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CED Digest Vol. 3 No. 42  •  10/17/1998


Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 11:56:29 EDT
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 3 No. 41


I just wanted to add my two cents regarding your site.

To the fellow that was critical of your site, I suggest that he sell his
player and disc(s). [if you give me a list of titles  I will make you an

It seemed that he was disappointed that with a click of his mouse someone
didn't show up at his house and fix his player back to "brand new" status.

Keep in mind that this is yesterday's technology. The reason some of us retain
our interest in the CED format is that we have dozens (or hundreds) of titles.
I think that if RCA called each owner of a CED player up and said that they
would trade a DVD machine for our CED machine and replace each title with a
new DVD disc for no cost  there would be no need for this CED site. But that
trade-in program will not happen in my lifetime.

In my case, I had a CED machine that I took apart to see what was wrong with
it. It stayed apart for over 5 years. I knew that at the least I needed a
take-up belt. But I wasn't sure that if that was all I needed. After reading
the tips at your site, I was convinced that the belt was the only problem with
my machine. You sold me a belt and now I have a working machine.

For the 5 years that this machine was sitting in my basement, I keep telling
myself I might as well dump it (along with my 75 titles). If it wasn't for
your site, my machine and discs would be sitting in some landfill. I applaud
you for taking the time (and cost) to run this site. I'm sure that somewhere
down the line my machine will give out. I then will use your site in trying to
sell my small collection of discs and even my machine for parts. I don't
expect your site to fix my machine for eternity.

Again, much thanks.


Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 17:21:00 -0400 (EDT)
From: return 
Subject: "Getting Machines repair'd for all Ceder's" And Be Wary Tips!!

 My, My, My.....

 Aren't we suddenly a lively crowd again. This site had been deserted for
sometime like Death valley, Calif.  Gee, We have suddenly come alive
again talking about helping others get there machines repaired, or atleast
some help to others again.
  You mean that "Gift-Horse is on the move again?" Actually, it would be
reather selfish for me to take the credit.  I think we all should give
Donald Barf a big round of applause and express some appreciation for his
willingness to be direct and honest about his feelings. There's some folks
around here who don't have that candor or ability apparently.  Donald Barf
got everyone talking again. Isn't that something.  Why did it have to come
down to that? Atleast we are all back on the subject of how we are going
to organize a process or system of how to "Better" address and assit
CED'ers out there who need serious help with machines.
    However, I have another agenda besides this.  Something just
as important to us all. It seems we have another type of problem.
problem no# 1.-- Everyone be on your gaurd. There is a person who is going
around and breaking other persons deals and agreements up.  We have a
person who swarms in on other peoples deals and "High-Balls" the 
seller by offering more money than what the others have already agreeded
to pay, thus shaking loose those agreeded buyers.  Then the High-Baller
turns around and LOW-BALLS the seller after he is ready to sell.  The
seller is then faced with accepting far-less than before, and also very
upset are the other buyers as well.
   No#2) It has been discovered that this same person is also contacting
other CED Disc owners to encourage them to do "PRICE FIXING"! The sellers
were being contacted and then were told not to let certain titles go for
less on a certain dollar amount. For example: selling a certain title for
no less than $20.00-$30.00 a pop.  All other parties (sellers of disc)
were contacted by the very same person also.  A pattern had emerged from
the parties which lead a trail back to the CED-Magic web-site. That same
person also uses the site as well.
    So, Heads-up folks, be careful who your dealing with.  Protect
yourselves by not paying way over or to much for a disc. If it is
outrageous then don't pay that much for it, chances are the seller has
been contacted by this person.  Also, if your selling something be careful
of persons who contact you out of no where with an astronomical price for
an item and your common sense tells you its too good to be true, then
follow your common sense.... Smoke them out by asking questions, and
asking for C.O.D. or other assurance's. This will usually flush the person
 No.#3) Another problem is sending machines to trusted persons for them to
work on for you..(this also connects with our previous agenda on machine
repair) Always be very cautious of this. The person on the other end may
tell you they will look at it. The machine may only need a belt or
something very simple. Once the machine is received by them they will tell
you that it is not repairable and refuse to send it back to you"""then
you know you've been HAD!  This recently happened to a person dealing with 
a SJT-400 player.
No.#4) also, be careful of certain parties who claim they will pay you for
machines or disc, and then they turn around and want them as Free
donations. You will later see that very same disc or machine show up
for sale later on.
This is  being issued to all on the site, and to new persons on the site
who have not been around long enough to know about Predators out there who
do use this site for other purposes...
     Take care to all and be careful in your dealings. This party still
uses this web-site so be on your guard!!.....................

From: "Daniel P. Cayea" 
To: "Tom Howe" <>
Subject: CD-ROM Project Report
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 20:58:25 -0400

Dear Tom:  Just out of curiosity, I and I am sure that many  of the other
CED Hobbyists are wondering how the CD-ROM project is coming  along. 
I am also wondering if you have an expected date  of when the project
is to be completed.  Thanks Daniel P. Cayea

Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 13:13:59 -0700
From: Tom Howe
Subject: RE: Dragging Turntable on SJT-100 and other J/K Players


You're right about there being a turntable height adjustment screw inside the
adjusting nut on the bottom of the player. There should also be a lock screw
directly below the adjustment screw, but this was an add-on in mid-manufacture,
so many players are missing it. With the adjustment screw absent the turntable
sits in the lowest possible position and rubs against the lower panel. There
is also a thrust plate that sits in the turntable spindle well between the
spindle and the adjusting screw. This is just a tiny round holeless washer,
and it's common for it to get lost when the turntable is removed and the
player is placed upsidedown. Sometimes it gets drawn to the magnetic ring of
the turntable, and can be found clinging there even years later. The player
will still operate without the thrust plate, but there will be more friction
and wear on the tip of the spindle with it directly contacting the adjustment screw.

The adjustment screw is no longer available as an RCA replacement part, but it's an
industry standard part that can be obtained at most large hardware stores. The
threads inside the adjusting nut are SAE standard 6-32, so the formal description
of the part is a 6-32 by 3/8" socket head set screw. The lock screw is the same
part, but 1/4" in length. To adjust the turntable height follow these steps. With
the player unplugged and the cover off, rotate by hand the large white second
reduction gear adjacent to the function motor until the disc transfer rod retracts
below the turntable. Elevate the player on a couple of blocks so you can spin the
turntable by hand while raising the turntable with the set screw. The socket head
accepts a 1/16" hex key, and a good rule of thumb is to slowly raise the turntable
until the drag is eliminated, then rotate the set screw another full turn to provide
an additional 1/32" of clearance.

You also asked how to determine if a stylus cartridge is good. There is no way to be
absolutely certain short of testing it in a working player, but some cartridges can
be visually determined to be bad by the absence of any point on the stylus tip. If
you're going to buy a function motor drive belt, attach a reminder note and I'll
include 3/8" and 1/4" set screws in the envelope. This should be enough for you to
get the player running mechanically, and there's a good chance that's all it may need
to be fully operational.

--Tom Howe

Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998 12:24:50 EDT
Subject: selling out

I have 2 non-working CED disc players. One needs a new stylus and the other is
beyond my very limited abilities to repair. I also have quite a few used
discs. Could anyone tell me if its worth my time to try to sell or should I
just trash this stuff? Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.


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