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CED Digest Vol. 2 No. 52  •  12/27/1997


From: "Zach D."
To: Tom Howe <>
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 10:00:09 -0500
Subject: Digest Entry

Moving Sale!

If anyone would like to purchase 5 or more titles I will discount the 
total %25 before shipping.  Will offer 10-20 dollars trade credit 
towards disks on my 'most wanted' list as well but would only like to 
trade for those titles at this time.


For sale or trade:

2001:  A Space Odyssey       Disk 2 Only                     $ 2.00
Airplane!                    The Movie                       $ 4.00
American Werewolf in London  Rick Baker Academy Award        $ 3.00
Atlantic City                Susan Sarandon                  $ 3.00
Blazing Saddles              The New Sherriff is....BONG     $ 4.00
Blues Brothers               Disk 2 Only                     $ 2.00
Bullitt                      McQueen, THE Car Chase          $ 3.00
Casablanca                   What to say?                    $ 5.00
Catch 22                     A Mike Nichols Film             $ 4.00
Creepshow                    The Movie                       $ 4.00
Dr. Zhivago                  Omar Shariff                  2 $ 4.00
Fire and Ice                 Ralp Bakshi, Animated Feature   $ 3.00
Fistful of Dollars, A        Eastwood                        $ 4.00
Goodbye Girl                 Marsha Mason/Drefus/Not bad!    $ 4.00
Good, The Bad, The Ugly      Leone                           $ 4.00
Gotcha                       That Guy From ER                $ 3.00
Graduate, The                Mike Nichols Film/Dustin Hoffman$ 4.00
Jailhouse Rock               Elvis, Great Condition          $10.00
Magnificent Seven, The       Disk 1 Only                     $ 2.00
Mickey's Christmas Carol     Front Taped                     $ 4.00
Natl Lampoons Vacation       Wally Moose Owes the Grizwalds! $ 4.00
On Golden Pond               Oscars for someone,or something $ 3.00
Postman Rings Twice          Lange/Nicholson...sweaty.       $ 4.00
Race for Your Life Charlie   Charlie Brown - Peanuts         $ 3.00
Raiders of the Lost Ark      Asps-Very Dangerous. U go First $ 4.00
Raging Bull                  DeNiro is...                  2 $ 8.00
Reds                         Warren Beatty                 2 $ 3.00
Rocky III, Mr. T!            Stereo                          $ 4.00
The Shining                  Kubrick/Nicholson/SCARY       2 $ 5.00
Star Trek                    The Motion Picture            2 $ 6.00
Star Trek II                 KAHNNNNN!!!!                  2 $ 5.00
They Call Me Mr. Tibbs!      Sidney Portier                  $ 4.00
Treasure Island              Walt Disney's                   $ 3.00
True Grit                    John Wayne                    2 $ 4.00
Winnie the Pooh              Many Adventures Of...           $ 2.50

These discs were renters or are cosmetically a bit wrinkley, 
mainly on the small end label or maybe these just aren't desirable 

Benji                                                      $2.00
Black Stallion,The                                         $2.00
Chariot's of Fire                                          $2.00
High Road to China                                         $2.00
Jane Fonda Workout                                         $2.00

Most Wanted:

1 Pee-wee's Big Adventure
2 Rosemary's Baby (2)
3 Warriors, The
4 King of Comedy, The
5 Hard Day's Night
6 I Spit On Your Grave
7 Breakin'
8 Beat Street
9 Breakfast Club, The*
10 We're All Devo*

Full Wanted list:  4-really really want, 3-really want, 2-might want,
                   1-only on a good day.


2  Academy Award Winners Animated Short Films {28485030794}
2  Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, The** {28485050563}
2  Alice's Restaurant {24543460190}
1  Amateur, The {24543114796}
1  American Alcoholic/Reading, Writing, and Reefer {76476012083}
2  Apartment, The [RCA] {76476014612}

2  Back to the Future*** {47897401961}
3  Bananas {76476014131}
3  Battlestar Galactica {47897190070}
2  Big Sleep, The {76476014292}
2  Body Double** {76476140342}
2  Boxcar Bertha {28485040380}
1  Breakfast at Tiffany's {76476006846}
3  Broadway Danny Rose {28485050419}


3  Caine Mutiny, The (2) {76476040406}
1  Clash of the Titans {74643760720}
3  Compleat Beatles, The* {74643821025}
2  Conan the Barbarian (2) {47897130083}
2  Conan the Destroyer {47897400797}

1  Day at the Races, A {74643755429}
1  Dillinger {28485040496}
1  Diner {74643837729}
2  Duck Soup {76476033163}
2  Duran Duran* {76476121723}


2  Eat to the Beat-- Blondie {76476020255}
2  European Vacation {25757115210}
2  Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex {76476014445}
1  Excalibur (2) {76476031459}


