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RCA VideoDisc Exercise and Workout Videos


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Jane Fonda's New Workout Sample Image

Jane Fonda's New Workout

The last workout video released on CED in December 1985 and one of the more interesting of the Jane Fonda series. This is also the only Fonda disc that is not dual audio. Fitness guru Leslie Lilien (in pink shorts to the right of Fonda) sings the song "Do It" while the class exercises aerobically. This was so home viewers can sing along, and if they can't, they know they're exercising too hard. On the far left is Peggy Lipton from the 1960's Mod Squad TV show, although she's listed in the credits as Peggy Jones for then husband Quincy Jones. The "New Workout" was put out by RCA Video Productions in association with Karl-Lorimar Home Video as by this time RCA had stopped using the phrase "RCA VideoDiscs" in the name of their productions.
• Jane Fonda • Marianne Black
• Jacalyn Gross • Peggy Jones
• Leslie Lilien • Lesley Mallgrave
• Kellyn Plasschaert • Audrey Pressman
• Jeff Sacher • Brigitte Steinberg
• Richard Walsh
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