikes me that the parts appear to be doing SOMETHING, but just aren't working for some reason. does anyone recognize these as symptoms of a specific problem? does anyone have any advice? i'm not going to pour a lot of money into this machine, but if it's an easily fixable problem, i'd like to give it a shot. any comments appreciated! === Sean C. Duncan ------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: ESmith1711 Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 14:07:53 EDT Subject: CED'S for sale To: I have the following CED'S for sale or trade, price is $3.50 each for rares, $2.50 for everything else or see below for my trade list. 1. The End R 2. The Silent Partner R 3. Kipperbang R 4. The new video aerobics R 5. The endless summer R 6. The duchess and the dirtwater fox U 7. Stevie U 8. Topkapi U 9. Ticket to heaven U 10. Unfaithfully Yours U 11. Still of the night U 12. The high country U 13. I ought to be in pictures U 14. The years of living dangerously U 15. Improper channels U 16. That championship season U 17. The changeling U 18. Chu chu and the philly flash U 19. Mother lode U 20. Julia U 21. Four friends U 22. Octopussy U (second disc only, caddy in terrible shape) 23. Best friends C 24. National lampoons class reunion C 25. The formula C 26. Wholly moses C 27. Benji C All caddys and discs are in pretty good shape unless noted and prices may be negotiable, email "" if you are interested, below are some discs I am looking for in trade, I would be willing to trade 2 or more of the above titles for many of the discs listed below or will purchase from you if you have any of them. The black hole, Thunderball, On her majesties secret service, Star wars films, Fletch, Any cartoon or children related (disney, muppets, bugs bunny, he-man, etc), I spit on your grave, Firestarter, Creepshow, Any Friday the 13th films, Purple rain, Six pack, Thief, The toy, TRON, Caddyshack, Urban cowboy, Zapped, Any cheech and chong films. thanks for looking, gene


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