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CED Digest Vol. 1 No. 2  •  11/23/1996


Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 21:16:41 -0500
From: john godillot 
To: Tom Howe <>
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 1 No. 1

I know where thereis an RCA CED forsalewith 25 discs.
The guy wants $125 for all
let me know what you think,

Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 19:24:00 -0800
To: (Tom Howe)
From: (Marlin Bates, IV)
Subject: CEDs for sale

I have the following CED titles for sale/trade.  Send me yuour trade list
if interested.

48 Hours
Bells are RInging (Shrinked)
Ben Hur (2 disks)
Black Stallion
Black Stallion Returns
Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie
Cannery Row
Clash of the titans
Comancheros, The
Deep, The
Disney Cartoon Parade, Volume 2
Disney Cartoon Parade, Volume 3
Disney Cartoon Parade, Volume 4
Dogs of War, The
Easy Money
Friday the 13th
Hansel and Gretel
High Noon
Jane Fonda's Workout
Jazz Singer, The (Neil Diamond)
Muppet Movie, The
Night Shift
Officer and a Gentleman, An
On Golden Pond
Paths of Glory
Porky's II: The Next day
Rocky II
Rocky III
Romancing The Stone
Saturday Night Fever
Shootist, The
Simon and Garfunkal, Concert in Central Park, The
The SOund of Music (2 disks)
Spy Who Loved Me, The
Star Trek, the Motion Picture (2 discs)
Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan
Sudden Impact
Superman - The Movie (2 disks)
Superman II
True Grit
Vacation - National Lampoon's
Way We Were, The
Yentl (2 disks) (one disk has a broken corner on the carrier. cosmetic damage)


---***     Videos, VWs, & Video games...sad and pathetic but social
---***     Marlin Bates, owner: '69 VW Westfalia Bus aka Lazarus
---***     XL/XE: 216 / Lynx: 80 / Jaguar: 49
--*-*-*    Always looking for RCA VideoDisks (aka CED)
-*--*--*   Web Page:

Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 19:23:58 -0800
To: (Tom Howe)
From: (Marlin Bates, IV)
Subject: WTB: Remote for SJT-400

Looking for a remote for an SJT-400 player.  Please e-mail if you have one
for sale.

Also, would be VERY interested in a RCA Command Center!


---***     Videos, VWs, & Video games...sad and pathetic but social
---***     Marlin Bates, owner: '69 VW Westfalia Bus aka Lazarus
---***     XL/XE: 216 / Lynx: 80 / Jaguar: 49
--*-*-*    Always looking for RCA VideoDisks (aka CED)
-*--*--*   Web Page:

Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 08:02:26 -0500
Subject: CED's

I have CED movies that are defective in some ways.  There will be scratches,
chipped cases or the wrong disc in a case.  I will sell these at the rate of
100 for $35.00.   At this rate I will not be able to ship any and they must
be picked up at my house.  

I also have a collection of machines and CED's for sale but also I would
prefer  not to ship these.

Billy New
1155 Edith Drive
Daytona Beach, Fl. 32117             Ph: 904 252-1783

From: (Neil Wagner)
Subject: Cartridge question
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 01:13:25 GMT

Are the cartridges used in CED players damaging to the CED discs if
the needle is excessively worn or otherwised damaged?  In other words,
if the condition of the needle is unknown, can I potentially ruin a
disc?  (Think of vinyl LPs for an analogy.)

Neil -

From: (Neil Wagner)
Subject: WTB: Stereo CED player (SGT250)
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 01:13:27 GMT

Looking for a well-maintained CED player with direct stereo out jacks.
I believe the SGT250 is a basic model that would be adequate.

BTW, do the stereo models, or any models, also offer direct video out?

Neil -

From: (Neil Wagner)
Subject: Tech: Getting my SGT100 running
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 01:13:28 GMT

I recently bought an SGT100 and separately, two discs in a thrift
store.  Neither disc plays, with each showing similar symptoms, so I
think the problem lies with the player.

