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CED Digest Vol. 2 No. 26  •  6/28/1997


Subject: SFT-100 Player Tried My Best
From: Peter Goldberg 
To: <>
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 01:46:20 -0400

Hello CED'ers
   Last week a posting of mine was in the digest about skipping of my 
SFT-100. I followed all the GREAT suggestions. I was adjusting the 
camshafts, to try and "fix" the out of wack function lever. While doing 
so (very carefully) one of the metal switches above the camshaft fell out 
of place. Putting it back in proved impossible and that metal switch was 
the one that controlled the play function. I can se why RCA did away with 
that function switch on the SFT-100, the entire system with the switch 
seemed to be very trouble prone.
  I did get a SGT-250 and it is working fine so the third CED player was 
the CHARM! IF anyone has a working remote for that player for sale let me 
know! Was it a wired remote or was it wireless? My 250 has a silver front 
and very plain looking, did all 250's look like this?
 The SGT-250 seems to be the most "reliable" of the line with the 400 
series also. 
   To bad RCA didnt introduce those players frist instead of the trouble 
prone 090 and SFT-100 or SGT-100. Again thank you for everyones help!!!

From: "Cheryl " 
To: <>
Subject: VideoDiscs - MA
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 22:20:46 -0500


I have come upon a RCA VideoDisc player and about 75 movies.  I live in
Massachusetts.  Is there anyone out there that has any interest in this



Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 00:22:04 -0700
To: Tom Howe <>
From: (Marlin Bates, IV)
Subject: CED Digest

I have the following discs for sale:

$3.50 each plus $1 each shipping.  2 disc movies are $7 plus $2 shipping.

Will trade 3 of the ones below for any one I do not have (see my web page
for the ones I have!)

48 Hrs.
Adam and the Ants
...And Justice for All
Bells are Ringing
Ben Hur (2 discs)
The Bette Midler Show
Black Stallion (RCA version)
Black Stallion Returns (RCA version)
Chralie Brown Festival, Vol. III
Disney Cartoon Parade, Vol. 2
Dogs of War
Doobie Brothers -- Live in Santa Barbara
Elephant Man (2 discs) (RCA version)
Faerie Tale Theatre: Goldilocks and the Three Models
Firefox (2 discs)
Godfather (2 discs)
Jane Fonda's Workout
Magnificent Seven, The (2 discs)
Night Shift
Officer and a Gentleman, An (2 discs)
On Golden Pond
Porky's II: The Next Day
Rocky II (RCA version)
Rocy III (RCA version)
Romancing the Stone
Saturday Night Fever (RCA version)
Shaggy Dog
Simon and Garfunkel - The Concert in Central Park
Sound of Music, The (2 discs)
The Spy Who Loved Me (RCA version)
Still of the Night
Sudden Impact
Superman (2 discs)
Superman II (2 discs)
Swing Time
Swiss family Robinson, The
Tom and Jerry II
Treasure Island
True Grit
Uncommon Valor


---***     Videos, VWs, & Video games...sad and pathetic but social
---***     Marlin Bates, owner: '69 VW Westfalia Bus aka Lazarus
---***     XL/XE: 236/ Lynx: 80/ Jag: 58/ Sega: 74/ CED: 1197/ TG:52/ 3DO: 43
--*-*-*    Always looking for RCA VideoDisks (aka CED)
-*--*--*   Web Page:

From: =(Gary Perry)
To: "''"
Subject: RE: Videodisc
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 13:26:52 -0500

