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J.R.R. Tolkien's The Return of the King CED


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Secret Trap Door

Secret Trap Door to Frodo

The secret trap door at the top of the Tower of Cirith Ungol above which Frodo is held (Side 1, 34:21).

"The hinges creaked again, and Sam, now peering over the corner of the
passage-threshold, saw a flicker of light in an open doorway, and the dim shape
of an orc coming out. He seemed to be carrying a ladder. Suddenly the answer
dawned on Sam: the topmost chamber was reached by a trap-door in the roof of the
passage. Snaga thrust the ladder upwards, steadied it, and then clambered out of
sight. Sam heard a bolt drawn back. Then he heard the hideous voice speaking

    - LOTR Book VI: The Tower of Cirith Ungol

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