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RCA Building Souvenir Plate


RCA Building Souvenir Plate

The seventy story RCA Building was constructed in 1934 and was the first structure in what became the Rockefeller Center. RCA CEO David Sarnoff had his offices on the 53rd floor, and it was on the 49th floor of this building where the first demonstration of the CED system to the technology press took place on March 19, 1975. A large red RCA graced the top of the building for a number of years until, in the late 1980's, GE took over RCA. The structure was renamed the GE Building and a large neon GE was put on top. The RCA Building has some tourist attractions including the NBC Store, the NBC Studio Tour, and the Rainbow Grill on the 65th floor, with panoramic views of New York City.

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