2  Flash Gordon*** {47897130069}
3  Fletch*** {47897401909}
2  Fright Night*** {76476140663}
1  Front, The {76476030605}


2  Game of Death {24543612490}
2  Gidget {76476040482}
2  Godfather, Part II, The (2) {76476006440}
2  Godzilla {28485030107}
2  Goonies, The** {25757114749}
2  Grapes of Wrath, The (2) {24543102496}


2  Hair** [CBS] {24543459392}
2  Hair** [RCA] {76476114404}
3  Hard Day's Night, A* {76476607012}
2  Helter Skelter {24543771395}
2  Hustler, The (2) {24543100690}


3  I Spit On Your Grave {28485000162}
2  Island of Dr. Moreau, The {28485040540}



3  King of Comedy, The {76476021702}
2  Kiss of the Spider Woman {42995900019}


1  La Boheme** {76476121556}
1  La Traviata*** {47897400483}
2  Last Detail, The {76476030940}
2  Last Tango in Paris {76476014476}


2  Mad Max {28485040304}
2  Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome** {25757115197}
2  Man With the Golden Arm, The {24543610199}
3  Manhattan {76476014834}
2  Mechanic, The {24543468592}
3  Midnight Cowboy {76476014858}
1  Misfits, The [RCA] {76476014872}


2  Natural, The (2)** {76476140144}
2  Nutty Professor, The {76476036218}


2  Obsession {76476030827}
2  On the Waterfront {76476040079}
2  Once Upon A Time In America (2) {25757200190}


4  Pee-wee's Big Adventure** {25757115234}
2  Phantasm {76476008062}
2  Pink Floyd at Pompeii* {76476120610}
2  Pink Floyd The Wall** {27616102683}

Anyone of these for novelties sake would probably suffice!

2  Playboy Playmate Review* {24543625599}
2  Playboy Playmate Review 2* {24543674072}
2  Playboy Playmate Workout* {24543637394}
2  Playboy Video Magazine, Vol. 5* {24543620594}
2  Playboy Video, Vol. 1* {24543620198}
2  Playboy Video, Vol. 2* {24543620297}
2  Playboy Video, Vol. 3* {24543620396}
2  Playboy Video, Vol. 4* {24543620495}

2  Public Enemy {76476014582}


2  Queen Greatest Flix* {76476121365}


2  Rebel Without A Cause {76476031091}
2  Rio Bravo (2) {76476031558}
3  Road Warrior, The** {25757111816}
2  Rodan {28485030138}
3  Rollerball {24543455998}
4  Rosemary's Baby (2) {76476006211}


2  Saturday Night Live, Vol. 1: George Carlin/Steve Martin 
2  Saturday Night Live, Vol. 2: Richard Pryor/Steve Martin 
2  Scanners {42995208061}
2  Serpico (2) {76476006518}


2  Take the Money and Run {24543800798}
2  Taming of the Shrew {76476030292}
2  Terror in The Aisles {47897401268}
2  Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The {28485000346}
2  Tubes Video, The* {76476121419}



2  Valley Girl {28485050167}


2  War of the Worlds, The {76476006297}
2  Warlords of the Twenty-First Century {42995400267}
3  Warriors, The {37757011225}
2  Weird Science*** {47897402005}
2  What's Up, Tiger Lilly? {28485040182}
2  Wizard of Oz, The [1939] {74643713528}



2  Year of the Dragon (2) {27616107138}


2  Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars* {76476121761}

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Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 13:41:21 -0500 (EST)
From: return
To: Tom Howe <>
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 2 No. 51

   We'll If I recall correctly, The Digest intent and purpose statement
header in the Digest format states that the Digest is for the use of
CED'ers to Buy, Sell, Trade, and get Technical and Repair advice.
     Just because the Digest will not contain everything I would
personally would like to see "Discussed" or talked about, I myself will
not give Ultimatums, or Threats like some people on this page say, for
instance and I  quote, "If I read one more posting asking for "MIB" on
C.E.D. I'll quit subscribing to the C.E.D. Digest".  Ofcourse, If some
party's feel it causes them such "Anxiety" maybe they shouldn't subscribe.
     I do wonder this however? "Where are all the people at right now who
got all this started at??? I only see other persons who did not get the
issue or subject started raking it throught the Coals. It seems the
persons who got this started are no where to be found at the moment??
     Some also point out other tastes and Preferences of what they
consider something worth bringing back, for example, "I would Like to
start the committe to bring back the Ford Edsel".
 As for the Ford Edsel, It falls victum to the same difficulties as the
C.E.D. format and that is,  "How do you get something repaired with it,
when it breaks down?".  Which brings me to my posting for this Digest::
    So, lets start out with one of the things that Tom intended the Page
to be used for:  Repair and Technical advice;
  -Question No.#1 
       Tom, when a J-series player has a picture that shakes Horizonatlly
(picture jitter) is it realated to the motor under the plater?? another
words is that problem solved by replacing the coil assembly under the base
underneath??? is this achieved by replacing that assembly, or is there an
electronic adjustment on the Mother Board??

