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J.R.R. Tolkien's The Return of the King CED


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Red Arrow

The Red Arrow

The Red Arrow, a summons for Theoden to come to the aid of Minas Tirith (Side 1, 24:07).

"A tall man entered, and Merry choked back a cry; for a moment it seemed
to him that Boromir was alive again and had returned. Then he saw that it was
not so; the man was a stranger, though as like to Boromir as if he were one of
his kin, tall and grey-eyed and proud. He was clad as a rider with a cloak of
dark green over a coat of fine mail; on the front of his helm was wrought a
small silver star. In his hand he bore a single arrow, black-feathered and
barbed with steel, but the point was painted red.

He sank on one knee and presented the arrow to Theoden. 'Hail Lord of the
Rohirrim, friend of Gondor!' he said. 'Hirgon I am, errand-rider of Denethor,
who bring you this token of war. Gondor is in great need. Often the Rohirrim
have aided us, but now the Lord Denethor asks for all your strength and all your
speed; lest Gondor fall at last.'"

    - LOTR Book V: The Muster of Rohan

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