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CED in the History of Media Technology


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Capacitance Electronic Disc System

1982: Capacitance Electronic Disc System Goes Stereo

On June 6, 1982 RCA announced the SGT200 and SGT250 CED players, which featured stereo sound. The SGT250 can be seen near the upper left of this RCA advertisement, and this model also came with an infrared remote control, in contrast to the other name-brand players that still used wired remote controls. Since RCA had no stereo audio components under their own name-brand at this time, the company also introduced a stereo receiver and speakers to complement the stereo CED players. This allowed their dealer network to demo the stereo players with all-RCA components. The release of the immensely popular CED movie Star Wars not long after the stereo players actually drove the sale of the players, as this was the least expensive way to experience this movie in stereo at that time.


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