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David Sarnoff in TIME - July 23, 1951


David Sarnoff TIME Cover

David Sarnoff on the cover of the July 23, 1951 issue of TIME magazine. The accompanying 7-page article starting on page 74 provides a detailed biography of Sarnoff's life up to that point with emphasis on his effort to win approval of the RCA color TV system. The full-page PDF contains all the advertisements that appeared with the article including a Keasbey & Mattison "Amazing Asbestos!" on page 79.

David Sarnoff also appeared on the cover of TIME on July 15, 1929 when he was vice president and general manager of RCA. Only three months later, on October 29, 1929, the great "Black Thursday" stock market crash took place which catapulted Sarnoff to the presidency, as he had the prescience to sell all his stock shortly before the event.

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