So, some questions.

(1)  Along the left rail of the player, as I go to insert a disc,

     right after the leading edge of the caddy hits the lever that  
     lowers the center spindle, it hits the end of a black piece
     which rests on top of a leaf spring and which is 'attached' to
     a mechanism leading back to the stylus cleaner.  Because the 
     caddy hits this black piece, it cannot be inserted any further.
     The black piece has a part number 2871018-2-7 and also makes
     contact with a micro switch that pulls down the relay inside the
     cartridge holder.

     If I remove this black piece (as I have done), the discs can be
     inserted just fine.  I can see no difference in playback when I
     press the microswitch versus when it is not pressed.

     (A)  What is the purpose of this black piece, and hence, the

     (B)  How is this black piece supposed to be installed in relation

          to the leaf spring, switch, and stylus cleaning mechanism, 
          and is it possible that the one I have is broken?

(2)  For the two discs I have, at least, playback is not correct.  The
     picture I get can best be described as scrambled, like the early

     '80's pay-TV stations used to appear.  It's black and white, the 
     vertical blanking interval is in the middle of the screen, the
     the picture is wavy, constantly moving around, and the sound is
     nearly nonexistant (TV at full volume to barely hear it).

     My first thought was improper speed.  Just checked it with the
     strobe on Tom Howe's web page, and it's rock steady.  Connections
     with my TV were correct, as far as I know.  There do not appear
     to have been any modifications made to the machine's circuitry.

     (A)  Could a bad cartridge/stylus cause this behavior?

     (B)  If not, what could be wrong?

Thanks for any and all assistance with this.  It's become my project
du jour!

Neil -

From: DSharp
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 96 15:17:22 -36000
To: <>
Subject: re: CED Digest Vol. 1 No. 1

I saw your ad and wonder if you are interested in this collection? I also 
have an RCA player as well as a Toshiba one with an additional NEW needle.
Classifications are my own.
Make offer. I live in Houston, TX. I can get a bulk rate from Airborne thru 


