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CED Digest Vol. 2 No. 33  •  8/16/1997


Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 15:06:56 -0400
From: donald baraf

I have 5 RCA VideoDisc players.

I also have 400 discs.

None of the players work.  The discs are OK and have the usual glitches.

My wife says that the discs are the best collection of movies that I
have.  So I really need to get at least one of the "400" model machines

I also have a new "400" needle that I bought in the waning days of CED.

The main problems are (i)the machine will not "bight" the disc and
engage and (ii)the transport will not take the disc in.

Is there someone in the NY area who still know how to feed and care for
these cute dinosaurs?

Early adopters unite.  You have nothing to lose but your money!

Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 16:43:31 -0500
Subject: RE:CED Digest Vol. 2 No. 32

Since things seem kind of slow I'd like to open a topic for reader's
discussion.  Which films do you think look better in CED than any other format?
Two that I would like to nominate are:
"The Quiet Man" (Republic's "digital" [expensive] anniversary edition on laser
looks dreadful.  The colors are oversaturated and run together, while the CED
looks very nice.
"To Be or Not To Be" (The Benny/Lombard/Lubitsch version).  VHS copies seem to
have been mastered from 16mm prints while the CED is sharp and clear.

Other films that looked terrible on laser originally (until they were replaced
with better transfers) include: "The Thing" (1951) and "She Wore a Yellow
Ribbon" (Pioneer definitely reproduced them from scratchy, incomplete 16mm
prints); "The Searchers" and "The Wild Bunch" (current letterboxed laser
editions are fantastic, but the pan & scans that were available for years did
not do their sources justice--and don't forget, it was RCA & CED that
originally restored "The Wild Bunch" to its director's cut).

Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 22:12:11 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: subscribe

i'd like to subcribe to your video disk thing,,,,i went 
to the thrift store to buy a cool VideoDisk that i had seen there on 
friday,,,,, when i got there,,they were gone! someone had bought them 
all.. hell! i have bad luck I want to cry now,,, 

Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 20:32:18 -0700
From: Neil Wagner
To: CED Digest <>
Subject: Re: Frozen Image in Tron

WAY BACK ON Thu, 05 Dec 1996, Tom Howe wrote:

>I noticed on side 2 of the movie Tron there is a mastering error where >the
same image remains on screen for over a second, when it should >exhibit rapid
motion.  This occurs at 25 min. 26 sec. into side 2 just >as Tron kneels down
to assist Flynn.  I'm wondering if this occurs on >all Tron CED's, or if RCA
remastered the disc to correct the error.

I can now confirm that the same 'stutter' exists on my copy of the
movie.  Pretty goofy.  Don't have the movie on any other format, so
I don't know if it's unique to the CED.

>While you're looking for this, check out a couple of interesting Easter >Eggs
the Disney film makers snuck into this movie. On side 2 from 21:45 >to 21:48 a
likeness of Mickey Mouse can be seen on the terrain below >the Solar Sailer,
and on side 1 from 45:58 to 46:05 the music from the >arcade game Pac-Man can
be heard as Sark is shouting "Get Them!. On >the letterboxed LaserDisc a small
Pac-Man can also be seen on Sark's >display terminal, but this is cut off on
the Pan-and-Scan CED.

Man, I hate pan & scan.  Both easter eggs are ones you really gotta
be intent on finding.  I still don't hear the Pac-Man sounds.   :)

Neil -

Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 20:36:42 -0700
From: Neil Wagner
To: CED Digest <>
Subject: Letterboxed CED's

Just wondering which CEDs were released in the letterbox format
besides the few that are mentioned in the CED FAQ.  Anyone?
(See my previous message for my opinion of pan & scan.)

