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CED Digest Vol. 6 No. 11  •  3/17/2001


20 Years Ago In CED History:

March 19, 1981:
* Australia's largest corporate loss ever is reported by its leading
automotive firm. General Motors Holden's Ltd. lost $152 million in 1980.

March 20, 1981:
* The first boat load of DeLorean automobiles departs the harbor in
Belfast, Northern Ireland bound for the United States. This is the
$25,000 stainless steel body sports car made famous in the CED title
"Back to the Future" where the vehicle had a "flux capacitor" installed
for time travel. Interesting that two of the biggest technological white
elephants of the 1980's were introduced at nearly the same time.
* Jean Harris is sentenced to 15 years to life for slaying of Scarsdale
Diet Dr. Herman Tarnower.
* Future CED title in widespread theatrical release: The Postman Always
Rings Twice.

March 21, 1981:
* "Keep on Loving You" (CED) by REO Speedwagon becomes No. 1 U.S.
* Some RCA dealers such as Macy's in New York City set up their
VideoDisc kiosks a day early in violation of RCA's policy. March 22, 1981: * The RCA SelectaVision VideoDisc system is officially launched at 5,000 dealers across the United States. The first player is the SFT100 and the initial catalog contains 100 titles as listed below (although only about half the titles were in distribution on launch day, and the Demo Disc and Service Test Disc were not listed in the catalog). 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Absent Minded Professor, The Adam's Rib As We Grow Bad News Bears, The Bears and I, The Big Fights, Vol. 1: Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fights Black Stallion, The [monophonic] Boys From Brazil, The Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid [RCA] Candleshoe Caring for your Newborn Casablanca Charlie Brown Festival, A Charlotte's Web Citizen Kane Clarence Darrow College Football Classics, Vol. 1 Count of Monte-Cristo, The Demo Disc: RCA VideoDiscs Dirty Dozen, The (2) [RCA] Disney Cartoon Parade, Vol. 1 Easter Parade Eat to the Beat-- Blondie Escape From Alcatraz Evening with the Royal Ballet Family Entertainment Playhouse, Vol. 1 Fiddler on the Roof (2) Foul Play French Connection, The [RCA] G. I. Blues Gigi [RCA] Gimme Shelter [monophonic] Giselle Godfather, The (2) Graduate, The Grateful Dead, The Grease [monophonic] Great Locomotive Chase, The Hamlet (2) Harder They Come, The Heaven Can Wait Heidi [RCA] Hello, Dolly! (2) [RCA] Henry V (2) High Noon HUD Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Jacques Cousteau, Vol. 1: Sharks/Singing Whales Jesus of Nazareth (4) Julia Child: The French Chef, Vol. 1 Kidnapped King Kong [1933] Lady Sings the Blues (2) Laura [RCA] Longest Day, The (2) [RCA] Longest Yard, The Looking for Mr. Goodbar (2) Love Bug, The Love Story M*A*S*H [RCA] Meet Me in St. Louis [RCA] Movie Movie Muppet Movie, The [Dolby Stereo Label] New York Yankees Miracle Year: 1978 Night at the Opera, A Ninotchka North By Northwest (2) [RCA] Old Yeller On the Town [RCA] Our Town Paper Moon Patton (2) [monophonic] Philadelphia Story, The Planet of the Apes [RCA] Play It Again, Sam Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown Red Shoe's, The (2) Rocky [RCA] Romeo and Juliet (2) Sands of Iwo Jima Saturday Night Fever [monophonic] Service Test Disc Seven Year Itch, The [RCA] Shane Show Boat Singin' in the Rain [RCA] Stalag 17 Star Trek - The Motion Picture (2) Star Trek: Vol.1, The Menagerie Star Trek: Vol.2, City/Battlefield Starting Over Sunset Boulevard Super Bowl XIV: Steelers vs. Rams Ten Commandments, The (2) Terrytoons Volume 1 Featuring Mighty Mouse Thing, The [1951] To Russia...With Elton Tora! Tora! Tora! (2) [RCA] Tut: the Boy King/The Louvre Victory at Sea World of Wildlife, Vol. 1: Snow Geese/Leopard * A group of 12 Green Berets arrives in El Salvador, thereby raising to 54 the number of U.S. military advisors in that country. * The previously announced increase in the first class U.S. letter rate from 15 to 18 cents takes effect. March 23, 1981: * President Ronald Reagan issues a proclamation that April 14 will be designated Pan American Day. March 24, 1981: The White House reports that Vice President George Bush has been selected by President Reagan to head a special crisis management team. Secretary of State Alexander Haig publicly expresses his "lack of enthusiasm." ------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: "Topy44" <topy44> To: <> Subject: looking for starwars ep 6 - return of the jedi (who isnt...) Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 04:02:50 +0100 hi im looking for starwars ep 6 - return of the jedi well, who isnt looking for it actually? :) anyway, if you have one for sale or if you see one somewhere, please send me a mail another thing is that i have startet a little project to build a remote control for my non-remote controlled unit, ill post my results to the digest cya Topy44 (<> ------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Zax (tommy W.) Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 09:17:26 -0500 (EST) To: Subject: CED Player & CED's for sale Hi: I have a collection of CED's and an RCA Selectavision SGT-200that is in working order but there seems to be a problem after the loading--sometimes the disk plays and sometimes it doesn't. A list of disks follows: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, 2001: A Space Odyssey (2 disks), Absent-Minded Professor, Airplane, Altered States, American Graffitti, Amityville Horror, An Officer and a Gentleman (2 disks), Apple Dumpling Gang, Back Roads, Bad News Bears, Black Sunday, Blue Lagoon, Blue Thunder, Breathless, Brigadoon, Casablanca, The Champ, Chariots of Fire, Charlie Brown Festival, China Syndrome, Disney Cartoon Parade Vol 1, Dr Zhivago (2 disks), Dressed to Kill, DTV, Dumbo, Falcon and the Snowman (2 disks), Fame (2 disks), Fiddler on the Roof (2 disks), Final Conflict, Flashdance, Godfather (2 disks), Good, the Bad and the Ugly (2 disks), Goodbye Girl, Grease (2 disks), The Great Caruso, Guys and Dolls (2 disks), He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Jane Fonda's Workout, Jaws, Kotch, Kramer vs Kramer, MASH, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Moscow on the Hudson, Muppet Movie, Network, North Dallas Forty, On Golden pond, Ordinary People (2 disks), Play it Again Sam, Postman Always Rings Twice, Protocol, Raiders of the lost Ark, Richard Pryor Live in Concert,Risky Business, Rocky, Rocky 2, Rocky 3, Romancing the Stone, Sands of Iwo Jima, Shane, Singin in the Rain, Six Pack, Shazam, A Star is Born (2 disks), Starting Over, Staying Alive, Stir Crazy, Stripes, Sudden Impact, Table For Five, Terry Toons Vol 1, Tom and Jerry, Tootsie, True Confessions, Turk 182, the Verdict (2 disks), WarGames, Without a Trace, Wizard of Oz, young Doctors in Love..Are there any offers? for reading ------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: stephen_orme To: Subject: Re: Where in the UK? Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 15:07:50 +0000 On Sun, 11 Mar 2001 06:26:25 -0800, you wrote: >Subject: Where in the UK?" >From: Simon Angling <simon> >To: <> > >Can anyone point me in the direction of a second hand player and/or >disks in the UK. >Cheers, Simes I'm in the same position as you. Have you found a player yet? I see CED hardware and software for sale on, but never anything on the UK site. I wouldn't mind shipping disks from the US, but I imagine that the player is quite delicate and that a journey across the Atlantic might not be good for it; in addition it would be heavy and therefore expensive too. I guess CED never took off over here, just as LD didn't. So perhaps NTSC discs will be easier to get hold off, in which case a US player would be the best way to go? Our tvs should cope with an NTSC signal, so we will only need a transformer to drop the UK 240v to the US 110v. Does anyone know of a UK source for CED disks and players? Thanks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 19:32:44 -0800 To: From: Tom Howe <> Subject: goes bust Hello All: I was sorry to see to be among the many dot coms that have gone bankrupt since the start of the year. This was a consumer electronics review site notable for being "retro friendly" by also publishing articles about past technology like CED. I've noticed their site has been sporadically available over the past few weeks and thought it might be useful to post their articles of interest to CED collectors while there is still a possibility of getting into the site. I couldn't get into their site when I posted this, so if it doesn't come back, you should still be able to find these articles for a while at Google by pasting the article titles into the search box. When the search results come up, click on the CACHED link rather than the link to There's a Google search on the CED Magic search page that returns 100 results: Here's a news story on Etowns demise: And here are the titles and URL's of Etowns articles: DISPOSABLE TECH, PART 1: MP3 FOREVER? DISPOSABLE TECH, PART 2: TALE OF THE TAPE DISPOSABLE TECH, PART 3: EVEN DIGITAL ISN'T FUTURE-PROOF DISPOSABLE TECH, PART 4: VIDEO VANISHING ACTS DISPOSABLE TECH, PART 5: MORE VIDEO VICTIMS DVD: PART 1 URL not found DVD: THE LESSONS OF VHS, PART 2 DVD: RECORDING DOES MATTER, PART 3 DVD: SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE, PART 4 CIRCUIT CITY TO DVD OWNERS: DROP DEAD SAM'S SLAMS: HAS DIVX WON? FARWELL DIVX WHO INVENTED TV? RCA UNBOUND? PART 1 RCA UNBOUND? PART 2: THE WEB IN EVERY TV RCA UNBOUND? PART 3: DVD, PHONES, ACCESSORIES RCA GOES DIGITAL -BIG TIME- SAY BYE-BYE, ANALOG THIS DVD WILL NOW SELF-DESTRUCT: SPECTRADISC RCA, RADIOSHACK RENEW VOWS


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