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CED Digest Vol. 7 No. 11  •  3/16/2002


20 Years Ago In CED History:

March 17, 1982:
* Four members of a Dutch television crew, filming a report in an area of El
Salvador controlled by leftist guerrillas, are killed by government troops
during a 40-minute firefight.

RCA and KVC Complete Home Video Production of Jane Fonda's 'Workout' Exercise

The 90-Minute Adaptation Of Miss Fonda's Best-Selling Exercise Book Will Be
Distributed On Video Cassettes By KVC And Video Discs By RCA

RCA "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs and KVC, Inc. announced today the completion of
a 90-minute home video production featuring Academy Award nominee, Jane Fonda,
in her acclaimed "Workout" exercise program.

The program, specially adapted for the growing home video market, will be
distributed on video cassettes by KVC, and on video discs by RCA.

"Workout" features Jane Fonda and several of her exercise instructors in a
video presentation of her best-selling book. It includes a 30-minute beginner's
program and an hour-long advanced session.

Seth M. Willenson, Division Vice President, Programs and Business Affairs, RCA
"SelectaVision" VideoDiscs, said, "We believe 'Workout' will have mass appeal
based on the popularity of Miss Fonda's program and a growing emphasis on
physical fitness."

He said working with KVC on this project was part of RCA's commitment to
utilizing the best creative talent in the television and motion picture
industries to co-produce a variety of quality programs for the home video disc

Stuart Karl, President of KVC, said the rapid growth of the home entertainment
market would attract other stars who have interests outside of their
professional careers which they will want to share with the public. He
predicted that other major entertainers will be appearing in original home
video productions by the end of the year.

Richard D. Klinger, Director, West Coast Programming for RCA, said, "Workout"
is the first special production for the home video market featuring a major box
office star. The production is a visual adaptation of Miss Fonda's best-selling
exercise book, and once again underscores the close relationship between book
publishing and video disc programming, he added.

Mr. Karl said, "We believe this production is a milestone because it pioneers
in using a proven star and because it employs an entertaining approach to
promoting physical fitness. We believe this production will establish a
precedent for future home entertainment programs."

Long an advocate of physical fitness, Miss Fonda became a leader in the field
with the opening of her first workout salon in Beverly Hills. This led to other
salons and eventually to the publication of her book, _Workout_, which has been
a best seller.

Mr. Karl and Mr. Klinger approached Miss Fonda last year about adapting her
exercise program for the home video market. The program was produced by John
Guess and taped under the direction of Sid Galanty. The original score was by
Joe Chemay and John Hobbs.

March 18, 1982:
* More than 60 persons are reported injured and 240 arrested during riots that
broke out at an election rally in Indonesia.

March 19, 1982:
* All 27 aboard a National Guard jet tanker die in a crash 50 miles northwest
of Chicago.
* Future CED title in widespread theatrical release: Porky's.

March 20, 1982:
* An oil production cut of 700,000 barrels per day is announced by OPEC.
* "I Love Rock and Roll" by the Joan Jett and the Blackhearts becomes the No. 1
U.S. single.

March 21, 1982:
* The U.S., the U.K., and other Western countries condemn the Soviet
intervention in Afghanistan on this day, the start of the Afghan new year,
which is proclaimed Afghanistan Day by the West. At the same time, the U.S.S.R.
declares its intention of staying in Afghanistan until the Kabul government is
secure. The Soviet media criticized the proclamation of Afghanistan Day as part
of a "slanderous campaign" against the Soviet presence in the country.

March 22, 1982:
* The U.S. space shuttle "Columbia" is launched into orbit on mission STS-3,
the third orbital flight of the reusable vehicle.

March 23, 1982:
* President Reagan sends Congress a plan to revitalize urban areas by offering
businesses attractive incentives to invest in designated "enterprise zones."
The inducements include tax breaks and a relaxation of government regulations.

RCA Honors Eubie Blake Whose Music is Featured on Stereo Video Disc of Broadway
Musical, 'Eubie!'

Eubie Blake, the 99-year old musician/composer, was honored today by RCA
Chairman, Thornton F. Bradshaw, who presented him with a video disc player and
the first stereo video disc of the Broadway musical, "Eubie!"

In making the presentation, Mr. Bradshaw noted that Mr. Blake's music has
charmed people of all ages for more than eight decades.

Seth M. Willenson, Division Vice President, Programs and Business Affairs, RCA
"SelectaVision" VideoDiscs, said, "Eubie Blake holds a unique place in American
musical history as the first widely accepted Black composer who wrote expressly
for the Broadway stage. His music has retained a theatricality and freshness
throughout the years."

Noting that more than 2.5 million theatergoers saw "Eubie!" on Broadway and on
tour, Mr. Willenson said, with the video disc, "many millions of Americans will
be able to see this great musical at home and at a price they can readily
afford. He said the video disc costs less than the price of a single ticket to
a Broadway show.

"Eubie!" is a visual musical comedy that features some of the great songs of
Eubie Blake, including such standards as "Memories Of You," "I'm Just Wild
About Harry," "In Honeysuckle Time," "Goodnight Angeline," and "Charleston
Rag," the first piece of music he ever composed.