Neil -

Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 15:42:30 -0700
From: (Edward Sandquist)
Subject: Ed Sandquist


3 Single C.E.D. discs are on sale for $10 plus
$2 postage for each disc ordered. Double discs are on
sale for $5 each plus $2 for shipping for each disc

The titles are as follows:
The Jazz Singer
For a Few Dollars More (Double Disc Set)
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break
Dirty Harry
Dressed to Kill
One to One
Jaws II
Paths of Glory
Charge of the Light Brigade
Suddenly Last Summer
My Favorite Year
Vice Squad
Dark Victory
An American Werewolf in London
Halloween II
Adventures of Robin Hood
12 Angry Men
Petrified Forest
Psycho II
Night Porter
Autobiography of Jane Pittman
Graduation Day
Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean
Verdict (Double Disc Set)
Airport (Double Disc Set)
Godfather Part II, (Double Disc Set)
Friday the 13th, Final Chapter
Goldiggers of 1933
Silent Rage 
Jaws 3
Viva Las Vegas
Towering Inferno (Double Disc Set)
Duck Soup
That's Entertainment
Prince and the Pauper
Air Force
White Heat
Mirror Crack'd
Hang'em High
Pride and the Passion (Double Disc Set)
To Sir with Love
Footlight Parade
Robin and Marion
National Lampoon's European Vacation

Send your orders to: ED SANDQUIST
                     713 Morondo Ave
                     Ajo, Arizona 85321

                     Phone 520 387-4204
           Please note my new E-mail address.)        

Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 20:58:40 -0700
From: Neil Wagner
To: CED Digest <>
Subject: WANTED:  "The Kids Are Alright"

Subject line says it all.  I want to buy the CED of "The Kids Are
Alright."  Anyone selling?

Neil -

From: TerryTC1
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 17:17:40 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Worst side break

A discussion previously about poor side breaks leads me to a movie I recently
watched 2001 A Space Odyssey.  The side break between one and two occurs in
the middle of the ship landing on the moon in the middle of the "Blue Danube"
when the next scene is in the meeting room and would have been the perfect
place for a side break.  In addition the side is only 36 minutes long and the
laser disc of the same vintage has the break as they are flying to the
monolith 12 min later and is also a good place for a break. Even more
unusual.  The ending crescendo of the "Blue Danube" ends before the meeting
scene in the original laserdisc version, the Criterion version, the
letterboxed version, and the anniversary CAV version.  In the CED version
(mono) the music is still ending as the photographer takes pictures.
Speaking of sound abnormalities.  In "The Seven Year Itch"  the syncing of
the voices to the characters speaking is all messed up especially in the
opening scene in the train station
Just some musings....

From: "Zach D."
To: Tom Howe <>
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997 17:13:24 -0500
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 2 No. 32

---- CED Digest Entry ----

Let's make a deal people!  I need to sell some of  these, if you want 
to take more than a few I'll cut a better deal - I've already dropped 
prices some.

Also,  check my want list and we can trade as well..
Thanks for looking... Zach D.

