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CED Digest Vol. 3 No. 12  •  3/21/1998


The CED System was introduced Sunday, March 22nd, 1981

Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 19:10:18 -0800
From: Phil Bridges
Subject: CED's

I have the following for sale, preferrably as a package deal:

Titles are:
Psycho II
Romancing The Stone
Altered States
To Be Or Not To Be
The Hunger
Blazing Saddles
Final Exam
The Muppet Movie
Sudden Impact
Star Wars
Deadly Blessing
American Werewolf In London
The Empire Strikes Back   X2
Return Of The Pink Panther
Easy Money
Trading Places
He Knows You're Alone
Under Fire
Richard Pryor Here And Now
Private School
The Last Unicorn
Quest For Fire
The Missionary
Jane Fonda's Workout
Strange Behaviour
Losin' It
They Call Me Bruce?
Stayin' Alive
Halloween III
Things Are Tough All Over

Music Discs

Picture Music
Pink Floyd At Pompei
Stevie Nicks In Concert
Who Rocks America  82 Tour
Kenny Loggins  - Alive
The Compleat Beatles
Rush  Exit Stage Left
Queen  Greatest Flix

as well as a SKT090 RCA player. Any offers are welcome at

Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 21:57:56 -0800

> From: (John "Doc" Holliday)
> Date:         1998/03/12
> Newsgroups:
> Top ten reasons CED still beats LD:
> 10. No such thing as CED rot
> 09. Players and discs are less expensive: watch those garage sales!
> 08. Disc is never touched: no danger of fingerprint errors
> 07. CED owners have already recognized their format is dead; gotten on 
> with their lives
> 06. Titles available that were never released on LD
> 05. Good picture (not as good as DVD, but neither is LD's)
> 04. No friends hassling me to borrow titles
> 03. No danger of laser radiation
> 02. "Leonard Part 6" never released on CED
> 01. CED owners not ignorant or blind enough to proclaim their
> inferior format is better than DVD

Date: Sat, 21 Mar 1998 04:48:16 -0800
From: Tom Howe
Subject: Raise the Titanic

Hello All:

With all the current Titanic hoopla, I chose this for the featured disc at CED
Magic. I've actually been planning a feature for some time comparing CED and DVD
cover art, and this title fit the mold nicely for a simulated DVD to compare
alongside the real CED.

--Tom Howe

Date: Sat, 21 Mar 1998 18:58:11 -0800
From: Neil Wagner 
To: *CED Digest <>
Subject: Videodisc History Part 19

>From the January 1982 Popular Science column "Look and Listen"
by William J. Hawkins
Quick Looks
  The items you see as you're checking out of the supermarket
are specially selected to appeal to everybody--your eyes
catch a glimpse of everything from razor blades to stories on
how "I Beat Up a Martian" in tabloids.  And soon you'll be
able to sort through videodiscs:  Humphrie Video is working
with RCA to rent players and discs at food stores.  Ripe
ideas like that could make the videodisc a fruitful venture.

>From the March 1982 Popular Science column "Look and Listen"
by John Free.
Quick Looks
  Videodisc players from Pioneer and RCA will have the CX
noise-reduction system developed by CBS Technology Center 
built into them.  RCA will use CX for its stereo videodiscs,
slated for introduction this year.  For audio LP discs, CX
encoding-decoding cuts background surface noise while enab-
ling playback on hi-fi systems not equipped with CX.

Neil -


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