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CED Digest Vol. 1 No. 6  •  12/21/1996


Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 22:52:53 -0800
To: (Tom Howe)
From: (Marlin Bates, IV)
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 1, No. 5

Okay, I got a disc today which I have not seen before AND is not on the
master list.  I suspect it is on the vaporware list but have not yet
looked.  It is as follows:

A white caddy.  Plain white no label except for a small 1" x 4 " white
label with the following print on it:

Video Disc C.E.D.-1

Recorded Both Sides-Same Program

PT. No. 0017-00003-0516

Can someone help me identify this?  It seems to be some kind of interactive
disk.  Raiders vs. Chargers.



---***     Videos, VWs, & Video games...sad and pathetic but social
---***     Marlin Bates, owner: '69 VW Westfalia Bus aka Lazarus
---***     XL/XE: 216 / Lynx: 80 / Jaguar: 49 / Sega: 9 / CED: 1060
--*-*-*    Always looking for RCA VideoDisks (aka CED)
-*--*--*   Web Page:

From: kstallman
Subject: Player
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 01:56:37 EST

I'm looking for an SJT-400 series player in decent condition for around
$50. Anyone have one they could sell or know where I could get one?

Kaleb Stallman
4601 Westbury Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 08:48:24 -0600
From: David Potochick
Subject:  CED and CED Player for Sale  -Player Needs Work- 

Will sell or trade.... 

CED - "Ordinary People" - Starring Mary Tyler Moore. A movie about
teenagers with problems and Mary Tyler Moore playing the part of a self
centered mother....... 

SEARS CED PLAYER - Needs work..... as far as I can tell the needle is
still good (I examined it under a microscope and I can't see anything
wrong).  It won't play any movies though....  It has a video out and a
mono audio out. Fast Forward, Reverse, Pause and Play. Also a slot for
some kind of wired remote control....

Will take best offer or trade for either..... 

Movies I am looking for.....

Any Demonstration Disc for the players.
Disney Movies/Cartoons/etc....
Stripes - starring Bill Murrray
European Vacation - starring Chevy Chase
Blondie Live In Concert

More Later,


Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 15:57:51 -0800
From: Tom Howe
To: Marlin Bates
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 1, No. 5 -Reply


This disc is from the Bally NFL Football arcade game. There were two different
discs (in the database under N) issued during this game's brief lifespan. I have
been queried about these a number of times, so I've decided to do the next
Featured CED on this. Look for it to appear at CED Magic before SuperBowl time.

--Tom Howe

>>> Marlin Bates, IV 12/16/1996 10:52pm >>>
>>>Okay, I got a disc today which I have not seen before AND is not on the
>>>master list.  I suspect it is on the vaporware list but have not yet
>>>looked.  It is as follows:
>>>A white caddy.  Plain white no label except for a small 1" x 4 " white
>>>label with the following print on it:
>>>Video Disc C.E.D.-1
>>>Recorded Both Sides-Same Program
>>>PT. No. 0017-00003-0516
>>>Can someone help me identify this?  It seems to be some kind of interactive
>>>disk.  Raiders vs. Chargers.

From: (Neil Wagner)
Subject: Cleaning discs
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 16:21:28 GMT

On: Mon, 09 Dec 1996, David Potochick
wrote to the CED Digest -

>I found that washing my CED's with simple dish wahing detergent and
>water really improves picture lines and skipping. I used to work for a
>radio station and we would just wash records with soap and water to
>clean them... So, one day I tried doing the same with my "Benji" CED that
>always skipped at the end..... Well, now the picture looks a lot better and
>it doesn't skip... By washing it I probably removed all of that lubricant to
>protect the needle but my needle on my RCA Selectavision hasn't given
>out yet..... So, if you have a stubborn CED, give it a try......

No mention of this method is made in Tom Howe's CED FAQ.  In fact, it
says -

  "The only way to safely clean a CED is to play the disc, and let the

   stylus clean the groove. Removing the CED from the caddy and 
   attempting to use something like an audio LP brush on it will only 
   make matters worse."

How 'bout it Tom?

Neil -

From: (Neil Wagner)
Subject: Videodisc History, Part 3
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 16:21:49 GMT

More from my collection of old Popular Science magazines:

>From the September 1978 "Look and Listen" -
  More disc twists
     Thirteen years ago Philips introduced the Compact Cassette, used
  in many tape recorders today.  Now the company is readying an
  ultrahigh-fidelity Compact Disc for the early 1980's.  The new
  record system has a 4-1/3 inch disc that carries one hour of audio
  on one side only.
     Instead of mechanical pressure between a stylus and groove,
  though, Philips' system relies on contactless readout with an
  extremely narrow light beam from a semiconductor laser.  Signals are
  digitally coded on the disc surface and coated over to prevent
  smearing or dust problems.  Other firms are preparing laser-based
  audio systems using larger-diameter discs.
     The Philips announcement indicates it plans to market separate
  disc players for video and audio hi-fi -- a double investment in
  very similar technologies for consumers.  Magnavox, a subsidiary of
  North American Philips, may begin regional marketing of this
  laser-based Philips/MCA video-disc system this winter.
     RCA, which developed a video-disc player based on a stylus that
  senses capacitance changes in disc grooves, is now testing a
  slightly more expensive player that can handle both video and
  digital audio discs.  RCA has improved its video-disc player, making
  it smaller, lighter, and less complex than prototype models shown
  last year.  No plans for selling the updated machine have been

