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CED Digest Vol. 3 No. 25  •  6/20/1998


From: Steven McKearney 
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 17:47:27 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: my CED players' problems!

Hello fellow CED enthusiasts!  I've got two RCA players that have 
particular problems, and I was wondering if any of you could offer me
any advice on how to repair them.  Here goes:

1. I have an SGT-200 that seems like it would be a great machine,
picture and stereo-wise, but it constantly fast forwards.  I've had it
a part, but I can't seem to fix it with my bare minimum experience of
repairing electronical stuff.  I also have a Zenith ZP-1000 (i belive
that's the number), that I was hoping I could use to transfer parts into
the SGT-200, but the ZENITH also has a psycho timing problem.  It will
play discs, but every minute or so, when it decides to move forward
to play the next "minute's worth" it jerks and freaks itself out.  is
this a player lubrication issue?  It's not a disc lubrication-skipping
issue.  The disc plays fine, and has a great picture, until the timer
decides to move forward to the next minute.  Sigh.

2. My main machine is an RCA SGT-400.  It plays discs flawlessly,
but none of the forward or search, or pause or reject functions work.
I've removed the front panel, and the cause is *not* that the panel is
disconnected, so I'm wondering if there's some fuse that controls these
functions.  I basically have to watch the whole disc in order to remove
it when it enters "reject mode" on its own.  Also, is there any chance
a remote [if I could find one] for this would work these fuctions even
though they don't work on the panel?

Thanks for listening.


Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 22:13:16 -0700
From: Neil Wagner 
To: *CED Digest <>
Subject: Videodisc History Part 27

On the inside front cover of the October 1982 issue
of Popular Science -- a full-page color advertisement:

               Hint #12 from RCA VideoDiscs

      H O W   T O   P U T   A   L I T T L E   E X T R A
        M A G I C   I N   Y O U R   M A R R I A G E :

   Plump up the pillows on the sofa.  Forget about the office.
And think about having a magical evening.  The two of you.
Next to each other.  Alone.
   With the magic of the RCA VideDisc System, you can get the
fire burning brighter with "Some Like It Hot."  Or have a close
encounter of the best kind with "Close Encounters of the Third
   In fact, RCA VideoDiscs can keep you side by side on the
loveseat for hours.  Have a mini-honeymoon with "California
Suite."  Get away from it all with "The African Queen."  Make
beautiful music together with Neil Diamond in "The Jazz Singer."
Leap for joy over a ballet like "Giselle."
   RCA VideoDiscs have over 250 fantastic programs you can
bring home right now.  There are movies, sports, stereo con-
certs, the arts--and new releases every month, so you can
build your own personal collection.  Players start at under
$300, and VideoDiscs are as low as $14.98.  The System is so
easy to operate you can do it while holding hands--and RCA
VideoDiscs play over and over on any brand of CED videodisc
player and on any TV set.  But only RCA has the variety of
programs that'll put a little more spice in your life.
   Watch "Fiddler on the Roof" rather than reruns on TV.
Have "Victory at Sea" instead of doldrums in the den.  Or
show each other "Heaven Can Wait"--after the kids are in bed.
   See your nearest RCA dealer now and find out just how much
magic you can bring home.
   And how much it can bring to your home life.

                            R C A
                     V i d e o D i s c s
                     Bring the Magic Home

Neil -


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