FOR SALE... new updated list Thanks

From: 	Gary Perry
Sent: 	Tuesday, April 22, 1997 10:03 AM
Subject: 	Videodisc

188 CED DISC AVAILABLE FOR SALE                                                     
1. All the Marbles   2. Against All Odds  3. Angelo, My Love(2) 5. ALL The
Presidents Men 6. Aerobicise ,The Beautiful Workout 7. Airplane  8. All That
Jazz 9. Altered States 10. Apocalypse Now Part 1 (3) 13. Apocalypse Part 2 (3)
16. Any Which Way You Can  17. Annie Part1 18. Annie Part 2 19.Amityville 2 The
Possesion  20. Blue Thunder 21. Battle of Britian Part 1 22.  Battle of Britian
Part 2 24. Billy Jack 25. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid(2)  27. The Black
Hole (2) 29. Blue Lagoon (2) 31. Black Stallion 32. The Boat Part 1 33 The Boat
Part2 34. Big Blue Marblee Presents etc 35. Chinatown Part 1 36 Chinatown Part
2  37. Close Encounters ... Part 1 (2) 39. Close Encounters part 2 (2)  41.
Caddyshack 42. Count of Monte-Cristo (2) 44. Chariots of Fire 45. Charlotte's
Web 46. Carrie 47. Carnal Kownledge  48. Doctor Zhivago Part 1 49. Dr Zhivago
Part 2 50. Diner 51. Dark Victory (Bette Davis) 52.Death Wish53. Dumbo (2) 55.
Dragonslayer (2) 57. Escape from Alcatraz (2) 59. The Exterminator 60. Empire
Strikes Back (2)  62. Exodus Part 1  63. Exodus Part 2  64. Earth,Wind and Fire
in Concert 65.The Front 66. Friday the 13th  67. Fiddler on the Roof Part 1 
68. Fiddler on the Roof Part 2 (2) 70. Felini's Amarcord 71. Fame Part 72
Forbidden Planet (2)74. 42nd Street  75. Fistfull of Dollars 76.Godfather Part
1 (2) 78. Godfather 2 Part 1 79. The Godfather Part 2 80. Gas Pump GIrls 81.
The Great Muppet Caper (2) 83. The Gradute 84. Gigi 85.The Hostipal  86. The
Hobbit (2) 87. Hawaii Part 1 88. Hawaii Part 2 89..Heaven Can Wait   90. Jaws
(2) 92..Jason and the Argonauts  93.Kramer vs. Kramer 94. Kidnapped 95.
Mandingo 96. Mash (3) 99. Moonraker Part 1  100. Moonraker Part (2) 102. Man
who fell to Earht Part 1 103. Jules Verne Mysteries Island  104. The Night
Porter 105.    9 to 5 106. Ordinary People Part1 (2) 108. Ordinary People Part
2 (2) 110 On Her Majesty's Secret Service Part 2 111. Prince and the Pauper
112. Patton Part 1 113. Places in the Heart 114.Porky's (2) 116.Prince of the
City Part 1 117. Prince of the City Part 2 118. A Purple Taxi 119. Private
Benjamin 120. Paths of Glory 121. Pennies from Heaven 122. Richard Pryor Some
Kind of Hero 123. Pirates of Penzance  124. Psycho II  125.Reds Part 1 126.
Reds Part 2 127Raiders of the LOst Ark (3)  130.Race for your Life Charlie
Brown  131. Ragy Bulls Part 1 132. Raging Bull Part2 133. Risky Business 134.
Robin Hood (E F) 135. Ragtime Part 1 136. Ragtime Part 2 137. Return of the
King  138. Rocky  139. Stir Crazy 140. Saturday Night Fever 141. Stripes 142.
Scrooge (1970) 143. Star Wars 144. Superman Part 1 145. Superman Part 2 146.
Savannah Smiles 147 The Shaggy Dog 148. Silly Symphoines 149. Farrie Tale ..
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 150. Stalag 17 151. Seems Like Old Times 152.
Secret Nimh 153. Sharky's Machine 154. Summer LOvers (2) 156.The Sunshine Boys
157. The Shining Part 1 (2) 159. The Shining Part 2 (2) 161.Sophis's Choice
Part 1 162. Trading Places (2) 164. Time Bandits 165. 20,000 Leagues under the
Sea 166. The Ten Commandments Part 1 167. The Ten Commandments Part 2  168
Tarzan, The Ape Man( B Derek) 169. The 39 Steps 170. Tales from Muppetland 171.
True Confessions 172. Tut: The Boy King and the Louver  173...Tess Part 1
174.Tess Part2 175. The Three Musketeers (2) 177. Tooties 178. The Three
Stooges Vol 1 179.Valley Girls 180.Victory 181.Victory at Sea 182. Wargames (3)
185. World according to Garp 186. The Wild Bunch Part 1 187. The Way We Were
188.Wholly Moses...$4 Each $6 on Double Disc Plus Shipping  LMK Thanks Gary
Perry May Consider trade for Records or Laser Disc                            

From: "Robert Brown"
Subject: Phantasm disc
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 14:26:42 PDT

Has anybody noticed that the Phantasm disc has a scene deleted from
the tape version of the movie?  (I haven't bought the deluxe laserdisc
version yet to check to see if the scene is in it.)  The scene in
question occurs on side two, but I'm not sure about how far into the 
side it is.  After Mike finds the time gate, at one point the lights go 
out and Mike uses a cigarette lighter to illuminate the room.  As he 
flicks the lighter, he sees one of the Jawa-looking creatures very near 
his face, and he says something like "Oh, shit."  This scene is not on 
my Embassy pre-rec tape of the film.  It may have been in the Magnetic 
Video version that circulated in the very early 80's, but, again, I 
haven't been able to verify this. 

Another strange thing about the CED is that the soundtrack has some very 
unusual "misplaced" audio.  At one point on side one, Jody's car squeals 
out of the bar parking lot, and at the beginning of the next scene, you 
can hear a repeat of the squealout.  There's another place where the 
audio is wrong, but I can't think of it now for the life of me.  If 
anyone knows where RCA got their master for Phantasm, it may shed some 
light on this.  If anyone would like to know any specifics about the 
various anomalies, e-mail me and I'll check the disc to get exact time 
references and specific info about the scenes in question.


Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 10:32:59 +0900
From: ksuzuki]
Subject: RCA CED capacitance sensor circuit


I saw with interest your internet home page
I would like to introduce myself. 
I am working in the Department of research & development at the JEOL Ltd.(
Japanese electron microscope company).
I am looking for "RCA CED Video Disc capacitance sensor circuit" (not
needle cartridge).
Please advice me that how can I get it.

Katsuyuki Suzuki

Katsuyuki Suzuki
TM Group R&D Department Electron Optics Division JEOL Ltd.
1-2 Musashino 3-Chome Akishima Tokyo 196 JAPAN
Tel: +81 425 42 2278
Fax: +81 425 46 8063


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