  Technical Question No.#2  Tom, what causes a picture on a J-series Model
to fold near the top of the picture? where it gets kinda white tinted in
the picture and the picture twists and distrots?? and inaddition to that
the Stepper motor which advances the Play Arm alternates between trying to
run forward and reverse back unable to make up its mind as to which
direction to advance the Player Arm???

   I figured that these questions fall within the scope of the intent of
the Digest.
    See guys, this is something that is important to know for your "DEAD
COLLECTIONS  as you guys put it so well in your e-mails.  The only point
your over looking is that if your machines Die then Your collection will
REALLY BE DEAD THEN! as you put it so well.

  So, using this as a "Start Back in the Right Direction" as you guys put
it, We can get some tech Advice.



From: "Kathy K Whitfield"
To: <>
Subject: Lubricant
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 21:43:16 -0800

     I was curious what  David Potochick was referring to when he said he
was testing his  Benji CED to see how long it would play without lubricant.
What lubricant  is he talking about? Am I supposed to be using lubricant on
my  CED's? I'd appreciate more information on the lubricant and what purpose 
it's supposed to serve. Thanks, George

Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 02:32:30 -0800 (PST)
From: Jesse Skeen
To: Tom Howe <>
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 2 No. 51

I just gotta say to the guy testing the "Benji" disc- I don't think I 
could stand watching it that many times!! The one time I watched mine it 
was fun to look at the 70's stuff, and the bad pan-and-scan job from the 
1.85 frame, and the smearing. I could watch it one more time soon, but 
not much more unless someone gives me a list of mistakes or inside jokes 
in the film or stuff like that.
BTW have you ever seen the original transfer of "Network"? I have it on 
both VHS and CED and it's got "SMEAR" written all over it!! So much it's 
hard to watch the movie! It runs a few minutes over 2 hours, and the 
currently available laserdisc is on 2 discs (Thanks MGM for having mercy 
on fans of this movie and re-doing the transfer!) The CED however is a 
single disc and is time-compressed (master run at slightly faster speed) 
not only to fit on one disc, but also to make room for 3 "previews" at 
the end- the only time I've seen previews on a CED movie! For those 
curious, it has this cheesy music with the words "Also available from 
MGM/CBS Video" and has what looks like a trailer for a "Wizard of Oz" 
reissue, and very short spots for "2001" and "Fame", I'm certain "Fame" 
is a TV commercial but not sure about 2001, it's only about 15 seconds.

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 10:54:40 -0800
From: Tom Howe 
Subject: New  RCA VideoDisc Classifieds  URL

Hello All:

If you have had the RCA VideoDisc Classifieds bookmarked, the old URL now takes
you to a generic page instead of the specific VideoDisc classified page. The
EPage Classified Service had a disk crash, and required the affected categories
to be recreated.  Here's the new URL, which can also be loaded from

Any classifieds that were at the site when the crash occurred will need to be
placed again. More details on the crash can be found at this URL:

--Tom Howe

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 10:20:33 -0700
To: Tom Howe <>
From: "Marlin Bates, IV"
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 2 No. 51

Hello all,

First off - Hapy Holidays.

Second - I have been getting a large number of requests for "Dot and the
Kangaroo" by people who have no idea what CEDs are and I am curious as to

Any one have any answers?  Also, if I made VHS copies of these for these
people what holy legal hell would I be getting myself into?



---***     Videos, VWs, & Video games...sad and pathetic but social
---***     Marlin Bates, owner: '69 VW Westfalia Bus aka Lazarus
---***     XL/XE: 236/ Lynx: 80/ Jag: 58/ Sega: 89/ CED: 1197/ TG:70/ 3DO: 43
--*-*-*    Always looking for RCA VideoDisks (aka CED)
-*--*--*   Web Page:

From: "Daniel P. Cayea"
To: "Tom Howe" <>
Subject: CED Player Search
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 14:48:10 -0500

Telecom Technologies Incorporated is in  search of a RCA Series 400 Interactive
Player for use in the National  Capacitance Disc Library.Telecom is taking bids
on this item, seeking  the lowest bid, Please send your bids to or USPS  to:
 Telecom Technologies Incorporated NCDL Player Bids 2841 First Street Lyon
Mountain, New York 12952-0090  Thanks!

From: "Daniel P. Cayea"
To: "Tom Howe" <>
Subject: Defunct Player Search
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 18:29:40 -0500

     Telecom Technologies Incorporated is in search of  non-working CED Players
for the NCDL. If you have a non-working or  malfunctioning player, please
consider donating to the NCDL. Telecom  Technologies will reimburse all those
who wish send their defunct  players.In specific Telecom is in search of
players in physically  good shape that are not functional, any manufacture or
model accepted. If  you have defunct players and would consider giving them
please send an email  to:<>
with  Defunct CED Player Bid in the subject line.  All and any help and
donates are appreciated.  Sincerely D P Cayea T T I  On another note I would
like to pay tribue to Bill  Majerowicz for his donation to the NCDL.


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