2001:  A Space Odyssey       Disk 2 Only                     $ 2.00
Adam and the Ants.           Stereo, Great Shape             $ 6.00
And God Created Woman        Brigitte Bardot                 $ 4.00
Airplane!                    The Movie                       $ 4.00
Baffled                      Starring Leonard Nimoy!         $ 4.00
Barbarella                   Jane Fonda                      $ 5.00
Black Stallion, The                                          $ 3.00
Blues Brothers               Disk 2 Only                     $ 2.00
Body Double                  Stereo, By Brian DePalma        $ 5.00
Bullitt                      McQueen, THE Car Chase          $ 3.00
Catch 22                     A Mike Nichols Film             $ 4.00
Coming Home                  Jane Fonda/Peter Voight       2 $ 3.00
Commando                     Schwarezeneger, Stereo          $ 5.00
Creepshow                    The Movie                       $ 4.00
Disney LGE Silly Symphonies  Limited Gold Edition            $ 5.00
Disney Cartoon Parade Vol 2                                  $ 5.00
Disney Cartoon Parade Vol 4                                  $ 5.00
Disney Cartoon Parade Vol 5                                  $ 5.00
Dr. Zhivago                                                2 $ 4.00
Dracula                      Original Version                $ 3.00
Emmanuelle                   Soft Core Classic               $ 4.00
Empire Strikes Back, The                                     $ 5.00
Fistful of Dollars, A        Eastwood                        $ 4.00
Ghost Busters                Stereo, Who You Gonna Call?     $ 5.00
Gotcha                       That Guy From ER                $ 3.00
Graduate, The                Mike Nichols Film/Dustin Hoffman$ 4.00
Gremlins                     Stereo                          $ 5.00
Heaven Can Wait              Warren Beatty                   $ 3.00
Jesus of the Nazareth        4 Disk Set! Ziffereli Classic   4 $10.00
Klute                        Jane Fonda Oscar Performance    $ 4.00
Loving Couples               Susan Sarandon                  $ 3.00
Magnificent Seven, The       Disk 1 Only                     $ 2.00
Megaforce                    Cheesey Tour De Force           $ 3.50
Monty Python & the Holy Grail   Bring Out Your Dead!         $ 5.00
Odd Couple, The              O.G. - Original Grumpies        $ 4.00
Oh, God!                     George Burns                    $ 3.00
Owl and the Pussycat         Streisand/George Segal          $ 3.00
Patton                       George C. Scott is...         2 $ 4.00
Planet of the Apes           Damn, Dirty Apes!               $ 5.00
Psycho                       Hitch                           $ 4.00
Purple Rain                  Warner Stereo Disk              $ 5.00
Raging Bull                  DeNiro is...                  2 $ 8.00
Reds                         Warren Beatty                 2 $ 3.00
Seven Year Itch, The         Marylin, Classic Pose on Case!  $ 6.00
Splash                       Stereo/Hanks and Hannah         $ 5.00
Star is Born, A              Streisand/Kristoferson          $ 3.00
Star Wars                                                    $ 5.00
Super Box XIV                Steelers VS. Rams               $ 4.00
++++Teddy Pendergrass in London                              $ 4.00
They Call Me Mr. Tibbs!      Sydeny Portier                  $ 4.00
Time Machine, The                                            $ 4.00
Treasure Island                                              $ 3.00
Wild Bunch, The              Peckinpaw Classic             2 $ 5.00

This batch is in great condition:

Casablanca                                                   $ 5.00
Clarence Darrow - Henry Fonda                                $ 5.00
Cousin Cousine                                               $ 4.00
Henry V - Larence Olivier                                    $ 5.00
Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley                               $10.00
Reefer Madness - Cult Classic                                $ 6.00
Rocky III, Mr. T!                                            $ 4.00
Simon and Garfunkle - Conert in the Park                     $ 7.00
Trading Places - Eddie Murphy, Dan Akroyd                    $ 4.00
Who's Afraid of Opera - Shrinkwrapped                        $ 5.00
These discs were renters. Many are cosmetically a bit wrinkley, 
mainly on the small end label.

Atlantic City                                              $3.00
Atlantic City                                              $3.00
Benji                                                      $3.00
Black Stallion,The                                         $3.00
Catch 22                                                   $3.00
Chariot's of Fire                                          $3.00
Fast Times at Ridgemont High                               $3.00
Flashdance                                                 $3.00
High Road to China                                         $3.00
Jane Fonda Workout                                         $3.50
Lawrence of Arabia                                         $4.00
Logan's Run                                                $5.00
Mr. Mom                                                    $3.00
Officer and a Gentleman                                    $3.00
Raiders of the Lost Arc                                    $3.00
Silkwood                                                   $3.00
War Games                                                  $3.00
Watership Down                                             $4.00
Young Frankenstein                                         $3.00

These I can get:  $4-$5  - depending on how many you want!

