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CED Digest Vol. 4 No. 6  •  2/6/1999


From: "keyman"
To: <>
Subject: For Sale
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 10:32:46 -0500

I have a collection of around 200 CED movies
and 3 players.
I would like to sell them for $200.00. Need to get the stuff out of my way.
This is in North Carolina and would perfer someone pick them up.

Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 12:52:04 -0600
From: Thomas Eyssell
Subject: Universal Horror on CED

Fellow CED-ers,

Here's a question for you: over the last few years, I have accumulated a
couple of hundred CEDs, covering almost every category, but I have yet to
see any of the classic Universal monster films (Frankenstein, Dracula, the
Mummy, etc.) on CED. Are these particularly rare? If they exist, does
anyone have them for sale? (I've purchased several CEDs through eBay over
the last year, but I have yet to see any the abovementioned films there!)  

Note to Tom Howe: Thanks for the service you're providing fellow
"disk-heads". This is an interesting list!

Thomas Eyssell

Thomas H. Eyssell, Ph.D.
Director, UMSL Financial Planning and Counseling Program
University of Missouri-St. Louis
8001 Natural Bridge Road
St. Louis, MO 63121-4499
Phone/fax: 314.516.6273/314.516.6420

Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 07:55:13 -0800 (PST)
From: Jesse Skeen
To: Tom Howe <>
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 4 No. 5

Another note about Disney- when the first ever laserdiscs were out (under 
the MCA/Discovision label) there were a few "Wonderful World of Disney" 
shows available, and on the back cover was a cool picture of Mickey Mouse 
reaching out of a TV screen hitting the play button on a Magnavox 
laserdisc player, which look nothing like the later models! For some 
reason, Disney denies these discs ever existed, and when someone was 
shown one of the covers, they said someone could have made it with a 
computer! What reason they would have for this is anyone's guess. You 
might remember the "Best of Roger Rabbit" disc a while ago, which had the 
3 short cartoons originally released with other Disney movies. It was 
recalled for what they said was a manufacturing problem, but it turned 
out to be because of some hidden obscenities found. I've seen this disc 
and can't find anything that would have caused them to pull it like that, 
plus I'm extremely mad at them for lying to the public about this. They 
said a new pressing would be shipped later but it never was, after 
surviving copies ended up being sold for ridiculous amounts of money, 
Disney later said they'd go ahead and reissue it anyways, but that never 
happened either. Now they're doing a rather lackluster job with DVD, 
standing behind the Divx format which seems perfectly made for them. 
Imagine if Rescuers had been a Divx disc, they could have just disabled 
every copy since even if you pay for unlimited use, the player still has 
to call in for "permission" and could simply be told not to play it 
again. I hope Disney loses a ton of money on Divx.
I am looking forward to getting a collection of Divx discs once it goes 
under, but unless someone finds a way to emulate the "master computer" 
the players call into, there won't really be any way to actually play 
them! A funny message comes up if you play these on a regular DVD player. 
I am wondering what's going to happen to unsold discs, whether they'll 
try to get rid of them at clearance prices, or if they'll just be taken 
away and destroyed or stuck in a warehouse, in an effort to erase any 
evidence of their existence. Divx just may overtake CED in being the 
biggest mistake in consumer electronics history, and rightfully so, as 
nothing before has tried to take away as much control from consumers.
For the record, The Rescuers had its first video release a long time 
after CED had already gone away. Its last theatrical reissue before the 
video came out was in 1989.

Date:  4 Feb 99 17:06:18 PST
From: Floyd Perry
Subject: Texas Chainsaw Massacre CED

I own a copy of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" on CED.The label is Wizard Video
through Vestron Video.How rare or common is this disc? Also was there any
Porno released on CED format? I noticed that the movie "CALIGULA" is on CED.
There were many graphic sex scenes in it. Can anyone help me out with my


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