The VideoDisc Collection of Dave Sharp
  --  Class
/   -- Title
|  |                                 --Actors
|  |                               /
|  |                               |
S  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea    Paul Neuman, Kirk Douglas
C  A Charlie Brown Festival
C  A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum   Buster keaton
V  A View to a Kill                Roger Moore
A  Against All Odds                Jeff Bridges
P  Alien                           Sigorny Weaver
D  All the Presidents Men 1 of 2   Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford
D  All the Presidents Men 2 of 2   Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford
P  Amityville II The Possession
V  An American Werewolf in London  David Naughton
V  Apocolypse Now   1 of 2         Marlon Brando
V  Apocolypse Now   2 of 2         Marlon Brando
C  Arthur                          Dudley Moore
C  Being There                     Peter Sellers
A  Blue Thunder                    Roy Scheider
D  Born Free                       Geoffrey Keen
A  Breakhart Pass                  Charles Bronson
M  Brigadoon                       Gene Kelley
A  Bullitt                         Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughan
   Carrie                          Sissy Spacek
S  Cat People
C  Cat on a Hot Tin Roof           Paul Neuman
V  Certain Fury                    Irene Cara, Tatum O'Neil
S  Clash of the Titans             Burgess Meredith, Ursla Andress
V  Conan The Barberian             Arnold Schwartzenegger
V  Defiance                        Jan Michael Vincent, Art Carney
A  Diamonds Are Forever            Sean Connery
D  Diner                           Kevin Bacon, Steve Guttenburg
V  Dirty Harry                     Clint Eastwood
A  Doctor No                       Sean Connery
D  Dr Zhivago   1 of 2             Omar Sharif
D  Dr Zhivago   2 of 2             Omar Sharif
M  Duke Ellington's Music          Rod Steiger, Douglas Fairbanks
R  Exodus                          Paul Neuman, Sal Mineo, Lee J Cobb
A  Firefox    1 of 2               Clint Eastwood
A  Firefox    2 of 2               Clint Eastwood
V  First Blood                     Sylvester Stallone
M  Flashdance                      Jennifer Beales
W  For a Few Dollars More          Clint Eastwood
V  Forced Vengeance                Chuck Norris
P  Friday The 13th Part 2
P  Friday the 13th Final Chapter
P  Friday the 13th Part 5 A new Beginning
A  From Russia With Love           Sean Connery
C  Gidget                          Sandra Dee
   Gloria                          Gloria Swenson
A  Goldfinger                      Sean Connery
P  Halloween The Nightmare Isn't over
W  Hang 'Em High                   Clint Eastwood
*  Hard Bodies                     Grant Cramer
K  Here's Mr. Magoo Vol 1
E  Hocus Pocus It's Magic          Dick Caveat
C  Hopscotch                       Walter Matthau
D  In the Heat of the Night        Sidney Poitiea, Rod Steiger
S  Invasion of the Body Snachers   Donald Sutherland
A  Klute                           Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland
C  Kotch                           Walter Matthau
V  Krull
S  Lady Hawke                      Methew Broderick
A  Lassiter                        Tom Selleck
   Laura                           Gene Tierney
D  Little Caesae                   Edward G Robinson
C  Lolita Part 1 of 2              James Mason, Peter Sellers
C  Lolita Part 2 of 2              James Mason, Peter Sellers
A  Lone Wolf McQuade               David Carradine
*  Looking for Mr Goodbar          Tuesday Weld, Diane Keaton
V  Lords of Discipline             David Keith
A  Moonraker                       Roger Moore
R  Moses                           Burt Lancaster
A  Mother Lode                     Charlton Heston
K  Mr McGoo in Sherwood Forrest
A  Octopussy                       Roger Moore
A  Old Yeller                      Disney
A  On Her Maj Secret Svc  1 of 2   George Lassenby
A  On Her Maj Secret Svc  2 of 2   George Lassenby
C  Ordinary People                 Donald Sutherland
A  Pappilion part 1 of 2           Steve McQueen, Dustin Hoffman
A  Paths of Glory                  Kirk Douglas
*  Perfect                         Jamie Lee Curtis
C  Pink Panther Strikes Again      Peter Sellers
C  Police Academy
C  Police Academy II
P  Poltergeist
*  Private Lessons                 Sylvia Kristal
C  Protocol                        Goldie Hawn
P  Psycho                          Anthony Perkins
A  Raiders of the Lost Ark         Harrison Ford
V  Rambo First Blood  Part II
D  Rear Window                     James Stewart
A  Return of the Jedi  1 of 2
W  Rio Lobo                        John Wayne
A  Robin Hood                      Errol Flynn, Olivia DeHavilland, Claude 
A  Sayonara                        Marlon Brando
A  Starwars                        Harrison Ford
E  Stereo Video disc sampler
A  Superman The Movie   1 of 2
A  Superman The Movie   2 of 2
   That Championship Season        Martin Sheen, Robert Mitchum
A  The Blue Max                    George Peppard, Ursla Adress
C  The Blues Brothers              John Belushi, Dan Akroid
A  The Boys from Brazil            Gregory Peck, Laurence Olivet, James Mason
P  The Changeling                  George C Scott
A  The Cincinnati Kid              Steve McQueen
V  The Deerhunter  Part 1 of 2     Robert Deniro
V  The Deerhunter  Part 2 of 2     Robert Deniro
D  The Detective                   Frank Sinatra
E  The Diary of Anne Frank         Shelly Winters
A  The Fog                         Jamie Lee Curtis
A  The Four Musketeers             Richard Chamberlain
V  The Gauntlet                    Clint Eastwood
F  The Hobbitt
E  The Holocaust  4 disc set
S  The Invasion of the Body Snachers  Original Version (sealed)
V  The Killing Fields  1 of 2      Sam Waterston
V  The Killing Fields  2 of 2      Sam Waterston
S  The Last Starfighter            Lance Guest
A  The Last Valley                 Michael Caine, Omar Sharif
   The Little Drummer Girl Part 1  Diane Keaton
A  The Pride of the Yankees        Gary Cooper
D  The Razors Edge                 Bill Murray
A  The Spy Who Loved Me            Roger Moore
A  The Terminator                  Arnold Schwartzenegger
D  The Verdict                     Paul Neumann
D  The Verdict                     Paul Neumann
C  The World Of Henry Orient       Peter Sellers
C  There's a Girl in My Soup       Peter Sellers, Goldie hawn
V  TightRope                       Clint Eastwood
D  Top Kapi                        Peter Ustinov
A  Tora, Tora, Tora                Joseph Cotton, James Whitmore
A  Treasure Island                 Disney
   Tribute      Part 1             Jack Lemmon
S  Venom
P  Vertigo                         James Stewart
A  Victory                         Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine
   Vision Quest                    Matthew Modine
M  Whats New Pussycat              Peter Sellers
C  Wholly Moses                    Richard Prior, Dudley Moore
C  Whose Life Is It Anyway         Richard Dreyfus
D  Witness for the Prosecution     Marlene Deitrich, Tyrone Powers
M  Yes, Georgia                    Lucianl Pavarotti
A  You Only Live Twice             Sean Connery
D  Z  The Deputy  (Greek)
M  Zigfield Follies                Fred Astaire
*  La Cage Aux Follies   1 of 2
*  La Cage Aux Follies   2 of 2
*  Lady Chatterlys Lover