12 O'clock High
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
3 Days Of The Condor
3 Stooges Vol I
48 Hours
48 Hours
9 To 5
9 To 5
Abscence Of Malice
Abscense Of Malice
Adventures Of Robin Hood, The
Against All Odds
Airplane II
Airplane II
Alamo, The
Alamo, The
American Gigolo
American Warewolf In London
Amityville Horror, The
Amityville II
And Justic For All
And Justic For All
Anderson Tapes, The
Angel Of H.E.A.T.
Annie (?) 2
Any Which Way You Can
Apple Dumpling Gang, The
Apple Dumpling Gang, The
Arsenic And Old Lace
Back Roads
Bad News Bears
Bad News Bears
Barbarosa ?
Barefoot Contessa 2
Barry Manillow
Beach Girls
Bears And I
Beast Within, The
Beauty And The Beast
Best Friends
Best Little Whore House In Texas
Big Bad Mamma
Big Chill
Blame It On Rio
Blazing Saddles
Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon, The
Blue Thunder
Blue Thunder
Bob, Carol, Ted And Alice
Body Double
Born Free
Bounty, The 2?
Boys From Brazil, The
Breaking Away
Bronco Billy
Buddy Buddy
Buddy Buddy
Bugs Bunny/road Runner Movie, The
Bullwinkle & Rocky & Friends, Vol. 2 (?)
Bullwinkle And Rocky Vol II
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid
Caddy Shack
Cannery Row
Cat Ballou
Cat People
Catch 22
Change Of Season
Changeling, The
Charlie Brown Festival, A
Charlie Brown Festival, Vol. 3
Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web
Cheech And Chong Nice Dreams
Cheech And Chong Nice Dreams
China Town
Clash Of The Titans
Cloak And Dagger
Cold River
Come A Horseman
Coming Home
Coming Home
Coming Home 2
Connonball Run, The
Crimes Of Passion
Cross Creek
D.c. Cab
Dark Crystal, The
Dark Victory
Dead Zone, The
Death Hunt
Death Wish ?
Deep, The
Defiant Ones, The
Devil And Daniel Mouse, The
Dial M For Murder
Diamonds Are Forever
Dirty Dozen
Dirty Dozen, The
Dirty Harry
Doctor Detroit
Doctor Doolittle
Doctor Doolittle 2
Doctor No
Doctor Zhivago 2
Domino Principle, The
Don't Look Now
Dot And The Bunny
Dragon Slayer
Dressed To Kill
Dressed To Kill
Duchess And The Dirkwater Fox, The
Easy Money
Educating Rita
Educating Rita
Electric Horseman, The
Escape To Witch Mountain
Eye Witness
Eyes Of Laura Marrs
Final Conflict, The
First Blood
Fistfull Of Dollars
Fog, The
Footloose (Close Captioned)
For Your Eyes Only
For Your Eyes Only
Fort Apache, The Bronx
Four Musketeers, The
Four Seasons, The
French Lieutenant's Woman, The
>From Russia With Love
Gandhi 2
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Going Berserk
Going Berserk
Golden Bug, The (Not Full Title)
Golden Pond
Goldilocks And The Three Bears (Ftt)
Goodbye Girl, The
Gorky Park
Gorky Park
Graduate, The
Graduation Day
Great Escape 2
Great Escape, The 2
Great Locomotive Chase, The (?)
Great Show On Earth, The
Great Space Coaster, The
Greatest Show On Earth, The 2
Greatest Show On Earth, The 2
Green Berets, The
Green Berets, The
Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan 2
Gulliver's Travels
Guns Of The Navarone 2
Guns Of The Navarone 2
Haloween Iii
Hansel And Gretel
He Knows You're Alone
He Knows Your Alone
Heaven Can Wait
Herbie Rides Again
Herbie Rides Again
History Of The World, Part 1
Hobbit, The
Hospital Massacre
Hotel New Hampshire
How To Beat The High Cost Of Living
Huckleberry Finn (Adventures Of?)
In Praise Of Older Women
In-laws, The
Incubus, The
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers [1956]
Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers (Newer Version)
Invitation To A Gunfighter
It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World 2
Jack And The Beanstalk (Ftt)
Jagged Edge
Jane Fonda Workout
Jason And The Argonauts
Jaws 3-D
Jaws II
Journey To The Center Of The Earth
Kelly's Heroes
Kelly's Heroes
Kelly's Heroes
Kelly's Heroes
King Creole (Elvis)
King Kong 2
Kiss Me Goodbye
Kiss Me Goodbye
Kramer Vs. Kramer
Lady Chatterly's Lover
Lassie Rescue Rangers
Liar's Moon
