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CED Digest Vol. 2 No. 49  •  12/6/1997


Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 12:45:20 -0600
From: David Potochick 
Subject:  Ridiculous.........

Can somebody talk about something other than reviving the CED??? This
is getting ridiculous. We all know why the CED failed and why they will
never start making CED's again..... Geeez.... Whatever happened to the
good old days when people had discs to sell???? C'mon people this is
turning into something similiar to the DAT group I subscribed to.... After a
while all people wanted to do was create and sell bootleg tapes and not
talk about the technology anymore...... 

Here's my idea..... Let's keep the CED a real collectors item that only a
few people have..... Then the value of the CED can go up and we can all
sell our units to get new DVD or LD players...... Yah!!!!  Meanwhile make
VHS backup copies of your CED's to watch......... 



Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 17:08:42 -0500 (EST)
From: return 
To: Tom Howe <>
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 2 No. 48

"RCA Selecta Vision  Technical and Support Center."

 1-800-FIX-CED TECH's

 CED Machine Service Repair:
 Positions open:  Looking for Retired Knowledgable Ex-RCA trained
 Service Personnel.  Great Position for Retired (or anyone-quilified)
 Service Technicans for service and repair work on all RCA model Selecta
 Vision PLayers. Great way to Earn Money in your spare time. Hours are         
 Completely Flexible. Also, Technical Support Telephone line position
 Open for Tech. support for Current RCA Selectavision Machine Owners.

  Well, O.K. Guys what do you think????  Everyone pls feel Free to Join in
on this project with your suggestions, input, and good Ideas to help make
this a working service, that our Community needs.
     Come on Guys help me out.  I know there are a lot of smart people out
there who read this Digest.  Lets work at making this a working reality.
It can't be that difficult.  If someone like me can have this much
confidence and Vision, Surly all of you smarter people out there can

  Lets do this for each other and for ourselves too.

 It does not have to be a mutli-million dallor project!
 I know that some of you out there have been to college, Come on! there's
got to be some Management, Accounting, Business, and assorted Majors out
there that are good with this stuff.

Lets get those Good Ideas going !!

"To the "Real" Future and Survival of the Remaining American Homes of RCA
Selectavision populace"

From: "Daniel P. Cayea" 
To: "Tom Howe" <>
Subject: The CED Future
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 15:39:57 -0500

     The CED Future: December 1997 NSF Grant  There is some good news finally
for the possible restoration  of our obsolete and nostalgic media. I have
applied for a grant >from the  National Science Foundation. The project, to
see if it would be possible  to enhance CED in it's current state using the
technology today. I ask one  small from those with any technological know how
(preferably technicians),  before any money will be sent, the NSF wants to
know what equipment will be  required. I need to know what equipment will be
required for the following  fields:  Stylus Remanufacture for RCA SJT-100, 300
Series  Players Disc Stamping Press and  Manufacture  To go along with my own
list, I need acurate and serious  items. Hopefully we will make some real
progress.  Thanks Dan Cayea TTI    *This message authenticated and
originated from  Telecom Technologies Headquarters. TTI is located in Lyon
Mountain, New York USA  (Authenticated 2841-0090) Unauthorized use of this
signature is  prohibited)

Date: Sat, 06 Dec 1997 05:38:49 -0800
From: Tom Howe
Subject: RE: Stylus Cartridge Manufacture

The diamond tip of the CED stylus will probably be the most difficult obstacle
to overcome in re-introducing the production of stylus cartridges. Here's a
summary of the steps involved in its manufacture:

1) From natural diamond, prepare .025 x .025 x .2 cm stylus blanks.
2) Polish a flat face on the blank for electrode deposition.
3) Clean the blank in a hot oxidizing acid bath.
4) Rinse in high purity deionized water.
5) Atomically clean by baking in a near vacuum at 1300 deg. C.
6) Sputter titanium on the polished face in pure argon at a power density of
60,000 watts per square meter.
7) Fashion the tip into the proper shape by running it around a keel-lapping
8) Cut a 140 degree angle into the tip by running it around another lapping

RCA had to invent the oven in step (5), as no vacuum oven capable of that
temperature had ever before been needed. The lapping discs in the last two steps
were something like a coarse VideoDisc with a uniform groove, and had their own
unique mastering process. 

RCA was issued a number of patents regarding stylus design, some of which
weren't filed until 1984. These ones will still be valid until 2004, and would
presently be owned by GE or Thomson. The full patent descriptions are public
documents that will be available at libraries with large government document
sections. Here's a listing by patent number:

4,597,646 Apparatus for positioning a stylus
4,587,570 Stylus kicker having kick energy minimization means 
4,574,306 Apparatus and method for automatically measuring the shoe-length
of a video disc stylus 
4,561,215 Stylus lapping control
4,560,853 Positioning and bonding a diamond to a stylus shank
4,557,040 Alignment and insertion apparatus for an information-containing
disc stylus
4,536,238 Method and apparatus for aligning a chuck for holding an
information containing disc stylus
4,532,737 Method for lapping diamond
4,516,232 Video disc player with compensation for stylus holder mechanical
4,513,410 Pickup cartridge having stylus holder
4,504,941 Stylus cartridge having stylus arm restraint
4,502,135 Pickup cartridge having improved stylus flylead
4,501,063 Stylus arm insertion apparatus
4,490,945 Stylus manufacturing apparatus and method
4,488,285 Stylus lifter locking mechanism for video disc player
4,486,872 In-arm stylus cleaner for disc record player
4,466,555 Jig for use in machining stylus blanks
4,464,742 Stylus cleaner pad orientation in disc record player
4,450,548 Disc record player having stylus cleaner
4,443,871 Stylus lowering, lifting and cleaning apparatus
4,442,517 Stylus protecting mechanism for video disc player
4,441,176 Damping mechanism for a video disc stylus holder
4,440,604 Method for the manufacture of lapping disc for forming keels on
videodisc styli
4,439,855 Capacitive playback stylus
4,439,854 Video disc stylus
4,439,853 Capacitive playback stylus
4,433,794 Jig for machining stylus blanks
4,429,678 Cutting stylus for mechanically cutting masters for keel-lapping
4,429,376 Video disc stylus deflector system
4,423,500 Stylus lifting/lowering actuator with air damping
4,419,848 Method and apparatus for rotating a stylus during lapping
4,418,408 Stylus arm for video disc player
4,418,407 Video disc pickup stylus
4,417,423 Stylus manufacturing method
4,412,319 Video disc player with self calibrating stylus translator
4,408,315 Video disc player having stylus cleaning apparatus
4,406,381 Stylus dispensing apparatus and method
4,404,669 Stylus assembly
4,403,453 Stylus coning fixture
4,400,806 Pickup arm suspension for video disc cartridge
4,393,487 Stylus cartridge
4,391,696 Method and apparatus for holding styli
4,388,714 Technique for uniform stylus configuration
4,387,540 Method of forming reference flats on styli
4,382,292 Video disc player having stylus position sensing apparatus
4,375,095 Method and apparatus for testing styli
4,374,434 Video disc stylus cartridge with protective member
4,370,739 Spinel video disc playback stylus
4,369,604 Method for mechanically preparing stylus lapping discs
4,366,563 Video disc stylus suspension apparatus
4,365,447 Apparatus and method for sharpening a cutting stylus
4,364,121 Pickup cartridge for video disc player
4,363,117 Video disc with dynamic stylus cleaning
4,358,841 Video disc player having stylus protecting apparatus
4,355,382 Apparatus for sharpening a cutting stylus
4,344,166 Driver arrangement for stylus lifting/lowering apparatus
4,342,394 Removable protective cover for a video disc stylus cartridge
4,341,437 Stylus tip positioning technique
4,340,956 Minimum tracking force stylus
4,340,954 Stylus tip fabrication from a synthetic diamond stone
4,337,536 Flylead for a video disc stylus cartridge
4,330,915 Technique for uniform stylus configuration
4,330,881 Video disc apparatus for clearing foreign matter from the signal
pickup stylus during playback
4,330,879 Adaptive stylus kicker using disc track and disc sector
4,327,434 Video disc stylus position sensor system
4,320,491 Apparatus for video disc stylus electrode reconditioning
4,320,490 Video disc cartridge having a self retaining electrode
4,320,487 Video disc stylus control apparatus
4,315,358 Method for the manufacture of capacitive pickup styli
4,313,189 Stylus position sensor for video disc player apparatus
4,310,913 Stylus tracking aid using two bimorph elements longitudinally
4,307,418 Video disc player system for correlating stylus position with
information previously detected from disc
4,297,312 Method for preparing stylus lapping discs
4,296,371 System for measuring stylus shoe length
4,296,144 Ion implanted stylus
4,287,689 Method for improving the quality of low frequency output of a
video disc pickup stylus
4,285,524 Stylus cleaning apparatus for video disc player
4,282,311 Method for fabricating flyleads for video disc styli
4,280,024 Selectively damped video disc stylus assembly
4,280,023 Stylus position sensing apparatus for video disc player
4,266,785 Stylus lifting/lowering actuator with improved electromagnetic
4,256,311 Video disc stylus retractor
4,176,378 Signal pickup arm lifting/lowering and groove skipper apparatus
4,165,560 Method for manufacturing a diamond stylus for video disc players
4,162,510 Keel-tipped stylus for video disc systems
4,152,641 Method and apparatus for the determination of signal pickup
qualities of a stylus of a capacitive disc video
4,145,718 Video disc pickup with preplay stylus
4,128,247 Stylus position control system
4,124,867 Narrowed-electrode pickup stylus for video disc systems
4,104,832 Method for forming keel-tipped stylus for video disc systems
4,098,030 Method for forming a narrowed-electrode pickup stylus for video
disc systems
4,077,050 Video disc player employing a spring loaded stylus apparatus
4,059,277 Stylus arm lifting/lowering apparatus for a video disc player
4,053,161 Stylus arm lifting/lowering apparatus for a video disc player
4,049,280 Pickup cartridge
4,046,384 Stylus cleaning system for disc record player
4,040,635 Releasable stylus arm magnetic coupling
4,038,682 Video disc player apparatus for establishing electrical connection
between a stylus electrode and a signal processing circuit
4,031,546 Disc player and stylus therefor
4,030,124 Video disc playback system and pickup cartridge therefor
4,030,123 Stylus adjustment apparatus for a video disc player
4,013,830 Video disc stylus
3,952,147 Pickup arm cartridge
3,952,145 Pickup arm cartridge apparatus


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