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CED Digest Vol. 2 No. 24  •  6/14/1997


Date: Sun, 08 Jun 1997 16:28:40 +0300
From: sobel 
Subject: ceds & RCA 400's for sale

I had many people interested in the 647 discs (approx l/3 of them
new) and the three RCA 400 random access players.  I need to sell
everything together to make shipping back to the U.S.A. worthwhile
in that it will cost me approximately $1,000 to ship the lot.  I'm
moving to a new house here in a few weeks and need this stuff out of
my life. I'm willing to listen to any reasonable offer.  I'd hate to
see my prized collection end up in the dumpster because here all they
have is PAL format TV's and NTSC is useless to most people.  So if any
of you want a really good collection at a really good price with three
of RCA's last machines(complete with remotes and owner's manuals)
e-mail me at .The listing of the discs was in
last week's ced newsletter. Thanks.

Subject: Skipping problems with CED player SFT-100
From: Peter Goldberg 
To: "CED Digest" <>
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 1997 11:37:14 -0400

I jsut got a SFT-100 playaer and have been having some problems, I hope 
fellow CEDers can help out.
    I just purchased a CED player from somoeone + disks. The model is a 
SFT-100, the seller said it had worked fine wehn he had it. He bought it 
from someone who kept it in  EX shape, it looks like new. It was packed 
well for transit and a felt pad was put inside the machine under the door 
to keep the turntable from spinning. I unpacked it and hooked it up. I 
started getting a skipping prblem with it. I have a SKt-090 and the disks 
DID NOT SKIP in that machine so I assume it was not the disks. I turned 
it off and tried it again in a half hour or so. I tried the same diks and 
they worked ok for about 5 min. Then the skipping returned jsut like a LP 
would skip over and over again, the CED jsut played the same immage over 
and over again and would not move forward. I unpluged the unit and 
figured the problem was dirt on the needle. I lifted it out and used a 
brand new soft LP brush on it. I put the cartige back in and then tried 
the player agin with the same disks that skipped before, the asame 
problem occured. I tried another disk and it played FINE, I then tried a 
BRAND NEW SEALED DISK. The new sealed never been used disk also skipped 
very badly!!
  So what do you think the problem is? 1. Worn needle ? 2.Electronic 
problem? 3. Arm out of balance? 4. Disk loading improperly? 5. Turntable 
needing adjustment(it seem to track find to me no woobling)  The selector 
swich is off a bit also how to adjsut it??
  I hope it is only the needle if not I may return it to the seller. I am 
getting a SGT-250 soon so I hope the 3rd CEd player will be the charm 
with no problems. The 090 I got is having a lot of problems 1. The disk 
is somtimes left in the machine ( worn belt?) 2. The turntable is 
woobling(how to fix?) 
  IS there anything or any problems I should look for in my SGT-250 when 
I get it???
    In conclusion what do you think the problem  is with the terrible 
skipping on my SFT-100?

Date: Sun, 8 Jun 1997 14:28:20 -0500 (CDT)
From: bnelson
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 2 No. 23
To: Tom Howe <>

i HAVE BASICALLY sold all but 20 of my discs to a member of the mailing list. 
thanks. youcan take my for sale. memo off the next mailing. thanks. brian

Date: Sun, 8 Jun 1997 21:24:35 -0500 (CDT)
From: Geoff Oltmans 
To: Tom Howe <>
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 2 No. 23


> At the same time that videodic was in development, the IBM-PC was
> introduced and the Apple II was going full guns.  We decided to
> implement an RS-232 interface on the MAV port.  Basically, the videodisc
> player "woke up" in the MAV mode.  However, if the device connected to
> the videodisc asserted a "break" or an extended space on the line, then
> the unit would switch to the RS-232 mode.  The commands were ASCII
> equivalents for FF, REV, etc.  One should be able to communicate with
> the port using a PC and the terminal program in Windows or Procomm or
> some other communications program.  The command sent by the PC will
> cause a response by the player.  I left RCA before J line was released
> or I might have the command set.  The commands were one or two letters
> and were the obvious combinations for the function that you want. FF for
> fast forward, etc. Give it a try but the interface needs to be 0 to 5v
> unless the boys put the clamp diode in the input circuit.

As I recall for the Colecovision system there were several proposed "Super
Game Modules" (the final product being the ADAM computer) one of which
used a videodisc player to do games like Dragon's Lair and Space Ace
through the RS-232 serial port which you suggest here. RCA and Coleco were
supposed to have collaborated on this if I remember correctly.


Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 16:55:26 -0700
From: Tom Howe 
Subject: RE:Hitachi/Realistic/Sears Timing Belt

Hitachi CED players (and their Realistic and Sears name-brand equivalents) use
a orange-colored reinforced nylon timing belt to precisely advance the pickup arm
assembly. This belt is an industry standard part that should be available from
parts suppliers specializing in timing belts. Here are the specifications:

1/8" wide 190T80 timing belt

The 190T80 number should be printed in tiny lettering on the smooth side of the
belt and means the belt has a total of 190 teeth with a pitch of 0.080" (pitch
being the distance between the same point on adjacent teeth). All Hitachi,
Realistic, and Hitachi-style Sears players use the same belt, and the part is
still available through Sears Parts at (800)366-7278 for $6.99. The part number
is 46-39699-3.

One point of confusion about Sears players is that the model number 934.5481135
on the back of the Sears gold-colored Stereo model is the model number for a
VCR rather than a CED player. The correct number for this player is 934.54810350
which is the number printed in the owner's and service manuals, and is also the
number used by the Sears Parts people. All the Sears players should have a zero
on the end of the model number, which is omitted on a lot of the player labels.

--Tom Howe

From: "Zach D." 
To: Tom Howe <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 22:02:54 -0500
Subject: CED digest entry

Hi Tom, an entry for the digest for my friend:

Hello all, my friend Rob in Austin is just starting to collect some 
CEDs, and here is his list of titles he wants to trade for others. He 
said he would probably sell them also if you don't want to trade.

You can mail him at:
or mail me at

Although his handle may sound like a 15 year old net-scammer, I 
assure you he just likes that character on Seinfeld and uses that 
alias on his bosse's AOL account!       

48 Hours
African Queen
Beauty and the Beast
Ben Hur
Cousin Cousine
Count of Monte-Cristo, The
Disney Cartoon Classics: Vol. 1, Chip n Dale w/Donald
Free To Be...You And Me/Mandy's Grandmother
Great Muppet Caper
High Anxiety
History of the World, Part 1
Ice Man
Little Woman (Cartoon, Japanimation Style)
Mad Max
Man with Two Brains
North Dallas Fourty
On Golden Pond
One From the Heart
Rich and Famous
Sergeant York
Shaggy Dog, The, (Walt Disney)
Sunset Boulevard
Ten Commandments, The
That's Entertainment
To Be or Not to Be

                 The Net's Best Virtual Flea Market: 
   Vinyl-8 Tracks-Computers-Board Games-CEDs-Video Games-Books - Collectibles

Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 13:29:39 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Discs and player for sale

I have about eighty-five CED discs and a player for sale.
I'll take best offer. Please e-mail for a list.


Scott Cook

Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 19:16:53 +0000
From: Tom Howe 

> Subject:      FS: 2 Nice Star Wars Videodiscs
> From:         Eric Maloney <>
> Date:         1997/06/12
> Message-Id:   <>
> Newsgroups:   rec.arts.sf.marketplace
> [More Headers]
> Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. These are videodiscs (not laserdiscs)
made for RCA's short-lived 
> CED format in the early 1980s. Even if you don't have a SelectaVision machine
to play them on, they're
> nice collectibles and good display pieces. For more information and to view a
picture, go to:
> Minimum bid is only $3 for both.

Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 00:22:29 -0700
From: Tom Howe 
Subject: The First Letterboxed VideoDisc

Here is a posting sent to Usenet a few weeks ago concerning the first use of
letterboxing on home video, which I believe was the CED Amarcord. I've been
planning on using Amarcord as the next featured CED at the web site, as it
seems to be the belief of Video Magazine (see CED Digest Vol. 2 No. 23) that the
LaserDisc Manhattan was the first letterboxed video release, when it was
actually the last letterboxed CED. No one on Usenet could cite a letterboxed
video release that predates Amarcord, but if anyone on CED Digest has any
information on this, please post it.


>Subject:      The Very First Letterboxed VideoDisc
>From:         (Tom Howe)
>Date:         1997/05/22
>I've been trying to determine if the initial letterboxed video release
>appeared first on LaserDisc or first on RCA's SelectaVision CED format.
>I'm talking about continuous letterboxing from start to finish, not just
>on the credits or limited portions of the material (eg. Woodstock).
>My research indicates that Amarcord was the first letterboxed release,
>appearing exclusively on the RCA VideoDisc format in January 1984 (the
>packaging is copyrighted 1983). Here's a list of all the letterboxed discs
>released in the CED format:
>Amarcord, Jan. 1984 (packaging copyright 1983)
>Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Feb. 1984 (packaging copyright 1983)
>The Long Goodbye, March 1984 (packaging copyright 1983)
>King of Hearts, July 1984 (packaging copyright 1984)
>Manhattan, August 1984 (packaging copyright 1984)
>Of these, the only title that appears to have also been released on
>LaserDisc in letterboxed format is Manhattan, eight months after Amarcord.
>Can anyone confirm that Manhattan was the first letterboxed LaserDisc?
>Tom Howe


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