Lion, Witch, And The Wardrobe, The
Little Red Riding Hood (Ftt)
Live And Let Die
Lonely Guy
Long Goodbye
Longest Yard, The
Longest Yard, The
Love At The Greek
Love Bug
Magic Pony, The
Magnum Force
Making Michael Jackson's Thriller
Man Who (Loved Women, Would Be King, Came To Diner!)?
Man With The Golden Arm
Man With Two Brains
Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh, The
Max Dugan Returns
Max Dugan Returns
Mechanic, The
Meet Me In Saint Louis
Midnight Cowboy
Moby Dick
Modern Problems
Modern Problems
Modern Problems
Moon Is Blue, The
Moon Raker 2
Moses 2
Mr. Mom
Muppet Movie, The
Murder By Death
My Tutor
My Tutor (?)
Mysterious Island, The
National Lampoon's Vacation
Never Cry Wolf
Never Say Never Again
Never Say Never Again 2
Night Games
Night Shift
Night Shift, The
Nightingale (Ftt)
Norma Rae
Odd Couple
Odd Couple, The
Old Yeller
Old Yeller
Omen, The
On Her Majesty's Secret Service 2
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest 2
Pappilon (?)
Pennies From Heaven
Pink Panther Strikes
Pink Panther, The
Places In The Heart
Police Academy
Pollyanna 2
Popeye Cartoons: Vol I
Porky's Ii: The Next Day
Princess And The Pea (Ftt)
Psycho II
Pyscho II
Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Rainbow Brite And The (??)
Rear Window
Reds 2
Return Of The King
Return Of The Pink Panther
Revenge Of The Pink Panther
Rich And Famous
Rich And Famous
Richard Pryor Live
Rio Bravo
Rio Bravo
Risky Business
Risky Business
Road Games
Robin Hood
Rocky II
Rocky Iii
Romancing The Stone
Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea
Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea, The
Sands Of Iwo Jima
Savanah Smiles
Savanah Smiles
Scarface 2
Sea Wolves
Secret Of Nimh
Seduction, The
Seems Like Old Times
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
Shaggy Dog
Shane 2
Sharky's Machine
Shining, The
Shoot The Moon
Shootist, The
Silent Partner, The
Silver Streak
Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger
Slave Of The Cannibal God
Sleeping Beauty
Slumber Party '57
Smokey And The Bandit
Smokey And The Bandit
Smurf's Magic Flute
Snowy River
Soldier's Story, A
Some Like It Hot
Songs Of Katy Elder
Sons Of Katy Elder
Sophie's Choice
Sophie's Choice
Sororiety Row
Sound Of Music 2
South Pacific
Spiral Staircae, The
Spy Who Loved Me, The
Star Chamber, The
Sting, The 2
Stir Crazy
Stir Crazy
Strange Behavior
Stranger Is Watching, A
Stroker Ace
Sudden Impact
Sunshine Boys, The
Superman II 2
Superman Iii 2
Superman The Movie 2
Superman The Movie 2
Swamp Thing
Swing Shift
Sybil 2
Table For 5
Tales From Muppetland (Emmet Otter's Jug Band X-mas)
Ten Commandments, The
Tender Mercies
Terms Of Endearment 2
That Championship Season
The Shoot Horses Don't They?
They All Laughed
They Call Me Mr. Tibbs
Thing, The
Things Are Tough All Over
Things Are Tough All Over
Three Stooges Videodisc, Vol. 2, The
Thumbelina (Ftt)
Thunderball 2
To Be Or Not To Be
Towering Inferno
Toy, The
Toy, Thew
Trading Places
Trading Places
True Grit
True Grit
Twelve O'clock High 2
Twilight Zone The Movie
Unfaithfully Yours
Urban Cowboy 2
Verdict, The
Verdict, The 2
Vertigo 2
Victor Victoria
View To A Kill
View To A Kill
Watership Down
White Nights 2
Wild Bunch Should Be 2 Disks
Wild Bunch, The
Winnie The Pooh And Friends ?
Without A Trace
Without A Trace
Witness To The Prosecution
World Of Henry Orient, The
World's Greatest Lover, The
You Only Live Twice
Young Doctors In Love

Most wanted list:

1 Pee-wee's Big Adventure 
2 Lolita (2) 
3 Rosemary's Baby (2) 
4 Warriors, The 
5 Dog Day Afternoon, 
6 Rolling Thunder, 
7 Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn 
8 Yor, the Hunter from the Future 
9 Shaft 
10 King of Comedy, The 
11 Hard Day's Night,
12 I Spit On Your Grave 
13 Breakin' 
14 Beat Street  
15 Exorcist, The 
16 Weird Science 

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