The RCA video disc captures all the fun and nuances of the live Broadway
production, retaining the original sets, award-winning costumes, and nearly
every member of the original cast: Leslie Dockery, Lynnie Godfrey, Mel Johnson,
Jr., Maurice Hines, Gregory Hines, Alaina Reed, and Jeffery V. Thompson.

"Eubie!" was nominated for four Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Best
Score, Choreography, and Featured Actor in a Musical.

"Eubie!" will be one of the stereo discs available in May when RCA brings its
stereo video disc player to market.

From: Girafrey43
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 06:02:08 EST
Subject: no subject  just help

i got a sjt 300 it work for long time now there no light no noise just 
quite.what can i do and where can fine that at give me ideal thanks. p.s 
makes a huming noise my the service cord when i turn it on and off

From: zmd
To: Tom Howe <>
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 15:12:20 -0600
Subject: Great CED Titles for Sale

I am going to try and part with my entire CED collection.  It may 
take a little time, but I have not had a player for some time and so 
have not actively been watching them. The fun was in finding them 
all anyways.

SO, at present I do not have a list of titles for sale, however I do 
have many titles I would consider hard to find so for starters I would 
like any CED enthusiasts who don't already have every disk 
already to send me there wish lists.  Also if you are looking to build 
a collection fast I will have many titles available also.

If you are interested, drop me a line!

Right off hand I know I have all the Kubrick discs including Lolita, 
Shining, Paths of Glory, Spartacus, 2001.. all the Hitchcock titles, 
Most of the Woody Allen titles.  I mainly collected "classic" 
movies. I also have some harder to find like the making of Star 
Wars disc and Pee Wee's Big Adventure!

I hate to part with them but would like to transfer them to someone 
who likes CED's and I will be reasonable on prices!

Thanks all!
Zach D.

-=-    Z    a   c  h 's  -=- Home Page for Dummies    -=-
Radio Frank -=Shoutcast=- -

Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 13:12:33 -0800
From: "Highlander" <d69stu>
To: "Digest, CED" <>
Subject: Lost data problem

For all:

Problem of apparently not reading a disk with my old manually operated

The BFFI solution appears to be a gentle finger-tap at the left side of
the case front causes the stylus to jump ahead a few tracks and - viola!
- the play begins!  Based on that ignorant bit of experimentation, I did
the quarter-turn-ahead adjustment with the hex-screw and all is now well
with "Once Upon A Time...".

The same problem occurred with "Victor/Victoria" and that one is also
resolved.  Evidently, the second disk of multi-disk sets tend to start a
track or two later than the Start Disc.  Curious.  And they both worked
fine originally, so it probably has to do with 'aging' of the Stylus
carrier and tracking mechanism.  Once it is broken in and loosens up a
bit... much like any other mechanical device.

CED's Forever!


Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 09:52:48 -0800
Subject: J/K Chassis Wobbly Picture
From: hbo3

To all on the CED Magic Digest:
I have an SKT-400 and an SJT-300 that both seem to be having a problem of
the picture very wobbly as the disc plays.   The picture quality and
sound quality are 100%, but the entire picture wobbles thru-out the
entire side of play. I can re-load the disc and the problem will either
get somewhat better, or somewhat worse.  I have an SJT-090 that seems to
NOT suffer from this problem at all.  It's picture is flawless. No wobble
effect.  I was just wondering what the problem could be? A faulty
Resonator Circuit Assembly?   Or something else?  All turntables do not
physically wobble, they're straight & true. So that possibility is
overruled.   Any help would be appreciated.  Many Thanx, and CED Lives

Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 06:55:02 -0800 (PST)
From: Terry Helopoulos <medmatch2>
Subject: CED collection for sale

For Sale:
Entire CED collection.  More than 330 titles plus 2
video disc players.  Includes Classics, Adventure,
Drama, Playboy, Elvis and more!  Stored properly. 
Will e-mail list of titles to interested parties.
$400 plus shipping for all!  Or come to Miami/Ft.
Lauderdale and save the shipping cost.  E-mail

From: "W Lacey" <wlacey1>
To: <>
Subject: SKT 400 player
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 20:47:58 -0500

Is there any dealers out there who stock circuit boards for these machines. The
distress arm solanoid <sp?> on the arm interconnect board seized. I might be
able to ream the plastic core where the solanoid rod goes through with a round
file, but that might only be a temp fix. Could the coil have gotten hot enough
to cause the plastic to shrink, binding up the rod? I don't see any signs of
actual melting, nor any discoloration of the coil wire.

From: "Merle" <mfrichards1>
To: <>
Subject: player skips
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 07:00:47 -0800

Hello again,

Well your site did such a wonderful job, the player is up and running again! 
The Mother in law is overjoyed and is playing those discs of hers like crazy. 
She has noticed that sometimes towards the middle of the movie, just about half
way through right before the "change over", the picture quality starts to
degrade and she describes it as "starts to skip".  Sometimes just a few "lines"
and then sometimes quite a few.  To me it sounds like the "reader" might need
cleaning, if that function is done in this type of unit but I thought I would
check with the expert.  What suggestions might you have to offer, Oh Obi Wan of
CED players?  Thanks for taking the time to answer.

 Merle Richards

Independent Vehicle Inspector



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