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J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit CED


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Goblin Captures Bilbo

A Goblin Captures Bilbo

A goblin captures Bilbo in the Misty Mountains (Side 1, 21:55).

"Out jumped the goblins, big goblins, great ugly-looking goblins, lots of goblins,
before you can say rocks and blocks. There were six to each dwarf, at least, and two even for Bilbo;
and they were all grabbed and carried through the crack, before you can say tinder and flint.
But not Gandalf. Bilbo's yell had done that much good. It had wakened him up wide in a splintered second,
and when goblins came to grab him, there was a terrible flash like lightning in the cave,
a smell like gunpowder, and several of them fell dead."

    - The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill


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