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Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol (1938) Feature


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Torch Sprinklings

Torch Sprinklings

"The sight of these poor revellers appeared to interest the
Spirit very much, for he stood with Scrooge beside him in a
baker's doorway, and taking off the covers as their bearers
passed, sprinkled incense on their dinners from his torch.
And it was a very uncommon kind of torch, for once or twice
when there were angry words between some dinner-carriers who
had jostled each other, he shed a few drops of water on them
from it, and their good humour was restored directly. For
they said, it was a shame to quarrel upon Christmas Day.
And so it was. God love it, so it was."

    - A Christmas Carol, Stave 3: The Second of the Three Spirits

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