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Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol (1999) Feature


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Claire Adamson - Caroline and Husband

Caroline and Husband

"At length the long-expected knock was heard. She hurried
to the door, and met her husband; a man whose face was
careworn and depressed, though he was young. There was
a remarkable expression in it now; a kind of serious delight
of which he felt ashamed, and which he struggled to repress.
He sat down to the dinner that had been boarding for
him by the fire; and when she asked him faintly what news
(which was not until after a long silence), he appeared
embarrassed how to answer.
'Is it good.' she said, 'or bad?' -- to help him.
'Bad,' he answered.
'We are quite ruined.'
'No. There is hope yet, Caroline.'
'If he relents,' she said, amazed, 'there is. Nothing is
past hope, if such a miracle has happened.'
'He is past relenting,' said her husband. 'He is dead.'
She was a mild and patient creature if her face spoke
truth; but she was thankful in her soul to hear it, and she
said so, with clasped hands. She prayed forgiveness the next
moment, and was sorry; but the first was the emotion of
her heart."

   - A Christmas Carol, Stave 4: The Last of the Spirits

  • The character of Caroline is performed by Claire Adamson
  • The character of Caroline's husband is performed by Joe Jones

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