>From the January 1979 "Look and Listen" -
  JVC launches video/audio discs
     Victor Company of Japan (JVC here) has unveiled a prototype disc
  system that plays video or super-fidelity audio and has
  computer-based, pushbutton access to pictures or sound.  JVC
  developed the VHS video-cassette tape format, and hopes its VHD/AHD
  (high-density video and audio) disc system will be selected by a
  29-company council now attempting to standardize a format for new
  pulse-code-modulation (PCM) audio discs.  Several prototypes of PCM
  audio record players have been shown.  PCM systems encode music as
  digital signals for greatly enhanced fidelity.
     JVC's VHD player uses grooveless plastic discs with one hour of
  TV pictures (plus optional stereo sound) on each side.  A
  metal-tipped sapphire stylus helps to sense capacitance changes
  created by microscopic pits on the smooth surface.  The stylus
  "reads" both video information and tracking signals, used for
  electonic stylus guidance.
     The player has still-frame, slow, fast, and reverse motion.  Add
  an optional demodulator and the system plays PCM-encoded audio discs
  with a 90-dB dynamic range and flat audio band-width from one Hz to
  20 kHz.  A random-access option with a wireless remote control
  provides microprocessor-programmed or on-the-spot selection of TV
  pictures or audio bands.
     While JVC and others with mechanical-contatct video/audio disc
  systems await format standardization before marketing their
  machines, other firms with non-contact optical-disc systems aren't
  waiting.  As you read this, Magnavox may be test-marketing the
  long-promised Philips/MCA video-disc player in a few cities.  In
  addition, U.S. Pioneer Electronics says it will market another
  laser-based optical video-disc player sometime in 1979.  This
  machine was jointly developed by MCA and Pioneer in Japan.  MCA's
  discs (some 200 initial titles) will be compatible with both
  video-disc players.
     Technically, with a plug-in demodulator, the Philips/MCA
  video-disc machine could also be adapted to play PCM audio discs.
  But Philips plans to offer a separate optical player for digital
  audio discs in a few years.  Philips' audio discs are only 4.3
  inches in diameter and the player is a compact seven by nine by
  three inches.  Discs play one hour.

  This article was accompanied by a photo showing the VHD/AHD player
  in the center, the optional PCM demodulator on the right, and the
  random-access controller with wireless remote.

Neil -

Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 10:42:08 -0600
From: David Potochick
Subject:  Okay..... time for some CED Humor....

As we all well know the CED is a dead format and it has it's never ending
problems of skipping discs, broken needles and other ailments.... Only
we, the few people that collect them, know the real nostalgic value of
these players.... I just decided to come up with some "Videodisk Humor".
   (Strictly for Humor Purposes......)

Coming Soon......

The New CED2..... CED Player for the future....

The CED2 Features.......

A new Stylish Black Plastic Look - Say goodbye to that imitation wood
grain finish.... The new modern digital look of the CED2 makes it look right
with the times......

Easy To Use Buttons - Yes, say goodbye to those old buttons that ended
up breaking or getting stuck when you pressed them... The CED2 has
easy to use buttons and also comes with a modern wireless remote...

The CED2 uses a laserbeam to read disc material.... Say goodbye to
searching for needles.... Say goodbye to disk wear and tear.... read
scratched disks as if they were new... The CED2 has digital sampling to
compensate for disk scratches....

Special Adaptor Caddies - Yes, with the special adaptor caddies you
can play MCA Laserdiscs, CD's, 45 & 33 RPM Phonograph records,
DVD's and other disc formats......

Special Feature HDTV Switch - As we well know the Future is on it's
way.... HDTV will be here soon and the CED2 is the only format currently
available with the HDTV switch.... You can switch between NTSC
television and the new and improved HDTV....

More Features will bel isted in the Next issue.......



- Sheesh.... don't we wish... Just a little CED Humor.... -
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 15:55:58 -0500
Subject: CED'S

Two thousand CED disc and 10 players ---- $4000.00


Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 22:00:00 -0800
From: Tom Howe
Subject: Happy Holidays!

CED-era (and earlier) ASCII Holiday Art

If the following looks garbled, change it to a fixed-width font like Courier 
or Monaco, and if possible, widen the email window.

                            .;;+--i>!!!:         x
        *                  !!!!!!!!!!!!!i                      *
 x                         <!!!!!!!><(<<,,,,._
                x        ,;jiiiii<)>=+=',c,~'`                         x
    -==cq,.                $$$"?$B"  `"?C"$
          "*c.             3$$$."T$be,._`\'        *
        ..;ee$b             "?$$buc,,,eP`~
              "$,         . ! :: .. .: :h !                  .,,uu+=`"'
                "e,     ::` ' '! !! 4! '! \d$$bc.         .df"""==cc,:-+=
 *                "4. ': .e$$e,...` `..,ed$$$$$$$$._,,uu=""
             :!:.~4!  zJ*%^$$$$$$$$$$$    $$$$$$$$$$.     x              d
            h.``4!:. J$$$ed$$$$$$$$$$$$$e$$$$$$$$$$$$          de.      d$
  .  ::.`~!h:'`!:    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$>      .e$$$$c   ="?$
 ``~!:.`~h.`~4!-    4$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$>    ,d$$$$$$$$e. .$$
      `~--``~       4$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F   "$$$$$$f     ,d$$$$$$$",z$$$$
                    '$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$h...d$$$$$$     z$$$$$$$$$c."3$$$
                      9$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F,.  ,$$$$$$$$$$P".d$$$$
           *         .e,?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P,d$$$e.?$$$$$$$PF z$$$$P"
                   u$$$$bc"?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P",d$$$$$$$$b ?$$$$$' """.ued$
   x              d$$$$$$$$$beeu,.`""",;ueeed$$$$$$$$$$$$$,`??;iued$$$$$$$
                J$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"   $$$$$$$$$$$$$,?$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$


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