A - Action
C - Comedy
D - Drama
F - Fiction
E - Educational
K - Kids
M - Musical
P - Psychological Violence
R - Religious
S - Sci-Fi
V - Violent
W - Western

* - Adult

Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 08:57:22 -0800
From: Tom Howe

Subject:      Vintage Rock Video: BETA and CED
From:         Justin Purington <>
Date:         1996/11/20

Vintage Rock on BETA and SelectaVision

Vintage pre-recorded video on BETA and RCA VideoDiscs, 
with a couple VHS tapes thrown in. Unique collectables
from your favorite artists. Grading on the RCA discs
is for the label and case only; I don't have a player
so I can't play-grade them. Postage is extra.
EMail to reserve.

ADAM & ANTS - Prince Charming Revue RCA Selectavision c.e.d. VIDEODISC
EX $12
BEATLES - The Compleat Beatles RCA Selectavision c.e.d. VIDEODISC EX $12
(BEATLES) PAUL- Rockshow RCA Selectavision c.e.d. VIDEODISC EX $12
BLOTTO - MetalHead VIDEO (Sony BETA) NM $9
DAVID BOWIE - Let's Dance + 2 VIDEO (83 Sony VHS) SS $9
FLEETWOOD MAC - Documentary & live concert RCA Selectavision c.e.d.
GRATEFUL DEAD - Grateful Dead RCA Selectavision c.e.d. VIDEODISC EX $12
JAM - Trans Global Unity Express VIDEO (82 Sony BETA) live NM $9
ROLLING STONES - Gimme Shelter RCA Selectavision c.e.d. VIDEODISC EX $12
ROXY MUSIC - The High Road RCA Selectavision c.e.d. VIDEODISC EX $12
RUSH - Exit Stage Left RCA Selectavision c.e.d. VIDEODISC EX $12
SPLIT ENZ - same VIDEO (82 Sony BETA) 14 videos NM $6
WHO - Quadrophenia (movie) RCA Selectavision c.e.d. VIDEODISC EX $12
WHO - Tommy (movie) RCA Selectavision c.e.d. VIDEODISC EX $12
SUN CITY - same VIDEO (85 Lorimar BETA) NM $6

Buy-Sell-Trade       Mott-Hunter-Ronson
           Justin Purington


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