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Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol (1983 Disney) Feature


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Scrooge McDuck - Greedy Ebenezer Scrooge

Greedy Ebenezer Scrooge

"'My time grows short,' observed the Spirit. 'Quick.'
This was not addressed to Scrooge, or to any one whom he
could see, but it produced an immediate effect. For again
Scrooge saw himself. He was older now; a man in the prime
of life. His face had not the harsh and rigid lines of later
years; but it had begun to wear the signs of care and avarice.
There was an eager, greedy, restless motion in the eye, which
showed the passion that had taken root, and where the
shadow of the growing tree would fall."

   - A Christmas Carol, Stave 2: The First of the Three Spirits

  • The character of greedy Scrooge (McDuck) is voiced by Alan Young

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