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RCA VideoDisc Catalog Pages


This is a list of RCA VideoDisc Catalog pages that I have. I'm interested in any pages not appearing on this list. These catalog pages went into the three-ring binder that RCA included with the VideoDisc Kiosk in 1981. RCA included a number of pages in the catalog when it first shipped, and also issued periodic update pages for insertion into the catalog. Because of this, some variations on the front and rear of each sheet exist. I have divided these catalog inserts into the following categories:

The dividers are organized by the position of the tab on the sheet, while the title sheets are arranged alphabetically by the title at the top on the front side. Pages with a (2) after them are ones I have multiple copies of, with the extra(s) available to trade for any pages not listed. I will also purchase any pages not listed. You may email me at regarding trades.


Catalog Dividers:


Single CED Title on Each Side:


Single Title on Front / Two Titles on Rear:


Two CED Titles on Each Side:


Alphabetical Index Pages:

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